First Official Look at Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star

I think SBS can consider Heirs/The Inheritors a relative win. It’s not a ratings monster it could have been but the ratings have been on a steady one way climb since its premiere and still gets plenty of buzz online domestically and internationally. Once nightly ratings leader Secret ends this week, Heirs has a chance to own the night and might be a good lead in for its follow up drama You From Another Star. Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, this drama is as far from the Heirs mold as it can get. The cast is relatively small, with second leads Yoo In Na and Park Hae Jin clearly there to fill out the screen but everyone’s eyes will be on current It-boy Kim Soo Hyun as well as the first television return of movie star Jeon Ji Hyun in over 14 years. I think the producers definitely lured her back because she worked with Kim Soo Hyun before in The Thieves and they not only had great onscreen chemistry they also had a fun time working together. The drama is about an alien from another planet who crash lands his space ship in Joseon and ends up living on Earth for the next 400 years. He not only doesn’t age, he also possesses heightened eye sight, hearing, physical agility, memory, and good looks. I would laugh at this catalogue of perfect traits except K-dramas sometimes uses it to describe human leading men except here it makes narrative sense because he’s an alien. In the year 2013, he is a college professor and will cross paths with Jeon Ji Hyun who plays a top Hallyu actress. Since this drama is a Sci-Fi fantasy, I wonder if reincarnation will come into play and the modern day actress will end up being the doppleganger for the alien’s lady love back in Joseon? The first official filming stills are out and Kim Soo Hyun sports a trendy hairstyle and sleek black suit as he rides a bike to and from work. There is also a sneak peek at Jeon Ji Hyun navigating the crowds gathered to see her top actress character. Directing is the PD from Tree with Deep Roots and Painter of the Wind, while writing is the scriptwriter who did Queen of Housewives and Queen of Reversals.


First Official Look at Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star — 11 Comments

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