Heirs Drops Two New Awesome Posters and the Fourth and Best Teaser Preview to Date

Oh heck yeah! Just as I was ready to put all the Heirs or The Inheritors promotional materials behind me as generally a big ole disappointment (with only 1 or 2 standout stills and teaser), the drama upped and surprised me today. I don’t know if the brain trust at SBS was saving the best for last or finally got their act together because I finally love what I’m seeing. The cast of Heirs is getting ready to hold their drama press conference in mere hours but the production has just released two new drama posters and one more teaser preview. Let me say it again, I love it all! Seriously, not even being optimistic or sarcastic here, I genuinely smiled when I watched this latest teaser and the both new posters are fantastic. The high school cast poster captures the rich kids ambiance and is just very pretty to look at. The shallow part of me approves. The other new poster is even better, it only has leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye and shows them in a car with her looking introspectively towards the side of the road while all we see are his eyes glancing at her in the rear view mirror. It’s both unique and delivers a solid connection for the viewers with what the two leads must be feeling. The fourth teaser finally shows us scenes from back in Korea and I’m starting to get excited for the high school scenes. The uniforms are very pretty and I’m ready to give the grown men a giant magic wand wave and accept that they are all still high school students. It could be worse, it could be over-30 Bae Yong Joon playing a high school student in Winter Sonata. I must say that the rivalry and thwarted bromance between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin potentially looks awesome. I’m so meh about all the rich girl characters played by Kim Ji Won, Krystal, and Jeon Soo Jin, but the other boys at Empire High all look adorable, especially Kang Min Hyuk. This is also the first trailer where I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Park Shin Hye. Dare I say it? Can Heirs manage to surprise everyone even with the most promotional material spoiling us in the history of dramas?

Fourth teaser for Heirs:

Eun Sang asks Kim Tan if he wants a place that more comforting than this place. Eun Sang says there is no way for her to succeed anyways because life is already predetermined. A white collar who earns 2 million won a month has already reached an agreement with this world which is all about earning a bite to eat. Kim Tan asks big bro Kim Won that its been three years already for them. Kim Won tells Tan to not worry, not to think, and not to come back. A woman’s voice asks if the child you bore is still in your arms? Kim Tan’s mom apologizes for setting him aside. Young Do says the choice is between being beaten up by someone stronger, or being beaten up by someone weaker. Kim Tan asks for help so that he doesn’t have to go back. Kim Won says that being an illegitimate son is not something that comes with choices. Kim Tan tells Eun Sang that he’s not sure if he’s safe, but he asks if she wants to come (with him)?


Heirs Drops Two New Awesome Posters and the Fourth and Best Teaser Preview to Date — 60 Comments

  1. Is it just me or everyone in the poster looks very awkward together. They look cool individually but everyone together looks kinda awkward.

  2. Awesome! That car mirror poster is one of best creative I’ve seen.
    Is this drama really a rom-com? because i see no comedy scene in trailers. It seems to me a rom-melo from all the crying,angst,etc.

  3. Wahoo! I am so ready for this! The daughter and I will be ready with treats and drinks. Bring. It. On. LMH, why you so handsome?

  4. I’m loving the trailer, but MY GOD, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have ZERO chemistry together. I love them individually but there is just no spark :/

    • I actually think that LMH is trying his best to create the spark of chemistry between them… But sadly PSH is just not responding in the same level!! It frustrates me because if you look at especially the sprinkler scene where he gazes up at her, or the last sudden physical contact where he grabs her – HE IS TOTALLY SETTING FIRE WITH HIS EYES. PSH has acting talent but scores really low in her chemistry with her male leads, sadly 🙁

      • unfortunately, it is so far true that she seem to project that low chemistry with LMH. maybe she is new in the passion department, I guess.. oops.. but that is how she projects, yeah,you can say that again, SADLY..
        do hope that I am wrong about the projection and until it airs, fingers-crossed, PSH will somehow RISE to the occasion.

      • I long for the day when someone takes her in his arms and she responds with something besides fear and/or surprise. I am so tired of her wide-eyed look.
        I am ready to plop her in a boat with LMH, surround them with Sebastian and his fishy crew all singing, “you got to–KISS the guy!”

      • He’s trying it, but he’s not much better chemistry wise with his female leads imo. Two people who aren’t known for creating chemistry working together probably won’t mean amazing chemistry, though they do look cute together.

      • Yes, LMH is the same. In my opinion, his best chemistry was with Moon Chae Won in Mackerel run (and wasn’t that good).

    • She’s an idol. She is totally here for window-dressing and fanservice. Now be careful, or those Krystal fans will come after you with harsh words aplenty.

      • THIS. So much. If I never see Jessica Jung act again it will be too soon. I’m still traumatized from her fits in Wild Romance.

  5. Ms. Koala,
    Thanks for continuing to share all the info on Heirs, especially because it seems that we have bee waiting for the actual drama for ages. 😉 I must say that the last two teasers have made me that much more excited. I was going to tune in regardless, but now I’m actually excited to see where the storyline takes us. My fav. poster is def the one of them in the car. I’m looking forward to Wednesday.

  6. The first poster looks like a GQ for young adults, with both males and females on the cover. It also looks as if the girls/women are wearing the same shoes.

  7. This is looking better and better!

    However I think I’ll ship the second couple, third more than the main!

    I mean the classic scene where the guy holds the girl and they stare each other and we see sparkes and burning chemistry flies and make us scream ”kiss” there isn’t this on the last scene! Boo Hooo, I really want them to have chemistry !

    • I know right. I didnt feel anything with both of them staring at each other. U can’t create chemistry. It’s from within.

      • I used to think that it is from within 100% of the time, but if you make two actors play completely different characters with a completely different backdrop and director, you also have a different kind of chemistry.

      • For example the more recent lee sang yeob and Hong soo Hyun in will you give love away compared to their chemistry in jang ok jang. Their chemistry is pretty off the chain and they’re really cute(which is why I’m only watching their parts with the help of ff.) in will you give love away. In joj I didn’t really think anything of their second lead characters.

  8. Shin Hye, I adore you because you are a good actress and a cutie patootie, but you are really failing in the chemistry department.
    I’m not even a fan of LMH, but he would have had ten times the chemistry with actresses like Kim So Eun or Jung So Min. I mean, look at his eyes!

  9. honestly that trailer just shows me the typical park shin hye performance: good crying scenes, some deer in headlights, and a lot of eye-buldging/confused looks

    • true.. i find PSH acting is pretty much limited.. yes, she’s a good crier but other than that shes O.O… anyways she’s still young so there’s hope she can improve cuz i really like her..

  10. i might be the only one but i’m not liking any of the posters or teasers. even though i like most of the actors in there. The storyline and the teasers are just not interesting. i’ll watch the starting episodes and then decide maybe.

  11. Koala, you should see the 13mts trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuYH1ioYPeI its soooo gooodd I almost droll watching it.

    I love that LMH portray himself as poor puppy character struggling for his family to accept him and Shinhye portray herself as poor girl trying hard so the world will acknowledge her existence ….
    Its so lovely to see character that insecure meet because they share same hardness in life and finding strength from each other. I love that our hero is not a arrogant brat who like to showoff his fortune.

    • Thank you for the link…it was very good and helped fill in a lot of blanks.
      Both the leads are struggling to find their place and there are loads of chemistry between the leads as the groundwork for their romance is laid out. This is gonna be a very interesting drama….

  12. I’ll just wait for the first few eps to air and decide from there. I just find the whole Heirs promotional scheme exhausting. I hope the drama can live up to the hype.

  13. Is Krystal second female lead? If not why she is ahead of kim ji won in the poster? I am so sick with the popularity vs talent thing. But even in the poster? Oh come on.

    • I thought i’m the only one who think that way. I thougt KJW is the second female lead. .. but the poster put her in front of KJW. How funny. To me she’s the only flaw in this drama *gehh. ..

      • krystal being put in front bcs her perfect S line body that the photographer cant let it go and left her behind.

  14. I’m kinda a little annoyed that they keeping hyping up Choi Jin-hyuk but he’s not even in the official poster ;;;

  15. The first poster , I ve seen it last week I wou der how u guys didnt just now ! The second was amazingly creative but he is not looking at her actually sh is sitting next to him and he is looking back from his view mirror its not the same ! Lool but I lov it anyways ! And yaaaaa that teaser is amazing u can feel the hurt in lmhs eyes ! And park shin hye ! Omg girl u have lmh infront of u ! Damn stone ! But maybe cus he is smitten by her and she feels nothing ?!?!?
    Tha ks koala unni ! I love this and cant wait for the conference ! Amd the drama ! 2 days left !

  16. I used to anticipate this drama. But after too many stills and teasers i’m getting bored. With the beautiful and lovely casts like this they should avoid makjang issues for example a broken family. This should be ‘the more the merrier’ kind of drama with lightheart issues evolve around teenagers. Well maybe the writer wants to get ahjumma viewer whom i guess won’t be tuning in if this is mere teenage drama. I do hope that the casts will blend with each other and not just portraying the pretty face. I have no preference towards the casts selected in this drama. But i really appreciate whoever that work their ass to actually act and not just being adorable and get pass with aegyo. I really can’t tolerate that. Anyhow, best of luck to this drama.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to this drama since the news of casting. But why I don’t have any feelings watching the trailer? I want to feel something but nothing. I don’t think it’s gonna be a hit. I’m not a fan of Minho but I feel like he is the best thing in here. Will he be able to pull the rating by himself? I want to feel ShinHye. But nothing comes yet. Please make me feel something for you from your ten years of acting.

  18. There’s definitely alot of hype but I’m wondering if this show could possibly recreate the popular hit boys before flowers. The overall vibe I get from this show isn’t too flashy, despite all the rich girls and boys and beautiful clothes/car. If y’all get what I mean. Those that have watched gossip girl can say that aside from its shallow premise there is nothing gossip girl esque about it.that could play to show’s advantage, depending how well executed it is. Given that this is a eun sook drama, we will get more substantive material than your standard rom com. The only issue I’ve had with Kim eun sook was really just the lacking second half and the frustrating character relationships/romance. Some are alright with me, it could be a hit or miss.
    seeing as how kim tan and eun sang start on friendly terms in the beginning with him showing an interest in her, this might be the first kim eun sook show where I’m not throwing my computer because of the idiocy of the two leads and their romance.
    I wanted this to either go all out like gossip girl so that we could forgive it when it all goes downhill narratively and look at the pretty and the juicy, or that it becomes the show to prove us all wrong and be a heartfelt, well polished high school drama.
    now that the production team have established the contemplative tone, they better bring it!

    • I have the same issues. Lacking second half and frustrating behaviour (not only the romance). I think the one I screamed the least at was “On Air”.

      I will still check this one though. I like that their relationship starts from the sympathy for each others misery.
      And there are too many flower boys… yes, I’m that shallow :–)

  19. If the writer keeps everything on the table, in front of everyone then the show can be good. If shes going to do all this makjang crap–Yes I said crap–then it just gets murky. I didn’t watch kim Eun Suk’s(?)older dramas, but it all looks riddled with makjang. I don’t want that. Keep it fresh, and i’ll watch it. It irks me to think of how When a Man loves began and ended-dramatic. Regardless of the acting, it could have been a great drama. Sigh

  20. I know I will be swept up in the hype. I always do. I think I will enjoy it but LMH and PSH have to really sell me on their part together. That will be the kicker. I am not very much a second lead couple (there are a lot of couples here) type of person. Like with ADG, it took awhile for me to like the OTP together.

  21. this still looks very meeh to me.
    I’m confused though; is this whole series filmed in L.A or only a few episode because it doesn’t make sense for them to live in america and then go to an all korean school where there isn’t any interaction with other cultures or none korean people but then try to ell that whole overseas concept to the viewers.

  22. I know Krystal can’t act, but she’s working in that poster better than any of the other girls. PSH looks awkward, though at least she’s got a nice dress finally.

      • @melissa How is PSH awkward? lol and she doesn’t like him yet so what do you want her to act? look at him lovely as her bf? lol

      • whoa….lot of mean towards Shin Hye going on here…..how can she have burning chemistry with a guy she just met and is trying to figure out whether she trusts him or wants to like him? Geez that isn’t the way the real world works and everyone on here saying Shin Hye is the reason for no chemistry knows that. Seems like Min Ho’s character is drawn towards Shin Hye’s character and Shin Hye’s character seems to be drawn towards him but with reservations b/c she just met him and even though he seems trustworthy he is still a stranger. So give them time to develop their characters within the drama. I think she has exactly what it takes to make this character real and have us believe in her and her partner….And for those who enjoy her acting she will do just fine and for those who don’t like her or the fact she is acting with their favorite male actor then it won’t matter how well she portrays the character or how sizzling the chemistry b/c they will find fault. I have high hopes for the drama and for the OTP’s chemistry.

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