Lee Jun Ki’s Aimless World Gets Turned Upside Down in First Teaser for Two Weeks

With The Master’s Sun throwing all sorts of stills and preview hoodoo at the viewers, I was wondering when Two Weeks would up their game and do more than show still pictures of gorgeous Lee Jun Ki. Both dramas are premiering the first full week of August and I wonder if the ratings in general will be lackluster since those are literally the dog days of Summer when everyone goes on vacation, heads to the countryside, or lays in bed trying not melt due to the heat. TMS looks like it’ll deliver some chills, but the first preview of Two Weeks is simultaneously good but lackluster. It’s good in that it delivers its central premise perfectly in 20 seconds – Lee Jun Ki is Jang Tae San, a man who finds himself framed for a gruesome and bloody murder of a female companion, when he’s arrested for the crime and being transported by the police, an accident happens that gives him the opportunity to escape and he takes it, all the while he discovers a never-before-known munchkin of a daughter who is dying of leukemia. Check, check, and check, this preview did it all succinctly, thank you very much. What it didn’t do was deliver the first impression sizzle. You know what I mean, that instantaneous kapow sensation. Of course previews are but a snapshot and no indication of actual quality, but I’m a little spoiled by TMS and want Two Weeks to wow me with their previews as well. I was suitably excited by seeing Jun Ki deliver the acting goods so perfectly just in the snippets in the preview. I think this The Fugitive-meets Mandate of Heaven story looks solid enough that the ratings will be up for grabs come early August when current leader I Hear Your Voice and perpetual second place The Queen’s Classroom both end and let these new kids on the block duke it out for supremacy.

First teaser for Two Weeks:


Jun Ki’s voice-over at the end: “A friend once said – just once in my life, I want to live like a human being.”


Lee Jun Ki’s Aimless World Gets Turned Upside Down in First Teaser for Two Weeks — 14 Comments

  1. The teaser may not look too sizzling, but what the voice-over said is enough for me to anticipate this drama.

  2. Yeah, he’s bringing the acting all right, but I hope this PD can keep his natural intensity at that simmer (something that was done wonderfully, in Arang) instead of letting it turn into overacting.

    And ugh, he looks too hot for words.

  3. Every time I see a drama where the dad-daughter relationship (connection) is emphasized, I just have to watch. The little girl is so cute…awww.

  4. I’m excited for this. I missed my satto. 🙂
    I find the trailer alright I bet the drama will be more awesome! I’ll be tuning in for both TMS & Two Weeks. 🙂

  5. interesting. .. I was a bit more disappointed by the teaser of the Master’s sun. When I saw the Two weeks trailer, i couldn’t take my eyes off Joongi’s face. All the complex emtions were alive painfully.

    • Same here. I’m far more excited by the Two Weeks teaser than by anything I’ve seen from TMS.

      Lee Jun-ki is such a brilliant actor and I have yet to discover a scene Ryu Soo-young didn’t nail. SJS is handsome beyond words, but he is basically best in looking stoic. Actingwise Two Weeks got everything on its side. Storywise – we’ll see.

  6. I think Joongi’s voice over at the end is “just once in my life I want to live like a human being” without “a friend once said”

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