Se Joo Gives Mi Rae an Assuring Hand Hold in Marry Him If You Dare

Lots of viewers complained about Yoon Eun Hye‘s frizzy perm sported by her character Na Mi Rae in the early parts of Marry Him If You Dare. She cut and straightened recently and I’ve a mind to say the spectacular swan dive of this drama may be correlated to her hair. I honestly have no real analysis for why this drama has thus far managed to start off promising only to fail to deliver so majorly. There is no real romance anywhere to speak off, and the drama is spinning in circles reacting to future Mi Rae’s soothsayer knowledge of a future that happened to her but may or may not happen this time around. The written and video previews for episode 13 leave me underwhelmed to say the least, and now the new drama stills released by KBS has me rolling my eyes and wanting to give the drama the middle finger. Se Joo is seen holding Mi Rae’s hand comforting her and she appears appreciative of his support and friendship. That is all fine and dandy if – (1) Mi Rae starts to like Se Joo back and everyone jumps ships right now but at least there is a dock to head towards, or (2) Se Joo has fully let go of his feelings for Mi Rae and sees her as a friend now. If it’s the usual he likes her and is there for her, she appreciates it but is still in love with Kim Shin, then I might need to quit this drama for the sake of my sanity. We’re so close to the finish I probably won’t, but why can’t the drama just give up and film four episodes of the two couples falling in love, dating, getting married, and then working together to stave off the foreboding events of the future. I don’t care about solving mysteries anymore, future Mi Rae could have come back on a lark for all I care. I cannot deal with a drama where Yoon Eun Hye is back to being pretty but completely flat as a character, Lee Dong Gun shows us he’s still a leading man but doesn’t have a proper narrative to work with, Jung Yong Hwa makes a leap forward in acting but cannot find his own interesting story, and Han Chae Ah is majorly wasted even if she’s acting the heck out of a sidelined character. Thanks to MHIYD, I’m back to dreading Mondays for fear of more letdowns.


Se Joo Gives Mi Rae an Assuring Hand Hold in Marry Him If You Dare — 16 Comments

  1. This drama has really disappointed me. Ugh. It had so much potential! I feel so sorry for the cast.

    By the way koala, a new teaser for prime minister and I is out… (And it looks super cute!)

  2. 4 episodes more and this writer is determined to destroy this drama , she hate all the team or what? dont’t they pay her ?, Does she hates the lead actors? is she fan of jyh ?jajaja I’m going crazy with this drama and more frustrated every monday. lows rating again for sure with this kind of writer, that maybe has some crisis in her life and she’s has decided we pay for all her ineptitude and lack of romance.already lost hope in this drama .

  3. this drama has a lot of potencial … thanks to the writer is going to be the worst drama ever in the history of kdramas , maybe she likes lee dong gun and doesn’t like kim shim and mirae together, she’s the real future mirae, come on yoon eun hye and lee don gun are a perfect couple, with great chemistry despite the writer. Hopefully yoon eun hye and lee dong gun work in a new project but is very difficult but not impossible and make this writer is ashamed of her loousy job. worse writer than “FASHION KING”

    • for me i lost my interest in this drama on 12th episode. WORST DRAMA??, i don’t think so. worst korean drama for me still Dr jin, Fashion king ,Angel Temptation, All Korean Daily’s Drama ( unrealistic plot ). you should watch those korean daily’s dramas so you will see how bad the story.

  4. it will be good if future’s choice hero at the end is the lips couple park seju and na mirae,but if park seju ends up with yoo kyung it’s fine <3

  5. It makes me laugh to get these stills after Seju’s brooding last episode and the goodbye scene they shared. I actually think he was just saying goodbye for the night and he’ll be back tomorrow at the same time and place to attempt to get her to fall for him. Silly me for thinking the story was actually going to move forward.

  6. sejoo and mirae just friendship . Kim shim and mirae love and repressed passion by the agly writer , please chance the writer this could be a great drama in 3 episodes but we need a new writer.

  7. I’ve put MHIYD on hold after ep 5 and probably will watch only watch the last few eps. Poor EUH, another drama dud. I really want to enjoy this one but it seems the plot goes around in circles. She should pick a really good sageuk next.

    • To be honest, I don’t think this one is all YEH’s fault. According to various sources, the writer decided to re-write the entire plot around episode 5-6 …. which has been a disaster to say the least. It’s not what this cast signed up for but they’re all making a valiant effort to make it work. The one thing this show has going for it is 4 sparkling lead actors – such a shame that they’ve been given a complete waste of a storyline and their engaging chemistry,

  8. Magically falling in love with SJ? I don’t think so. If a male lead ended up being this wishy washy, drama viewers would be calling for his head…

  9. For me I like to see YEH in a romantic comedy rather than this
    kind of drama, although its unusual or unique story, still good
    but not really my favorite… Thanks.

    • Yoon Eun Hye is my first favorite Korean actress. I love her
      & I admire her as an actress & a person. hopefully she & her
      agency will choose a good story next year!… Fighting!!!.

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