Marry Him If You Dare Releases New Stills of the Leads and Future Mi Rae

KBS dropped a lot of new stills for Marry Him If You Dare heading into the weekend which makes for a nice treat to tide the fans through until next week. That’s when the heavy load of promotional material will likely drop since it’s the week prior to its premiere on October 14th. Some of these official stills won’t come as a surprise since in the BTS videos being released the leads were shown filming the posters and here are some of them. All three shots are extremely telling and do a good job with poses, expressions, and body language to help convey the character’s relationship and feelings. The still of all three leads Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Jung Yong Hwa has them sitting on a bench but it’s not so simple. Mi Rae and Kim Shin are close together while there is a distance between her and Park Se Joo. That’s about as clear as it can get which guy Mi Rae likes and wants. But in the two couple stills, Mi Rae and Kim Shin are back-to-back with each other in an annoyed and antagonistic manner, whereas Mi Rae is cutely grabbing onto Se Joo’s jacket with the tips of two fingers as if she’s tentative. In all the teasers, the title cards tell us that Kim Shin is the man Mi Rae wants to love but Se Joo is the name Mi Rae needs to love, which seems quite opposite of the stills which show Mi Rae and Kim Shin getting off on the wrong foot whereas she and Se Joo have a chatty interaction.

Of course the old adage about sparks flying in either hate or love is the type to ignite passion, but if Mi Rae meets grumpypants Kim Shin and sees his annoying temper, how the heck does she totally fall for him first to the extent that future Mi Rae needs to actively re-direct her to fall for Se Joo instead? All these questions are what makes me look forward to MHIYD. That and doing double takes anytime Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa have a scene together and stifling the urge to scream “But they’re brothers! You can’t get between the bromance!” at Mi Rae. Heh. The first stills are also out of veteran actress Choi Myung Gil playing future Mi Rae, and she’s a total put together looker that tells me life with Kim Shin for thirty years wasn’t hard on her when it comes to material goods and style. Funnily enough, Choi Myung Gil looks way more like Han Chae Ah in thirty years than any resemblance to what future Yoon Eun Hye might look like, but that’s just pointing out the usual K-drama casting leaps of faith requirement of its viewers. Or the drama could have been subversive and future Mi Rae turns out to be future Yoo Kyung back to sabotage Mi Rae and Kim Shin so she can have the hottie all to herself. LOL, my imagination going wild so ignore me. Check out the latest pictures and I’ve tossed in the just released additional pictures from Lee Dong Gun’s Brooks Brothers pictorial which is pretty much what Kim Shin wears in the drama anyways.


Marry Him If You Dare Releases New Stills of the Leads and Future Mi Rae — 23 Comments

  1. thanks ockoala for the speedy gonzales post.
    luv YEH since goong long time ago [in a galaxy far, far, away…] oops.. in time warp, ok no Star Wars back to present day.. Despite her hair, YEH looks good with the two hotties. yummy! Can’t wait.

  2. Cant wait for this drama to air! Im so excited for LDG its been so long that we have seen some action from him… thanks for the post.

  3. Not much new information from the new stills.
    All I can say is I want Yoon Eun Hye’s lips.. and I like the style of future Mirae, I think I want to sport that look when I’m older.

  4. Oh my, is that plaid shorts she’s wearing?? And a fruit-patterned skirt? Ah I see what they’re doing–future Mi Rae is all sleek and sophisticated Mrs Brooks Brothers, past Mi Rae is all fruity and plaid shorts and hideous perm. Ok, I get it.

  5. I like your idea that this is NOT the real Mi Rae but a future Yoo Kyung back to mess things up. That would make more sense, but it might turn it into makjang which we do NOT want this show to be.

  6. Honestly, I’m not too impressed with the wardrobe. Also… I find the chemistry lacking; just as pale as PSH-LMH. But I’m sure all of them would prove me wrong when the shows starts…

    The second half of 2013 has undoubtedly more things to boast about though. The first half had… GFB, IHYV and… I can’t even remember. This time we have a lot more options incase something sucks.

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