First Look at the Compelling Upcoming Weekend K-drama Scandal with Kim Jae Won

I was initially going to pass the upcoming MBC weekend drama Scandal: That Shocking and Immoral Incident because neither of the two leads Kim Jae Won nor Jo Yoon Hee are that appealing to me to check on solely for them. The title of the drama and the story also sound potentially cringe-worthy, with a birth secret that rivals all previous K-drama birth secrets for craziness. Kim Jae Won plays a cop who discovers that he was a kidnap victim and raised by his kidnapper, a man who blamed his birth father for a deadly building collapse that killed the kidnapper’s own son. So a son-for-a-son is the premise of this story, and while East of Eden dragged out that swapped sons birth secret for 30 (!!!) episodes, when I watched the first gripping Scandal teaser I realized this drama might actually be different and potentially good. Looks like Kim Jae Won finds out early on about his real identity and the drama will be about him reconciling his love and anger towards his kidnapper father, and bonus points if his real birth father turns out to be a genuine miscreant. Do two wrongs make a right? Is blood thicker than nurture? Most Korean dramas pile on the angst but I’m hoping Scandal rises about its melodramatic concept and actually does a sensitive and probing look into the complicated nature of family ties. I’m also super excited to see Jo Jae Hyun back in drama land, I loved him in New Heart (who didn’t?) but skipped the sageuk Gyebaek so this will be a treat. It’s funny that he’s playing Kim Jae Won’s dad since he’s only 15 years older than him. The PD directed East of Eden, I Really Really Like You, and Ireland, and those are some really differently filmed K-dramas that it’s hard for me to fathom it comes from the same dude’s style. The writer is a weekend staple having written Twinkle Twinkle, Who Are You (love this one so much), Romance (with Kim Jae Won), and Happy Together. Scandal premieres after Hundred Year Inheritance, and this week Ki Tae Young joined the cast to play Kim Jae Won’s rival. Nice.

Teaser for Scandal:


First Look at the Compelling Upcoming Weekend K-drama Scandal with Kim Jae Won — 10 Comments

  1. Let me guess, Ki Tae Young is the kidnapper’s son who didn’t actually die but grew up to be a robot chaebol heir (robo-bol?)…

  2. The only thing that really grabbed my attention was the writer from Who Are You? That show had so much heart.

  3. I’m trying to figure out the outcome of this drama and makes my heart beat fast. Kim Jae Won known father and kidnapper was Jo Jae Hyun, his character description from previous news was a kind person and warm hearted man. Maybe he abducted KJW because he can’t accept the fact of lossing his son. He treated him as his own and raise him with love. Park Sang Min on the other hand might be the real father, he is ruthless and all he think is about money. If the issue turn out to be SON VS. Father that would be a big difference from Kdrama land. And one more thing Park Sang Min raise another son with the same name with his missing son, did he adopt him or mistook him as his son. I have the feeling that he is the boy who are suppose to be dead from the building, or i might be wrong. I watch quite a lot of KJW drama and i know he won’t choose any character that will do a misdeed, so, i assume he will forgive his kidnapper father and find out what his real father had been doing. And koala have a point if he find out that his real father really did a bad thing , what will he do? Does blood thicker than nurture?

    I love the fact that the writer of this series was also the writer of Romance which made Kim Jae Won popular in 2001. This writer is quite forgiving, on that drama Kim Jae Won fall in love not only to a woman much older than him but also her family cause his family downfall and push his father to edge and commit suiside. That’s a tragic story but he manage to turn it well and amazing.

  4. Im definitely on board because of Kim Jae Won, i watch him in Can You Hear My Heart and he really did well. I love Park Sang Min too. The character as a villain suits him in Incarnation of Money and i also watch him as good guy on Giant.

  5. The Official website is open guys, you can see the character description and some posters. Of course additional cast as well. and photo stills… I’m so excited with this drama.

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