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King Flower crack feels like those old after-school special commercials. This is your brain on KF crack, accompanied by the image of an egg sizzling on the frying pan. Will I be able to pick myself up after experiencing this wild drama filled with ups and downs? Most assuredly, for every single brain-dead line of dialogue to come out of Da Hua and Guan Jun’s lips in the last few episodes is evened out by exquisite thoughtful discourse from Terry. I watched the preview for episode 19 and since it was after my epiphany, I actually laughed out loud at how the drama keeps heaping on the absurdity. Da Hua, who has never once gotten a second glance at Guan Jun in 20 years only to recently get his returned affection for a brief scant month, suddenly develops a raging infection and is hospitalized over her heartbreak. Contrast her to Terry, who saw his beloved fiancee fall off a cliff and then held her in his arms as she took her last breath, and the man powered onward and kept on going. How can KF ask us to take this latest “Da Hua will die if she doesn’t have Guan Jun’s love” seriously when the drama itself doesn’t acknowledge severity versus superficiality?

It felt like watching a person stub her toe and then scream that she needs to go the ER and her toe will never be the same again and HOMG she needs physical therapy afterwards. And conversely the person who just got a limb amputated is standing there practicing to walk quietly and unobtrusively. I think both Da Hua and Guan Jun are such drama queens its pretty amusing just to watch them mope and whine over minor things if I didn’t care so much about Terry getting a fair shake from Da Hua. I really don’t need her to love him back, he’s right that love can’t be forced, but love has to be understandable. And watching Da Hua ignore her feelings for Terry while insisting on loving Guan Jun makes no sense whatsoever, not to mention the zero romantic chemistry or connection between them. Episode 19 will likely throw more awesome Terry moments at us (the hospital, the trip, the proposal), and I’ll surely lap it up and ask for more. I’m glad KF has Terry to keep it afloat and retain my interest with his consistent character, whereas last year around this time in Miss Rose everyone went insane and nothing made sense. Nothing. I’m still waiting for the real Yi Chun to return after getting personality hijacked in the last few episodes of MR. Here we get one out of three. That ain’t so bad, right?

Preview for episode 19 of King Flower:

Da Hua: Guan Jun, I just want you to say it to my face that you don’t love me.

Guan Jun: Forget love or not love, we’re forever siblings.

Jin Mom: Why is she burning up? Doctor, what is my Da Hua’s situation? She has an infection?

Ah Xi: Da Hua is in the hospital and she’s calling her name even when she’s unconscious.

Terry: Da Hua, you’re up.

Da Hua: Did you stay here all night and not go home? Did you sleep here?

Ah Xi: Da Hua, we want you to be happy, to quickly forget the unpleasantness of the past and find a new happiness.

Da Hua: Happiness? I can still find happiness?

Terry: Da Hua, I will use my entire life to love you. So will you agree to let me make you happy?


Video Preview for Episode 19 of King Flower — 40 Comments

  1. Oh gosh ms koala all this terry goodness has me all aflutter!! da hua should say no so guan jun and her can live in their batshit insane universe and I can have terry all to myself HA!!

  2. Gosh! All I wanna do right now is save terry from this drama of Dahua and Guan Jun both of them can die in happiness together for all I care but seriously….please leave Terry out of it. He doesn’t need that anymore! All he needs is a good vacation in puerto rico or wherever and find potential love ducklings over there…..cause like from all the hurt he has been through HE SERIOUSLY NEEDS ONE! And I’m all up for it! I might even follow him and stalk him around and maybe even apply as one of those pretty ducklings!
    PS. I can’t help compare this story to Runaway Bride…… :/

  3. Okay, now that I have once again repressed a painful memory. Is it possible that Terry gets even better and better? The sacrifice he is making . . .


      • I was watching episode 18 again and Terry said DH was the kindest person he knows and I think he loves her for that. That makes me feel much better. He sees the true value of DH…I think. It makes me like him even more. I have been getting impatient with DH but Terry made me see that a person is needs to be valued for who they are.

  4. Mrs Koala fyi unless it has been mentionned previously “Da Hua” means “mess” in Arabic. That pretty much sums the character – and drama, up, doesn’t it? 😉

    • No doubt unintentional, but highly appropriate! She’s driving me nuts, because with every hurtful, foolish thing she does to Terry I like her less and am less invested in her and Terry as the real OTP.
      I want to get to the last episode and find out it was all a bad dream, and Da Hua and Guan Jun and the mole and daddy’s debt are living in petty squalor, and Terry and Liang Yen get to ride off into the sunset in the Maserati.

      • Here, have a City Hall pill to erase this bad dream. Seeing Mi Rae and Jo Gukie’s individual and collective growth might erase the memory of the pain in Terry’s eyes because of this dumb, immature, unreliable girl should be forgotte, especially if your immunity to Chris Wu’s puppy eyes is low. Mine is rather high for I’m a cat person.

      • Darn. Wish I had an “Edit” button, for my comment makes little sense. Sooo, what I really meant is:
        “Here, have a City Hall pill to erase this bad dream. Seeing Mi Rae and Jo Gukie’s individual and collective growth might erase the memory of the pain in Terry’s eyes. All because of this dumb, immature, unreliable girl who should be forgotten. Especially if your immunity to Chris Wu’s puppy eyes is low. Mine however is rather hig for I’m a cat person. ^^

  5. Koala I’m sorry, maybe you had the epiphany of the end, and makes sense what you say, but my heart really supports continue to watch the drama. With yesterday’s episode I suffered as if I was Terry, could not bear to see how DH cried and screamed at Terry, why she has to look for Terry? What is strange and unconscious excuse to approach him? or is so stupid she does not realize that every time he does more damage to Terry?

    Do not know if I can be able to watch the episode where they are getting married and she let go running after GJ?

    Many of the memories Dh have with GJ are not really real, when it was DH’s birthday, he even remembered him and was bound to a date … and everything prepared for the DH birthday was lying, it was his best friend who did. he never wanted, always used her …

    These are my questions and my answers:

    * When he has done something for her? Neverrr…
    * When he demonstrated love for DH? Never…
    * When GJ has supported DH, how Terry did it? Never…
    * When DH had just returned home and was depressed, GJ did something for her? Nooooo…. but when DH is sad and goes to Terry, he with a simple word makes her laugh and forget everything (like the scene in the house of Terry by the news of the newspaper).
    *When GJ has kissed DH? Neverrr… because the birthday kiss because she was the one who kisses GJ.
    *When GJ has ensured care and DH? Never….
    *When the money has been important to terry? Never…Terry just wanted to make DH happy and and so he wanted to tell the truth but she was the one who insisted on being with him and lying… but seems to be more imprtant for GJ the money and stability to prove true love to DH…

    these and many more questions are what make me think that if DH ends beside GJ, is because it is simply a silly, no brain, no heart, no maturity, no ability to understand what you really need, not realizing that actually she loves Terry and is not able to differentiate between a child ilisuión and true love!!!!

  6. I think the end is Du Hua and Terry… I don’t know if somebody already noticed, but go back to the spoiler for the possible ending… look at the groom’s watch, he is wearing a black leather like watch… then look at the preview on the proposal from Terry he has the same looking watch… I don’t know if i saw or maybe imagined it wrong, but I seriously think its TERRY!!!

    • I think Terry and Da Hua will make it to the alter but I think she may “run away” with GJ in the end. Though I wish otherwise! I hope you are right!

    • Everyone already knows Terry is the groom, the leaked script page confirms it. It’s just that she’ll ditch him at the alter for GJ. So whether he’s the groom or not isn’t the issue.

  7. I have given up on the writers making any sense of the story. Sick of Da Hua. She and Guan Jun can go ahead and make babies for all I care. Terry deserves much better.

  8. KF wss a great drama. It was a wonderful journey to watch Terry become a stronger man and pass all those obstacles. I can honestly say I don’t regret watching this drama. I enjoyed it. The ending might leave a bitter taste in my mouth but the journey along the way with Terry was sweet and worth it.

    Great job, Chris Wu. And thank you, Terry.

  9. I wish the writer had not made Terry propose to DH so quickly. But then again, I have faith in Chris Wu who seems to effortlessly make everything make sense .

  10. Look at this point I just want DH and GJ together .Then they can both stay with their shallow,dependent useless family members.

    And out of Terry’s way.So he can LEAVE Da Hua and find an awesome girl who loves and appreciates him.Then she can just bask in his tender care and bloom okay?

    • Yes, DH needs to become likable again if Terry is going to marry her. She’s just not good enough for him right now. If she’s going to end up with Terry……I want her chasing him. Terry needs to go mountain climbing with his friend and take a break.

  11. seriously, Terry is the only person keeping this drama up and about, and as i said before bless Chris Wu for his awesome acting out Terry with all the intensity and love that he can. me no cares about anyone else.

    • Gosh, Terry is so wonderful. …..even watching him eat is time well spent. It’s funny how a character from a silly drama has inspired me to live gracefully. I thought I liked Terry because he was so attractive but now I know I like him because he’s a classy guy.

  12. Terry stands out as the mature gentleman amidst a sea of immature people (every member of DH family, Terry’s relations, coworkers, friends, etc.) Those of us who love him appreciate his quiet strength, his intelligence, honestly facing pain and overcoming it, bravely carrying on after his fiancée’s death, being an excellent leader at work and taking responsibility.

    Over and over in this series, Terry took the high road, followed his principals. Refreshing. Such a contrast to the other drama queens in KF.

  13. I am disappointed that we didn’t see more growth in DH. Sure, she learned to dress better and eat with the right fork at fancy restaurants. She worked with people who were professionals, and one hopes she learned a few lessons there. She got a glimpse of life away from the gambling father and slacker brother. But at the heart of it, she was still in the mindset of giving to everyone so she could be liked and lacking in a sense of self worth.

    I wish that she could have gone to college somewhere along the way, a passage of time away to really grow up.

    I wish she could have learned there is a difference between simply manual labor and using intelligence to come up with a better process and solution.

    I wish she could have spent time dating GJ long enough to realize that in the long run he is going to be the slacker failure. (The drama gave him SO many advantages on a silver platter that he never earned.)

    I wish there had been a wise older person who could have given her lessons in ethics and morals, beyond her simplistic family-centric world view. It is a passage of maturity when you realize that people outside of your family can have different values, different ways of solving problems.

    I wish DH could have come back to the family and called Dad to the carpet for his behavior and then turned to Mom and told her she enabled it.

    I guess I am just trying to say, I wish the drama had less foolish drama elements to bring tension and more real growth.

  14. I know that most of us really want Da hua to end up with Terry, but honestly… if she doesn’t that doesn’t mean that the world’s going to end? If Terry remains single its not a bad thing. That poor guy really needs time to truly grieve over Liang yen’s death. By the time Da hua came into his life, his whole focus was on her and their secret. He never had the chance to really take care of himself. So if she ends up with him or not, is really up to her 🙂

  15. Whoa, apparently Chris Wu already sort of acted as a character, grieving over his dead wife, and finding someone to remind him of her in another movie–Blowfish. lol

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