Yoon Eun Hye Sells Her Curly Hair and Handbags for Samantha Thavasa

It’s a testament to Yoon Eun Hye‘s popularity and trendsetting ways that her decision to fry-perm her hair for her role in Marry Him If You Dareย (Mirae’s Choice) garnered such commentary and backlash. I’m one to skip a drama if I don’t like the way an actor or actress looks to the extent it bugs me. It’s a personal choice and requires no justification, but also intensely subjective since what bugs me might not bug another. I think Yoon Eun Hye’s hairstyle in MHIYD is hideous unless she’s doing a throwback role to the 1980s. No insult to people with naturally curly hair, it’s not the curly its the fact that it looks dried out by acid in an unruly mop on her head. For her latest endorsement photoshoot for handbag line Samantha Thavasa, Yoon Eun Hye sports the exact same perm but styling does wonders and she actually pulls it off. The volume is balanced out by a lovely clean make up palate, clothes that are elegant and fresh, and a simple backdrop to let the model and the handbag shine. I wouldn’t begrudge folks who have passed on MHIYD because of her hairstyle, but honestly after a few episodes one gets used to it and then it doesn’t look so jarring anymore. Plus the drama story line is getting more and more interesting, I’m sure her hair isn’t going to be the only subject worth discussing in that drama. I like that she’s willing to change it up and not every stylistic choice turns out to be a winner. I still it wasn’t necessary for the permed hair to play this role, and in fact straight hair maybe the latter episodes cut she sported in Goong would have been nice. Something simple and easy to showcase her non-fussy personality. I do think it’s pretty wild she’s managed to rock the hair for these handbag photos so check it out.


Yoon Eun Hye Sells Her Curly Hair and Handbags for Samantha Thavasa — 23 Comments

  1. Its also the color. I much prefer the darker, rich shade she’s sporting here. I think the color she has in the show just washes her out since she’s already so pale.

  2. They look much better for this campaign than in the show unfortunately.

    I told a friend Mirae’s Choice is a fun drama and she said: Tell me when YEH stops sporting such an ugly hairstyle.I’ll tune in to it then!

  3. I also skip dramas if one of the lead actors looks horrible. Even if I love the actors themselves or the drama premise, I’m just so annoyed by that terrible look that I can’t focus on anything else. The infamous short bowl-cut is a common hair crime for drama heroines.

    Yoon Eun Hye looks stunning here, in the first picture. I do think the curly hair looks good on her if it’s styled right. But I also think she’s better off with a darker hair color. She looked so stunningly beautiful in “Missing You”, that’s my favorite look of hers to date.

    Now it seems an actress from “The Woman who Married Three Times” is copying Yoon Eun Hye’s horrible dried orange curly hair. I thought no one would ever want to replice that, but I was wrong!

  4. awwww YEH is the queen of trends in hairstyle screams drama, adorable, uncomplicated, fresh, sweet child, and here just screams HOT, BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY.
    for me she never looks bad I love his versatility chameleon.

  5. Don’t worry you’re not the only one lol I also tend to skip a drama if the leads have distracting hairstyle. I started MHIYD, but her hairstyle is just bugging me to the max. I’m having a difficult time resuming with that drama.

  6. some people have hair that is naturally that texture and that is even frizzier or has a tighter curl. It’s still sort of an insult to call it unruly because it isn’t in a perfect, shiny curl or silky straight.

  7. Ah! Why couldn’t she have this style in the drama, from the hair to the clothes, the whole having her looking like a mess was so unnecessary!! Even if they were trying to portray her like a simple kinda lost girl they could have had her wore something simple like jeans/shirt and with hair more similar to this pictures, still curly but not borderline crazy.
    It would’ve been so much better than her style right now >.>

  8. Is it just me, or does she look a lot like the mother (of JGS’s character) in Mary Stayed Out All Night in that first picture? I haven’t started Marry Him If You Dare yet, but from the stills, I feel like that actress looks more like future Mirae than the one picked for the role. I’m not criticising her acting or anything; it’s just based on appearances.

  9. At first I didn’t like her, that permed hair make her like old lady. But as the show progresses, I got used to her hair and I think she looks cute in it. No matter what, YEH is still beautiful and can pull off any kind of hairstyle she wears, besides she has this innocent yet womanly look on her. I really love this girl, she is the only Korean actress I like and admire. MHIYD is getting interesting, so why not watch before judging the show.

  10. I wish her stylist here were also the same one for MHIYD. Just because she’s a 32 year-old struggling writer in the drama means that she can have the awful hairstyle and drab look that we keep seeing in each episode. I think there are better ways to style her character. Anyway, I remember one episode which I think was Episode 5. She was wearing a plaid blazer and long, skinny shorts (up to her knees) in the same plaid material. I know it’s the season again for plaids. It’s just funny ’cause the plaid material and design for her attire are the same ones used for a private school uniform here in Manila! ๐Ÿ˜€ Whatever, I still love her. Every time she has a drama (except for one where she was a rich woman), she’s always dressed in dowdy, loose and awful-looking clothes. Oh well… Just wishing she will play a character who’s stylish in her next drama. ๐Ÿ™‚

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