Production Stills Provide Sneak Peek at The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin

The other upcoming I-see-dead-people K-drama The Master’s Sun has quietly started filming two weeks ago and I’m loving the massive head start this drama got. It’s slated to air on SBS Wed-Thurs after I Hear Your Voice, and if that drama gets a four-episode extension from sixteen to twenty episodes due to the good ratings, then TMS won’t air until mid-August. That feels so far away for me so I hope IHYV doesn’t get an extension because I’m rather looking forward to TMS. It’s also been six months since I’ve liked a Wed-Thurs drama and this might just be the thing (or Sword and Flower over on KBS). Starring So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk, Kim Yoo Ri and Park Hyun Sik, this drama is penned by the well known writing duo of the Hong Sisters (Big, You’re Beautiful, Best Love, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) and continues in their usual vein of being a pretty far out concept. Gong Hyo Jin plays a poor sleepless besieged soul who can see ghosts since her parents passing in an accident. Every night ghosts descend to beg her to help them finish their business on earth and only by doing so will they leave her alone. She can’t sleep at night due to the ghostly nuisance and she falls asleep a lot during the day.

So Ji Sub is the cold and money-motivated owner of a shopping mall. I’m not sure if Gong Hyo Jin plays his assistant when the drama starts or she assumes that position later on, their inexplicable connection is that Gong Hyo Jin is only able to NOT see ghosts when she touches So Ji Sub. Ergo, she has to stick to his side like glue if she’s ever going to get any sleep. So Ji Sub’s life starts to get mucked up due to her presence around him, such as her ruining a big celebrity wedding he orchestrated to be held at his shopping mall to increase publicity. One cute interlude involves her asking him to sleep together – she is so sleep deprived she just wants one good night sleep without ghosts while he thinks she’s trying to seduce him. The production released some BTS stills and it looks like some famous faces will be making cameo appearances either as ghosts or someone left behind. Above is Jin Yi Han and Park Se Young. Check out the first filming stills which actually piques my interest in this drama more and more.


Production Stills Provide Sneak Peek at The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin — 19 Comments

    • Kekeke… Skinship factor just went through the roof. Pervy minds, unite! 😉
      In a way I’m torn about the IHYV extension: I love the show but I perfectly know that it’s very often a bad idea. LJS seems to be a hot commodity with all kind of following projects so maybe SBS won’t have the last word (or 18 instead of 20?). We’ll see.
      Sidenote: That red brick house furiously looks like the TWTWB/Full House 2 house.

      • I thought it was a church! 🙂

        I’m torn about the extension too. IHYV sounds like it’s already well-written. What are we gonna do with 4 more episodes? Let Min Gook kill more people? :'<

    • Haha, sounds like more reason for our OTP to have more skinship (not complaining at all).
      Hong sisters always seem to add a fresh twist to their stories. Even if they don’t deliver on everything atleast they gave us a fun and unique story.
      Although i’m loving I hear Your Voice i also can’t wait for Master’s Sun, also so i can erase the bitter taste that Big left behind.

  1. I really like the twist that she can’t hear the ghost when she touches him since that is bound to lead to a lot of skin ship and some humor I hope. I had lost track of this drama with your post you’ve helped to re-spark my interest in it.
    Extensions for shows seem to seldom add anything to the storyline. As I result I’m weary of I Hear Your Voice getting an extension.

  2. Can’t wait for this new Hong Sisters drama! I skipped Big after watching 4 episodes, so I hope this drama is a lot better.

    Btw anyone know who the second male lead is yet? I always ship the second leads in Hong Sister dramas even though I know they’ll never work out.

  3. this looks so promising! I can’t wait..please don’t dissappoint us again Hong Sisters.And I spotted Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance PD.As far as I know,he’s good at directing.Can’t wait,can’t wait!

  4. I totally feel the same way about IHYV as a lot of you. Extensions always seem to just add a bunch of fail to a show, especially if it’s doing well. And for a show as tightly written as IHYV seems to be, I think an extension would just leave them scrambling to find material. Or add a bunch of filler suck which would only make people mad.

    Anyway, the more and more I hear about The Master’s Sun, the more excited I get to see it. It’s got a lot going for it, with the writers and Gong Hyo Jin. But I didn’t really enjoy most of Big, so we’ll see what happens.

    I will say that I’m thoroughly enjoying the whole supernatural trend in this year’s kdrama scene though.

  5. This sounds like a hoot, so she’ll have to touch him a lot then. Can’t wait, I really really hope this is going to be great.
    Gong Hyo Jin is a fantastic actress and I know she’ll rock this role but I’m super curious about So Ji Sub, he doesn’t strike me as a comedic actor at all so I hope he will surprise me.

  6. Oh~! I can’t wait! The ‘touching’ part sounds very promising~
    Big fan of Gong Hyo Jing and So Ji Sub! 😀

  7. I am Hong sisters biased:D I love every one of their dramas. And since best love, i really liked gong hyo jin, i found her acting very good and also sincere. I just hope they would dress up her better than Best love:D LOL actually even it was a bit different than modern styling in BL, I even liked that but i would really love to see her in beautiful modern attire.

  8. she needs to touch him so she can sleep???? can’t wait for this!!! yayy i don’t need excuses for wanting to tocuh SJS, but i can imagine GHJ chasing SJS and him running away from her… until they fall in love
    i’m liking I hear your voice, specially Lawyer Cha, but i’m not a fan of extensions, and i need Master’s Sun now…
    Thanks for the great news :))))

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