Just You with Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Release Delightful 4-minute Long Trailer

I’m not gonna get my hopes up, but I can at least express pure unbridled delight when I watched the just released 4-minute trailer for the upcoming TW-drama Just You (Chinese title Just Want to Make You Love Me). This isn’t rocket science and clearly every single rom-com cliche is getting thrown into a blender, but hot diggity this ensuing result is just so simple and cute. Starring Aaron Yan in his first SETTV drama, he plays OCD love-phobic rich guy Qi Yi, who marches into town and buys himself a company to make over. On his first day on the job, he breaks up an in-office marriage proposal and decrees that henceforth anyone caught dating at work will be fired. His decree causes the break up of the soon-to-be-engaged couple, with the guy getting cold feet and not sure he can pick love over a job. The girls all band together to destroy the evil meanie new General Manager with the great idea to hoist him on his own petard. Make him fall in love with one of the girls at the company and thereby violate his own edict. The girl selected for the task is Cheng Liang Liang played by Puff Guo, who just so happens to be renting the house that Qi Yi just bought. She has quite the backbone and refuses to move out, and later on stays put solely to seduce the prickly lion. Puff and Aaron look great together and its a refreshing new pairing that doesn’t feel like a redux of the same old-same old. The supporting cast also consists of some relatively newer faces, most of whom I’ve seen in SETTV daily dramas and what not and are generally serviceable and not ruinous in the worst cast scenario. The drama doesn’t premiere until June 21 next Friday, which does move its time slot back to Fridays at 10 when initially it was slated to take over the Thursday at 10 time slot currently occupied by Big Red Riding Hood. The drama has also released two new official stills showing a reversal of the piggybacking trope, with Liang Liang carrying a passed out Qi Yi to the hospital after her seduction attempt resulted in him accidentally ingesting seafood to which he’s deathly allergic to. Poor Puff had to carry Aaron on her back and run down the street and he was sweet enough to avoid cracking any jokes or NG so that she would have to do the scene as few times as possible.

Four-minute preview for Just You:

[youku id=”XNTY5Nzc2Njg4″ w=”650″ h=”450″]


Just You with Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Release Delightful 4-minute Long Trailer — 8 Comments

  1. Haha, this really looks rather cute. I like the leading actress. Never seen here before but she looks very natural and lively.

  2. Ahhh interesting! I’m looking forward to watching this… hopefully I won’t be disappointed. This will be my first drama with Aaron Yan and second drama with Puff Guo. I liked her acting and character in Inborn Pair! (her acting is way better than Tia Li)

  3. This looks cute and although as you stated Ms Koala all the ROM com clichÊs seem to be thrown in there, when done right it can lead to a fun and light ride. In my book one can never have enough addicting, fun, light easy to watch dramas. I hope there will be subtitles available. I had been a bit down because for a while I thought there were not many dramas that I was excited about but I’m happy that there are some currently airing dramas I’m enjoying watching and there seemed to be more to come.

  4. This pairing is awesome. I love Puff Guo the most out of Dreamgirls and thought she was super adorable in Inborn Pair, I didn’t catch Miss Rose so it’s a good thing I didn’t see her as an antagonist.

    Aaron Yan is easily one of my favorite tw-idol, he’s so cute. Visually they look cute together, from the trailers, it seems like this will be a breezy fun story. I’m looking forward to this drama.

  5. This looks really cute and fluffy. Perfect for summer! Hopefully it won’t disappoint. Does anyone know if a fansub team will be picking it up? Still hopelessly unable to understand *sighs*

  6. Nooooo, not herrrrr!!!!Her kissing scenes suck big time, she just stays there like a cold fish :/ It makes it look awkward And he can go to town with his kissing scenes.

  7. I was just cheking DramaFever and Just You is listed in their coming soon section. 🙂 Let’s hope that he can help her improve her kissing scenes 😉

    Now if I could find a place that had subbs for Amour et Patisserie I would be extemely happy.

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