Han Ji Min Showcases Switzerland in the Pages of Allure Korea

Han Ji Min is in the pages of the July edition of Allure Korea and she’s not one of my favorite actresses that I follow but these pictures fairly jumped out at me to love it. The entire photo shoot took place all over Switzerland and for once the location shoot was featured as much as the beautiful model herself. It was that perfect synergy where the model is clearly the center of the camera’s eye but the location is accentuated by her presence and stands out in the background as being so intriguing. I read the accompanying article and had a good chuckle because Han Ji Min has been selected by the Swiss as their honorary celebrity ambassador from Korea, so this photo shoot was clearly a great tourism pitch by Switzerland using one of Korea’s most popular actresses. This is an instance where I thought the very candid ulterior motive was a solid one-two punch, it accomplished the task without very too smarmy about it. I actually want to visit Switzerland now, it feels so romantic and picturesque. Han Ji Min, with her earthy natural beauty, is probably the best choice for this role and she showcases the cities and countryside with equal aplomb. Even her cheeky shot dressed like a Swiss milkman elicited a smile from me. I love her hair and make up in this pictures, and sometimes wonder why she’s saddled with terrible looks in many of her dramas. She looked the best in Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat though I’m not a fan of the drama, but in Rooftop Prince she veered towards the dowdy side. Up next for Han Ji Min is a movie but she’s one of those actresses where I feel dramas do her more justice since she tends to either over-act or under-act when she first approaches a character and its only through the course of a long drama she eases into a role and really shines by the end. Love these pictures and hope she picks a drama one day that I love to pieces because so far she’s always just decent for me.


Han Ji Min Showcases Switzerland in the Pages of Allure Korea — 9 Comments

  1. I absolutely adore her, even if not her acting, largely because she reminds me of my childhood bestfriend. Absofrickinglutely purty.

  2. this girl cries VERY prettily no doubt about that.
    and she has really moist eyes — reminds me of yoon sang hyun.

  3. HJM is my favourite Korean actress and yes, she has made me want to visit Switzerland with these beautiful pictures!

  4. *le gasp* Can it be?! They actually showed the scenery in an overseas photoshoot? :O Usually they find some cellar or dark corner that says nothing about the country they’re in!

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