Just You Premieres to Great Ratings as the Leads Growing Closeness Light Up the Media

Even as SETTV is riding the coattails of the repeat pairing of tabloid friendly George Hu and Annie Chen in Love Around, the network might actually have an even juicier and more promising something something happening over on Friday night on the set of Just You. Co-stars Puff Guo and Aaron Yan hit it off right from the start, gushing about how they were totally excited to work together for the first time. At the press conference last week another actor joked that those two would be caught disappearing on set at the same time, to which they claimed to be off on a snack run. They have taken to calling each other’s nickname even in media interviews – Puff (Guo Xue Fu) is Ah Fu, and Aaron Yan is known as Ah Bu (stage name is Yan Ya Lun, real name is Wu Geng Lin which was changed because Fahrenheit already had a Wu Zun, and the nickname came about because his online handle is a riff of the B for Kobe Bryant his fave basketball player). So Ah Fu and Ah Bu did a double whammpy this week in getting the media speculating about their growing closeness. First Aaron took Puff to attend the opening night S.H.E. concert in Taipei, since S.H.E. is the same agency as Aaron and he was supporting his older sisters. They were wearing matching fake glasses and dressed down in the same way (as netizens have pointed out – they looked like they just left the house after lolling around all afternoon).

Next came the kicker, Puff’s birthday is June 30th and Aaron realized he didn’t have a scene scheduled with her that day, so he organized an on-set birthday celebration for her a week early. He did all the planning, including getting a cake decorated like a lion, since in the drama her character Liang Liang is undertaking a “lion hunting mission” to bring his character to heel. On the cake he actually put his own picture on it so she can slice into the big old meanie Qi Yi! As if that was not enough, Aaron then wheeled out a giant box and inside was a custom made giant all-leather gorilla toy/display. Puff promptly burst into tears because of such an expensive birthday gift and one he put thought into and picked out because when they started filming Just You all the characters had an animal associated and Puff told Aaron she really wanted the gorilla. Oh. My. God. To end on one more note, Just You’s episode 1 premiered to stunning ratings for Friday night at 1.5 and at the champagne celebration Puff said if ratings broke 3 Aaron would wear a swimsuit, to which Aaron replied “Whatever you promise I’ll do it.” Okay, that does it, just date already!

Ah Bu and Ah Fu attending the S.H.E. concert together.

The leads of Just You, A Hint of Love, and Two Fathers attend champagne celebration for the great ratings of their dramas.


Just You Premieres to Great Ratings as the Leads Growing Closeness Light Up the Media — 18 Comments

  1. OMG I am not even watching this ( but will after reading this article )– what a way to fan shippers.

    Really? Is he always that obliging? Cos’ man I can understand why shippers would go for this couple. He’s so CUTE!

  2. I didn’t like her character in Miss Rose, but she seems so adorable! This looks very cute…I could totally check this out and I don’t even need subs! Yay. Thanks!

  3. He looks soo much better and manlier without all the make up from the drama. For first time drama couple, he really went all out to celebrate her birthday! Total sweetness! Are they friends before though?

    • They met for the first time on the set of Just You. I think all signs point to him already having a crush on her. Not sure if its also true the other way around. She gets along with everyone, a total sweetheart in real life.

  4. Omg thats so cute!!! I can’t even handle it….I’m already hooked onto this drama and can’t wait to see ep 2 etc.. Such a fun fluffy drama for the summer heat!

  5. Oh how cuteeee he went all out. It’s always nice to hear that co-stars get alkng. I’m really enjoying this show. It’s just breezy viewing, it’s what’s needed to end the week and start the weekend. Thanks, Ms Koala for letting us know about this drama because you help me find the non Kdrama gems out there.

  6. This is so not Aaron! He has been known as an introvert (and loner), unlike the rest of Fahrenheit, so he doesn’t talk that much on shows. He’s clearly interested in her. So cute! 🙂

  7. Lol. He’s totally crushing on herrr!! Soooo cute ^^ I don’t think fans will throw a fit if they date cus you know, seems like Taiwanese entertainment circle seems to date a lot and in public too lol. & cus they’re super cute together lol.

    How is the drama though? I’m not a fan of office dramas so I haven’t checked it out…

  8. i hope this comments gets through…

    thanks for the post, i love the pairing already and they are so cute together, am sure will follow this drama and i like the story. 🙂

  9. Can Any one tell me what the songs are of this drama. It’s driving me completely nuts. This drama isn’t even that popular on Google search. Help me…….

  10. I belatedly discovered this sweet heartwarming drama. Actually Just You was my first Taiwanese drama. Not sure what to expect, I decided to watch it because of Puff Guo Xue Fu who is currently a pretend wife of Heechul. Although Just You’s plot is rather plain compared to Korean dramas, I still watched it due to its cringe worthiness, Puff’s adorable acting, and their superb chemistry on and off screen. My dilemma is that now I don’t know whether I should ship Just You couple or WGM couple. While watching Just You BTS, I noticed that Puff spoke a few korean phrases here and there. In retrospect I learned that she was already offered WGM role at the time and apparently Aaron encouraged her to go on the show. He said “all the best for her. It’s only a show and she will get a new experience”. He’s so supportive.

    I am deciding whether to watch Aaron’s latest drama with one of the dream girls members (does anybody feel weird about this arrangement?). Peeked at the preview and the leading lady Tia can’t seem to act well. I might give a few episodes a try. Would you recommend this drama? have you seen it Koala?

    • I would totally watch it if I were you. I got into Just You last month and adored it and it felt pretty weird to see Aaron with Tia. But I kept watching and found myself really warming to the two. The drama’s currently at ep 6 and (though I hate to say it) does have a better premise than Just You (who else hated the randomly evil Jia Yu?). I really recommend seeing it. The first ep is a little cringe-worthy but the acting gets much, much better afterwards 😀

    • could i ask why it’s weird about the Tia and Aaron arrangement coz i dont know much about her other than the fact that she was in the hayate the combat butler drama and i thought she was cute in it lol

  11. I’m a new comer of Taiwanese Drama. Two weeks ago I started watching my very first Taiwanese Drama “Just You”. While I was looking through the selection of dramas, Aaron Yan’s picture in Just You caught my eye. So then, I decided to watch it. I instantly loved it because it made me laugh and happy. After several episodes I began to get hooked, addicted and obsessed etc. I am so intrigued by the fact that Aaron & Puff have a strong chemistry together. I enjoy watching them. Their acting abilities are awesome that I too, can feel what their characters are portraying. They really do match. Watching them together gives me the thrill. I began to love Aaron so much so I decided to watch another drama of his which is “Fall In Love With Me” I was super excited to watch Aaron, I think Aaron is a great actor but, while I watched couple episodes of Fall in Love With Me. I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t as excited as I was when I watched Just You. Aaron’s acting was great but his leading lady Tia’s acting is horrendous. I felt uncomfortable watching her act. I only watched it because of Aaron. I think Aaron is Good Looking. I am now obsessed with him. I am now watching all Aaron’s dramas and music videos as well as all his You Tube videos. I’m looking forward to his upcoming drama Refresh Man. More Power to Aaron Yan!

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