Lee Dong Gun Transforms into Darth Vadar for Marry Him If You Dare

I can’t believe Marry Him If You Dare¬†went there. Or that it could find a way to go there. Where, might you be asking? It’s not quite “to boldly go where no man has gone before” (wrong franchise), but it managed to mash together the hotness personified that is Lee Dong Gun with geek chic by putting him in a Darth Vadar costume. Can I get a “Heck yeah!” as well as “Yes please, can I have some more?”. I have no clue what the context is in the scene that requires Lee Dong Gun’s Kim Shin to don a Darth Vadar outfit and wield a light sabre around, but even if it were a fantasy sequence I’m enjoying the lighthearted tone of this drama from all the teasers and stills thus far. It’s not narratively fresh but I feel the fun vibe. It doesn’t hurt that the latest BTS video just released shows the main cast of Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah getting along swimmingly during the poster shoot. I do feel bad that Han Chae Ah has been marginalized in the promotional machine for this drama, but other than that the drama’s promotional efforts earn a solid A-score from me. It’s on a nice daily schedule for tidbits to trickle out, and with each new morsel of goodness the anticipation and interest in this drama is increased. I’ve been poking around for spoilers about the set up but can’t find anything beyond future Mi Rae married Kim Shin but something happened to cause her to go back 30 years in time to prevent her young self from making the same decision. How I feel about Kim Shin will hinge a lot on what that “something” is. Though it also might not matter because whatever future Kim Shin did in that timeline doesn’t necessarily mean this Kim Shin would do if Mi Rae married him in this timeline. If there is one thing K-dramas taught me, aside from the asinine fixation on first love purity nonsense, is that hate can turn into love but platonic friendship has a nearly impossible to cross gap to generate the heat needed to spark romance. I think Yoon Eun Hye has chemistry with both of her male leads based on the stills and teasers, but it’s only with Lee Dong Gun that I see the attraction sparks flying every which way. I hope it’s hot enough the singe the sun. I remember the drama magic that happens when Yoon Eun Hye has perfect chemistry with an onscreen co-star, namely Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and Kang Ji Hwan in Lie to Me. Lee Dong Gun has a good chance of joining that list and I’m rooting for him all the way. This here playground is hereby reserved for Team Shin!

Lee Dong Gun BTS for Marry Him If You Dare:


Lee Dong Gun Transforms into Darth Vadar for Marry Him If You Dare — 31 Comments

  1. I think the above pictures uniquely describe YEH’s chemistry trap. This is the method to her madness! If you ignore the fists in the last picture, they are about to have hot angry sex.

  2. Team Shin? *pouts*

    who am i kidding – i’ll still be hanging here instead of elsewhere. maybe this is THE drama that makes me love LDG

  3. I don’t blame YEH for giggling during her photo shoot. If I was doing a photo shoot with LDG, I would have started laughing to the point of hysteria, only getting some control as everyone backed slowly away with fear in their eyes. I am trying not to get excited because I don’t want my hopes dashed. I could use some fun though and this looks the most fun of all the new dramas coming out.

    It would be a hoot if Mr. Sleek was a closet geek!

    • Hahahh I love this comment!! I would so go hysterical too, like OMFG–you really are sexy in person.

      But anyways Koala, LDG does look all somber now, and I just want to hold him and tell him I love him, and that it is okay to continue to be sexy.

  4. I see that sleek molded hair is in for males. Joo Ji Hoon is sporting almost the same do for Medical Top Team. Can’t wait for next week! I need a fluffy rom com to end my year.

  5. And I thought it was impossible to love Lee Dong Gun even more, but I saw him in Darth Vader costume, my favourite villain! I think maybe is Mirae imagination, maybe she sees him as a bad person, after their first encounter and imagines him as Darth Vader. The last photo, the one the two are threatening each other with their fists, is sooo cute and funny!!!! ^___^

  6. His talk-giggle-smile is deadly, and I don’t really know what he is saying.

    The chemistry is effortless between them. He seems to understand exactly how he is supposed to be and act around her. She’s a pro, as well, and understand’s Mirae. They are a good match and it shows.

    I am hoping expecting that the script will be complete before they film, right? When you start with the future, don’t you have to know where you are going in order to leave all the right story breadcrumbs?

  7. Team shin ready and reporting. I am still cautiously tentative as these rom coms have a way of ripping out your heart. I too am worried about the reason why future MR would come back to warn her current self – I really hope it’s not cheating and it’s more of a life and death thing capt koala described earlier.

  8. Wah Koala, of all you forgot Joo Ji Hoon in Goong, for OTP perfect chemistry w/ YEH! That was actually the very first Korean drama that hooked me into this world of kdrama land. And that drama is still striking hits upto now, a-lot are still crazy about it you know! Hehehe.

  9. Oh boy! here I am again .Shipping already that OTP and trying to recall all my detective and psychic skills to decipher their moves.

    it is so good to see co-stars to have a good chemistry during their work.13 more days to go !!

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