Ha Yeon Soo of Monstar Works with Song Joong Ki in Samsonite Ad Campaign

The sudden rise to attention of rookie actress Ha Yeon Soo reminds me of another young starlet that burst out of nowhere and caught everyone’s attention. Jung So Min in Bad Guy, anyone? Ha Yeon Soo actually is even more rough around the edges and untried than Jung So Min’s first acting gig, but she’s asked to do more in carrying half the screentime share in Mnet‘s cable dramaย Monstar as leading lady Min Se Yi. Apparently there was an open audition for the role and many young actresses as well as idols auditioned in front of the PD. It was the PD himself that chose Ha Yeon Soo despite her never having acted before. She’s also not an aspiring idol though she does sing all her songs in the drama. I don’t think I would love Monstar nearly this much if an idol who couldn’t act was cast as Se Yi, who needs to have this down-to-earth oddness about her and infused with a sincere charm. Whatever technique and skill Ha Yeon Soo needs to develop, she’s already got the “it” factor as far as I’m concerned. She’s definitely a talent I’ll be keeping an eye on. Age-wise she’s actually not as young as she looks onscreen as a teenager. She’s actually a ’90er which makes her 23 years old (24 in Korean years), and her more mature side comes out when you watch her ad campaign with Song Joong Ki earlier this year for the luggage brand Samsonite. I actually saw the stills and the CF months ago but Ha Yeon Soo didn’t catch my fancy as I was just checking out more Joong Ki goodness. Now I’m quite pleased to watch the CF and appreciate the stills in a whole new light. The CF for the new Samsonite Red line is actually incredibly stylish but totally hilarious. You’ll understand what I mean when you watch it. Get ready for Song Joong Ki’s back to come to the rescue, as well as some very quick thinking back pack removal.

Song Joong Ki-Ha Yeon Soo Samsonite Red CF and BTS:


Ha Yeon Soo of Monstar Works with Song Joong Ki in Samsonite Ad Campaign — 20 Comments

  1. So much cuteness! I’ve watched this commercial before but I didn’t know it was Ha Yeon Soo! And her hairstyle is gorgeous in the photo shoot.

    • I agree. Only in these stills, though, not so much in Monstar.

      I thought her emotional scenes in Ep 4 (especially that particular one in front of the ahjusshi where she talks about how she couldn’t talk) were lacking.

      • I thought that scene was also off…I just couldn’t connect to her pain. Ended up staring at the screen in boredom. Most of everything else is good though but it definitely shows she’s a first time actress, which I didn’t realize before. She’s impressive for that and I’m sure she’ll get much better.

      • For me, what makes her work in the character min se yi is the way she portrays her character on sheet to a tee. The oddity that comes with her character and the jokes that don’t really seem like jokes.
        Granted, the girl has got alot more to improve on the emotional scenes(as evident with ep.4), but my bar has already been kind of set low since she’s a rookie. Lets hope she improves with each project he takes on.

      • For a rookie, she is already impressive. And I’m happy that there’s room to grow. She has the basics – acting chops, lovely voice, charisma and pretty face. So long as she remains committed to the craft, she will grow and someday, she will knock if off the park! I hope she carefully chooses her next projects and challenge herself.

  2. Omo…HYS is hellish skinny in that BTS video. Does she eat? She even makes SJK look chubby beside her. SJK looks like he is in pain on the photos o_O.

  3. She has such a baby face and we’re the same age! She is bordering on being a bobblehead, but I like her so much in Monstar…and here with SJK?? I hope they get to do something together! I suppose after he comes back from the military though…but I don’t want to think about it!

  4. The CFs are hilarious, love them! Ha Yeon Soo looks really pretty in some of the shots, but really, who could concentrate on her when SJK looks so hot! Those eyes!

    • It really shouldn’t be legal for him to look like that. He’s like a controlled substance to me.
      I have loved him since his first scene in SKKS and he gets better all the time. I am kinda sad he prolly will be off our tvs and in films once he is done with his military service.

  5. Her face is so cute, I actually find that she kind of resemble those asian balljointed dolls sometimes in the drama. Most of it is probably due to the big hair lol. She is very pretty though.

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