Marry Him If You Dare Introduces Jung Yong Hwa and His Network President Halmoni

Marry Him If You Dare is right on time with today’s promotional material drop. When I heard Jung Yong Hwa was the grandson of the the network station president, I thought his grandparent would have been some gruff haraboji so it’s with a pleasant surprise to discover that his character Park Se Joo has a halmoni who dotes on him. Turns out grandma and grandson are close and have only each other to depend on in this world. Awwww, and what the heck happened to everyone else in that family? Jung Yong Hwa’s character is described as gentle and working his way up to learning the ropes to run the network one day, but nowhere does it say he’s an orphan or dealing with the loss of his family members.Please don’t throw in a tragic car accident or give him some hidden family angst. Let this drama stay in the present where four pretty people will collide at one television network and romance will blossom in various directions. I’m sure this drama will have angst down the line, especially as leading lady Mi Rae is torn between two hot guys, so there isn’t need to overload the characters with background issues right off the bat.

Playing Park Se Joo’s grandmother is veteran actress Go Doo Shim, who I recall just finished playing IU‘s mom in The Best Lee Soo Shin, which makes this crazy age range in K-dramas all the funnier. The BTS video featuring Jung Yong Hwa has also just been released, and it follows the same format as the ones for Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun. Yong Hwa gives an interview interspersed with snippets where he’s filming the drama poster with either Yoon Eun Hye or second female lead Han Chae Ah. I’m somewhat disappointed there isn’t one just featuring the two guys, if the screenwriter manages to work in a believeable bromance in this drama I would be ecstatic. Lee Dong Gun is an absolute monster (i.e. he’s phenomenal) at doing the bromance. I thought Yong Hwa was very animated during the poster shoot but I have to state a very obvious and surprising thing that came out of it. I think he has way better chemistry with Han Chae Ah then with Yoon Eun Hye. Not that he doesn’t have it with her, but it feels more friendship-esque, whereas the interaction between him and Han Chae Ah gave off more believable vibes of potential romance. Just my observation and feel free to disagree. I wasn’t wowed by Jung Yong Hwa’s stills above with his halmoni (he looks detached and emotionless as usual), but really enjoyed his BTS video. Why can’t this boy be ON all the time when the camera is rolling?

Jung Yong Hwa BTS for Marry Him If You Dare:


Marry Him If You Dare Introduces Jung Yong Hwa and His Network President Halmoni — 27 Comments

      • No, i watched bts video and his other interviews videos and i think he is very lively person in real life. But the moment he starts acting for drama, he becomes expressionless.
        Its quite a phenomenon if you think of it because actors are usually other way around. They are reserved in real life and expressive on screen.

      • Man of Still. I don’t know how he does it, it’s like the serene face of a monk, deep in contemplation. It’s like a still pond with a single maple leaf dangling up above, and we wait for the inevitable drop of the leaf, but it does not come.

    • I don’t even know how he does it! I went to the bathroom and tried to keep my face in a frozen mask and I couldn’t because I just want to crack up and twitch. Yet he manages to do so in still after still – the completely blank face. Let’s hope the posters turn out much better because he was clearly animated in the BTS poster shoot.

      I actually just noticed something funny – the pictures with him and halmoni and the ones released with him and Yoon Eun Hye drinking at the convenience store, you can splice either YEH or halmoni in either set and Yong Hwa looks exactly the same in the scenes. A calm, gentle, state of zen being.

    • I wish he would pick a different character type. Why does he keep doing the strong and silent type of roles. Or maybe it’s FNC trying to push for that image but all CNBlue fans will know that’s going to fail since Yonghwa is far from silent. They should give him a role closer to his own personality. He didn’t do too badly in AGD when he cameoed.

      • agree!!! something with a funny character that is closest to his personality. can he kill someone here so he will look different?? LOL

      • LOL! Or how about channeling a little bit of Anthony in King of Dramas kekeke. Yell at directors telling them they are crap. Anything but strong and silent.

  1. Hmmm the BTS looks more promising than the stills. I think Yonghwa is more comfortable with Han Chae Ah because she only shot to fame recently whereas Yoon Eun Hye has been around for longer and is on a different level. anyway Yonghwa and Han Chae Ah are supposed to have a loveline so this is a good thing.

  2. I agree with momo. When Jung Yong Hwa is acting as a version of himself (cameo/variety) he has a charisma and a sense of naturalness about him that always seems to dissipate whenever he tries to act. And its not the Taecyon problem, where you see him thinking through the emotions, because as the viewer we don’t even see Jung Yong Hwa’s thinking process, just the zen garden state.

  3. I love this boy’s personality off-cam and I really respect him as a musician but oh man…he’s always zoning out when he’s supposed to be “acting”. Here’s to hoping the he will improve in this drama.

  4. He’s just as “acting” in the BTS tho. The stills were probably taken separately with a photographer going “1,2,3” and aren’t caps of the TV shots. We’ll be watching a moving picture, so after seeing his naturally animated interaction with the camera and costars in the BTS, I don’t get why there’s this fuss about the stills?…

    • Yup..u r right..i see lots of comments regarding still on many upcoming dramas.why people care so much about still.still is just still..just wait the drama itself. Then u can judge the base on the acting wise.

  5. My first thought was, “Wow, that’s a lot of cleavage for a network president/halmoni to be sporting…” . I didn’t even recognize that it was Go Doo Shim, she looks so different here.

    I’m crossing my fingers (but not holding my horses) re: JYH’s performance in this. I really want him to do well, cuz he seems like such a likable guy. He def. looks more relaxed around HCA.

    To PDnim: Animate him if you dare!

  6. It will be funny if Halmoni and old Mirae can be friend, or maybe even frienemy. That will be hilarious to watch.
    Also let’s just hope YH in motion will be better than YH in still. I see a glimmer of hope in the BTS.

  7. Daww he’s so adorable in his bts
    As usual he’s so lively with lovable personality
    If only park seju can be the kind of man like yonghwa
    To me it seems that yonghwa has good chemistry with both ladies,that’s a positive sign for the birth of otp

  8. I’m totally shipping him with HCA now, please make them an otp in the show!! I’m so over pointless love triangles/squares in dramas.

  9. I’m really curious about the first episode. I hope that the character of Yonghwa will be not too serious, cold and quiet like the last. I want to see him in another kind of character. He’s so funny and charismatic in the real life.

  10. 🙂 either way I am looking forward to it. This is getting everyone to talk about about it so I suppose that is a good thing.

    I am waiting to see the first episode. I want this to be good!!!

  11. I did a double take when I realized that was Soon Shin’s Mom…the difference a hairstyle and outfit can make…and she’s supposed to be a Grandma now too…man…these ranges are crazy indeed

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