Marry Him If You Dare Releases Second More Substantive Teaser

October is finally here in so many ways that make me happy. It brings my beloved Fall, the season of crisp air and a sense of melancholy after the overly brightness of Summer. In the land of K-dramas, this particular Fall has been shaping up for a collision of dramas big and small all getting ready to hopefully entertain us. It’s been a very lackluster Summer for me other than the little drama that did it all Two Weeks. But Fall will bring the first genuine rom-com in ages in Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) starring Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah. Are you excited? I’m totally stoked! It’s like the Summer dramas were just the pre-season games and the regular season just over the horizon. MHIYD released its second teaser today after Monday’s episode of Good Doctor and I’ll analyze it piecemeal. In the first teaser, Mi Rae said Kim Shin played by Lee Dong Gun was the man she wanted to love and Jung Yong Hwa’s Park Se Joo was the man she had to love. That was an articulate way to distinguish how those two men will affect her life choices. In this second teaser, KBS leaves behind the concept approach and actually shows scenes from the drama.

Mi Rae is an aspiring screenwriter while Kim Shin is an established announcer (i.e. news anchor). They have an angry-cute car accident meeting on the street. Future Mi Rae tells her younger self to trust that she’ll introduce her to a good prospective husband, and all guesses point to Park Se Joo as the one future Mi Rae wants present Mi Rae to pick. Se Joo and Mi Rae appear to be fast friends since he offers to help her and even admits he’s really a secret chaebol when she asks. I’m not seeing anything of concern about the set up or execution from this teaser, and Yoon Eun Hye appears to have chemistry with both her males leads. But all signs indicate Park Se Joo as being the prototypical second male lead who is nicer to the leading lady and is always there for her, but she can’t help it and loves the grumpypants male lead. While I’ve done my share of second lead shipping, I doubt that’ll happen here since Kim Shin is all sorts of my dish. He’s principled and has a biting tongue so I can foresee lots of sparks flying arguments and run-ins with Mi Rae. But more important, I love that whatever he did or whatever happened in the future causes Mi Rae to want to not marry him, but my gut tells me this time travel do-over is only going to cement their relationship again and maybe avoid a future implosion. We’ll know in two weeks when the drama premieres.

Second teaser for MHIYD:

Mi Rae: I’m just a creative writer. Please give me 10 minutes, other than this I have no other request.

Kim Shin: That is not what happened. I will continue to report.

Mi Rae: Ah, you are a YBS announcer?

Kim Shin: Yes, I am announcer Kim Shin.

Future Mi Rae: Didn’t I say I’ll introduce you to a good prospective husband.

Se Joo: Want me to help you?

Mi Rae: Park Se Joo, are you a chaebol?

Se Joo: Yes.


Marry Him If You Dare Releases Second More Substantive Teaser — 56 Comments

  1. LOL that third pic looks so suggestive!

    This summer season really sucked. I was so booooooooooored! Now I really hope the Fall season makes it up to me.

  2. Okay, that looks a lot cuter than my expectation and I’m ready to ignore the ajhumma perm. I agree that kdrama land have been boring lately…

  3. OMG I can already smell the burning sulphur from the shipping wars.

    I am preparing for A Koala’s Battleground. Originally, I had cannons are loaded for LDG, but that doesn’t mean JYH can’t change my mind if he is sweet enough. If he sings, I am dead.

    Good news — YEH wins!

    • YEH wins = we all win. What will happen IF Lee Dong Gun sings as well?

      And don’t you know it’s always one step away from Drama WWIII around here. Doesn’t matter what opinion I hold, all that matters is that I have AN opinion at all.

      • Oh that’s right, he sings, too.

        If the ships are close enough for cannon fire, I should be able to leap back and forth. I saw that in Pirates of the C.

      • Please drama let LDG and yeh sing together… Or separate, but much better if together.

        Also if the drama makes me not like kim shin in the end or makes me actually switch ships, I will definitely have some not-so-nice words for the screenwriter. Sometimes, I just need my traditional rom com – been missing one for a long time.

      • If YEH sings with both LDG and JYH, it’s definitely WWIII. I’m staying with YEH as it looks like she has chemistry with both. Gee, staying neutral is definitely bleh but I’ll see which ship I can jump to when the drama airs. All I know is YEH is so funny here.

      • @koala – yeah, actually you’re right. I’ve seen evidence of that both here and on dramabeans, cannot wait till the minnows show up and begin trashing every other actor in the show in earnest.

    • Let the three sing! Please oh please,let YEH have a duet with both LDG and JYH and a trio for the win!!!!

      As to the ship wars – gaaaah! I am so undecided. I hate second lead shipping but I so love JYH, and his character seems very lovable. So I’d better just stick with YEH and whomever she chooses!

      • Aah, Koala, the song definitely doesnt go too well as a BG. But I am so hoping that YEH has an opportunity to really shine here. Shes always a win to me, but… I want her to win domestically too. I wish the same for Lee Dong Gun, Gosh he is so hot. I am going to rewatch sweet 18

    • Maybe watch the trailer with I Will Survive (the Gaynor original) playing over it instead?

      Strong woman taking no *** >>>>>>>>>>>> gross lyrics of the song they actually chose.

  4. for a second there i was confused when the beautiful joo sang wook showed up before the teaser.

    This seems like it’ll be a cute rom-com. And my god it has been a while since i’ve really enjoyed one.

  5. Ok if the lead wasn’t LDG, I probably would have switched shipped right off the bat. I do like my share of secret chaebol characters who admit they are chaebol right off the bat to the female lead. I am liking what I see here in jYH – and as I mentioned I think this will hopefully be better for him acting wise than the other drama.

    The teaser just left me craving for more… More of the OTP and more of the second lead. Columbus Day (US) cannot come any faster!!!

  6. YEH and JYH have somekind of natural chemistry together
    Their moments are brief in the teaser but it just caught me in awe
    I don’t think the drama will be as obvious as future mirae advising the present mirae about going after seju.I think mirae might have feelings for both guys

    • I so agree. I agree YEH has chemistry with both leads but oh dear so far her interactions with Jung YongHwa makes my heart flutter and somehow I love how they look together.

  7. This doesn’t look all that complicated – she’ll just fall more in love with Kim Shin, the future be damned – but I want to watch a good rom-com so bad that I’ll even endure Jung Yong Hwa’s mugging to do so.

    Speaking of bad actors, it looks DBSK’s Yunho is second lead for Man From the Stars… can this industry make it any more obvious that they are begging for scraps from Japan?

      • Dead serious.

        I was gunning so hard for a Jeon Ji Hyun – Lee Jung Jae reunion that I was super disappointed when SBS went the toy boy route and picked Kim Soo Hyun after LJJ said no. But I can’t even express how disappointed I am at having Yunho clutter another drama. Grrrrr.

      • JJH-LJJ would have been awesome.

        KSH can act as well, so I’m not too disappointed by the loss, but I can’t believe SBS is throwing what looks to be total Wed-Thurs prime-time sweep this year under the bus by putting the most incompetent idol actor ever (let alone regular actor) as the second lead. Heck, even Changmin would have done better.

        (And this is coming from a huge DB5K fan.)

      • @ Anonymous… I don’t mind Kim Soo Hyun on his own but he looks so dongsaeng-ish with Jeon Ji Hyun. Would have been nice to see a relationship with someone who looks like a grown man, especially considering the male lead is supposed to be a university professor. Just my humble opinion, of course 🙂

  8. Did Lee Dong Gun get a nose job? It looks the same as Lee Hyung-Joon nose job.

    It really, really distracted me in the teaser.

    And frankly it does not look good on him, IMO. I thought both of them looked more handsome before they shaved their noses down to a twig.

    And for that matter did Jung Yong-hwa also go to the same doctor? His nose looks very similar also….

    • Are you serious? I don’t know about Lee Dong Gun coz I rarely see photos of him but definitely not Yonghwa. You see photos of him everywhere, every week, and his nose looked just the same. Check out his pre-debut photos, boy has always got pretty nose line. Lol!

      • I’m serious about Lee Dong Gun. Just google search him and notice his nose sizes for various photos.

        Yonghwa I just asked about, because Dong Gun’s new nose looks very similar to his.

        And I’m not sure how likely it is, but it also IS possible to get plastic surgery before joining an idol group….

  9. I can’t wait till 14th October.I’m sure I wouldn’t switch shipping because I love LDG so much.I also love yonghwa,but as I see his chemistry with YEH, It looked more like friends’ chemistry cause they look abit similar with their cracked teeth.Also, when ever I read yonghwa in the drama ,I see that comments who except his bad acting. pls ,give us a chance to watch and judge later.Don’t ruin such a good drama in our eyes.

  10. Hi Koala Unni, I can’t wait until oct 14 to see this drama. I love the second teaser and hope it will be a really good rom-com drama. I am not sure which shipping I am I’m depends once it is airs. In another note, Unni, I sawed both episodes of Secret. It is interesting, I like the new lightning, camera, video, editing of the episode. So far, second episode is better than first episode.

  11. COOL, I can not wait for this drama, every thing that comes out only confirm me how excited I am waiting for this, by the way vegaspink my also I like the song, not the video or the lyrics, but I think it is very catchy , seems perfect for teaer….

  12. Maybe it is because I am a fan of CNBLUE, but whenever I see Yonghwa apart of these trailers and stills with Eun Hye, I can’t help but have a fluttery and giddy feeling. I cannot wait for this drama! Looks like I have to quickly finish Good Doctor before Heirs and this broadcasts haha.

  13. Why must this drama begin now, and not say…. a month ago, before school got hard on ernest?

    Only one drama I’ve been watching from the latest batch and really…. While I love it I’ve had much better summer in dramaland.

  14. Excited!! Also I totally thought that pic with YEH on the bed was a post-wedding scene with LDG before I saw the teaser! Lmao But, Yonghwa seriously looks like LDG from the side….

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