Ring Spotting: The Ending of King Flower on the Finger of Nikki Hsieh

Big Flower alert! I need extra eyes on this one, so heeeeeelp me chingus. Filming wrapped on King Flower yesterday for leads James Wen, Nikki Hsieh, along with secondary leads Yao Yao and MC40. James posted the above picture celebrating the wrap of filming with some genuine happy posing. From the backdrop it looks like this scene was shot by the river. I have to caution folks not to read into the ending because these four filmed a scene and it happened to be the last scene for their characters. As you all know, drama and movie making is always filmed out of sequence depending on what is needed for that day, so there are many times when one half of the OTP of a drama has wrapped filming but the other one is still toiling away. Chris Wu followed up James Wen’s post with an update on his own FB page stating that his final scene was taking place the following day and then its a wrap for him. With the drama wrapping up by May 10th, I’m guessing we have another 4 episodes to air, meaning KF will end at episode 21 (maybe 22). I’m hoping for some adorable cast pictures at the wrap party in a few days. The wedding day pictures posted by James showing the three leads Da Hua, Terry, and Guan Jun all wearing wedding finery have indeed lit the drama fans on fire.

People have taken to analyzing the boutonniere to see which one might be the groom – one rose v. two orchids. I think attire-wise Terry’s classic tux pairs much better with Da Hua’s 20’s inspired veil and one-shoulder princess gown. Spectators at the hotel where the wedding was filmed have said that the following character were there attending the wedding: Cheng Hong, Terry’s parents, Da Hua’s parents, the busty secretary, Da Hua, Terry, Guan Jun, Xiao Fei, Da Li, and Ah Xi. Read into it what you will. I was looking at the filming wrap picture posted by James and I suddenly noticed the big honking ring on Nikki’s finger. People, is it the same ring that Terry gave Liang Yen and Da Hua wore when she was pretending to be Liang Yen? I noticed in episode 16 that Da Hua went home with the ring, and in many scenes the camera makes an effort to capture it. Terry took his ring off after he got back home, and likely Da Hua did as well, but that ring is still with her. I am like the worst sleuth in the world so you guys help me. Below I’ve posted various screencaps of the ring on either Liang Yen or Da Hua’s finger so y’all tell me if Da Hua is wearing the same ring again in that picture above, or I am completely off-base and its a different ring? The answer will pretty much reveal the ending.

I can’t believe this drama drives me so nuts I’ve taken to analyzing a FREAKING RING. *headdesk* I put the picture in the body of this post again for ease of comparison. It……looks like the same ring to my untrained eye. Or else I am seriously projecting. In my happy fanfiction, Da Hua marries Terry but is still best friends with her beloved Guan Jun oppa, and hangs out with the family all the time, including her silly brother Da Li who has managed to make an honest woman out of Ah Xi.


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  1. koala unnie…did you see the loud uproar on king flower FB regarding a weibo photo of the script’s ending…people are starting to throw ‘eggs’

  2. so trueeee.. i didn’t realized it until i read this.. oh my God.. PRAY HARD FOR TERRY-DA HUA couple..

    doesn’t mean i hate Guan Jun, but but but.. he doesn’t suit my imagination to win Da Hua’s heart.. hehe.. no offense GJ’s fans :))

    • Well, we say “gege,” which means “brother” which can be used both in a relational and romantic sense, but that just looks funny translated into English. Oppa is more….universal.

      • Out of curiosity, do Chinese fans call their idols “gege” like how k-fans call their idols “oppa”?

      • OOT, is there any different form of gege? because i have a friend who is Singapore-chinese and he said gege is for princess or younger sister.

      • @Bbm, Gege does also mean princess, but it has a different inflection. Younger sister is meimei. Also, this is big brother: ε“₯ε“₯. This is princess: ζ Όζ Ό

    • I tried a save to PDF and blew it up to 600% but it became too pixillated above 200% to really get the details, so I can’t tell. Could be, but then, like the writing for most of the characters, it could be just a cruel joke.

      • Yea even at 450% it was too pixelated, maybe if there was a picture with higher resolution you could see it better.

  3. Oh you guys are giving me palpitations. Why are the fans in an uproar over the ending script?

    Ms Koala, you know your obsession about knowing the ending? I don’t think my brain can process you being this intent on knowing the ending. Can’t recall when you were that obsessed over any drama before. Even LTM.

    • Oh no, I was way worse in the LTM two months of insanity. It was CRAZY here at the Playground.

      It was also pretty wild during M3, PK, and Big days. Just a general excitement thrumming in the air.

      • I remember lie to me days!!!! I started following you since then cuz I went completely insane with that one… same goes with KF! I actually started watching cuz all your posts!. So donΒ΄t worry, there is plenty of people crazier than you!! Thanks for the posts!!!

  4. I think it is. The size of the ring looks like it.. I choose to believe it is.. I’m trying very hard to think positively. Lol I cannot bear to see Terry’s heart to be broken again.

  5. I don’t have time to follow all the social media and stuff. But I am sticking to my belief that Terry will marry Da Hua. πŸ™‚ They will probably pull one of those weird switching grooms and try to trick the audience – that’s what I feel. So we won’t know until it airs. I still think it will be Terry and Da Hua. It makes no sense to do DH & GJ.

    I’m not sure if it’s the same ring, but I’m inclined to believe that it is. How many different rings are there? πŸ™‚ I think it’s the same one.

    • Oh someone mentioned that we shouldn’t be so worried… so I’m thinking the same thing. We all shouldn’t be so worried. πŸ™‚ I have been wrong before, but the instincts tell me here that we will all get the ending that we want. πŸ™‚

    • I hope you’re right. I’m chilling with the sleuthing now, I think its 50/50 things are not always what it seems on the surface.

      • Yup! I think in Taiwan (or it might be Asia in general) the wedding ring is worn on the right hand (sometimes even on the middle finger, I think)…

      • Oh from some reason (I may have heard this from someone) I thought they did this in tv shows/movies (maybe in other asian countries too) because they didn’t want to make it a “real” marriage or to jinx it for the actors or something?

    • For women, it is worn in the right hand and on the middle finger. The ring finger has no name in Chinese. That’s what it’s called. πŸ™‚

  6. To my recollection, Terry is the only one who professed his love to DaHua. GuanJun has told her he likes he, but not actually said “I love you.” GJ’s love for DH is a mix of sibling affection followed by an awareness of something more. But the script never explores their relationship in a deeper way. Whatever the case, I’m rooting for Terry and DaHua x

    • That’s what i’ve been saying all along!! Terry is the only one that has said “I love you” (my cover photo on facebook is a screenshot saying that <3)

      I'm starting watching these kinds of dramas…. koala can you recommend me another one?… just so I can be calm and relaxed while this one ends! (please one that is oficially over… so I can watch it completly without going insane!)

  7. I don’t have any doubt that Terry is a better man for her and hoping she ends up with him…
    Isn’t it weird, though, to wear the dead fiancee ring? Wouldn’t it be better if he give her a new ring? It feels like she lives under dead fiancee shadow especially since she was altered to look like her…

    • I think everyone’s gotten over the “she looks just like Liang Yen” part. It was fast, but the issue now is which guy she loves.

      • I think it’s the same ring, but not because Terry and DH arecommitted, but because she is still using it. I think she unconsciously think that if you stop using it, lose the special relationship she has with Terry and would accept that it will not be over with it.

        I definitely think that she did not want to lose him, she may be say I do not want to see you any more because she feels that betray GJ. But actually she is in love with Terry and she do not know how to face it…. I hope so, that she finally realizes everything and finish off Terry

  8. Maybe it is just the angle but for me there are two different hands. The first one looks more childlike while the second has longer fingers and look more elegantly.

  9. I just got out of a three-hour meeting to find this. Thank you, Captain Koala for bringing a smile back to my face. I laughed out loud at your need to sleuth because it made me feel better about the time I have spent on the computer trying tot find out information about dramas and starts of dramas.

    Even if this all goes “to hell in a handbasket,” I will forever remember the fond memories you have given me.

  10. I don’t know if any one notice the watch that the groom is wearing in the picture. if we compare it to the behind the scene photo that was posted a few days ago, Terry does not appear to be wearing a watch and GuanJun is wearing a circular silver watch. From the picture above the watch seems gold with a black ban. So the above picture is most likely not Dahua with Terry or GuanJun .

    • The ring pictures above are from earlier episodes. The first two are Terry and Liang Yen’s engagement party in episode 1.

  11. Lol I found myself admiring terry’s hands before snapping back to the task at hand XP It’s hard to see the ring that she is wearing in the wrap up picture but it sure is sparkly so I think chances are high that it’s Liang Yen’s ring πŸ˜€ Wow I’m totally itching for tomorrow’s episode and will be on pins and needles until I know the ending!

  12. Lmao, I know. I keep telling my sister that too. They keep on snapping that ring on her finger whenever she is with Terry like are they trying to give us a sign or what. All these headaches on guessing who will get her gets me irritated cuz I want her with Terry, ya hear me! Sighs, I’ll just wait til you update more or when KF finish then spoil myself.

  13. Good point, Detective Koala!! I can’t really tell whether DH’s ring was the same as before (it’s clear that she is wearing one though). Though I notice GJ didn’t wear a ring in the picture, nor did Terry in the indoor rock-climbing picture. ==?

  14. You are insane, of course, and hilarious.

    I will only accept Terry, and cannot even for a moment picture him rebuffed, standing by watching her marry the Goof. No matter how bad the writers are, logically, there is NO WAY NO WAY that this character would be able to suffer and survive another loss. Unless they decide to show him to us as a raging alcoholic.

    I can, however picture, GJ being the big brother and supporting her in her choice for who he knows is the better man.

    If she doesn’t pick Terry, he would have to leave the country to stop himself from running at GJ with a knife, or he could really hit him with his car this time…or I would.

  15. Head on and zoomed in, the diamond looks much bigger in the wrap photo :/ Like the ring looks like a solitaire without accents, but it’s so far away one can’t be sure. I couldn’t say 100% though, because the huge diamond in Liang Yian’s ring seems to be similar in one of the pictures from earlier episodes–but totally off in others. Ah, Nikki, put that hand up closer ;a;

  16. I didn’t want to be spoiled about the ending but my feelings are stronger, when I think ”what if Terry and DH don’t get together?
    Then I won’t end this f ***ing drama anymore” LOL

  17. hahahah I don’t what might happens if they troll us and DH and GJ get together, the hell door will be open hahaha or maybe not since DH don’t deserve terry…

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