Engaged Dreary Mi Rae and Se Joo Attend Party in Episode 15 of Marry Him If You Dare

Some folks not watching Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) might be wondering in a rubbernecking sort of way how godawful this drama can possibly get even with a scant two episodes left. Judging from the just released stills for episode 15, there is plenty of room in drama hell left for it to go. Following in the wholly inexplicable pattern of releasing stills of Mi Rae and Se Joo, the latest pictures show them attending an industry party together all dolled up. Or at least they are supposed to be but frankly Se Joo looks like smarmy ahjusshi with the slicked back hair, too-gaudy earrings, and blue double breasted suit while Mi Rae looks like she would rather be cutting her toenails than being there. I’ve given up on this drama having any romance or comedy, but it’s actually hilariously brain dead for the writer to keep insisting on showing us interactions between Mi Rae and Se Joo when (1) Mi Rae always looks pained and awkward, and (2) of all the possible combos for the leads getting together, this one is by far the worst and most barftastic. Se Joo and Yoo Kyung makes sense as confidantes and she has the brains and street smarts to help him in life running YBS. Mi Rae and Shin make sense because she’s the sensibility where he’s all ego and principles, he toughens her up and she smooths his edges out. Heck, even Shin and Yoo Kyung make sense! He sees through her facade but understands her reasons while she isn’t in awe or cowed by him.

So if three out of four pairings are decent, why does the writer insist on shoving the sole lame one down our throats? Why? WAE? Is she a masochist? We have to be hurt before we’ll feel the pleasure? I don’t know, but the thought that Mi Rae accepted Se Joo’s proposal (I spot a ring on her finger in the still) leaves me with no choice but to draw the following conclusions. The drama tells us that a person can keep insisting on loving another, despite being told in no uncertain terms that the feeling is not reciprocated. That obsession can manifest in being “friends” just to stick around the vicinity, but it’s not really “friends” if one person carries a torch and then whips out a ring. The “friends” thing in the case of Se Joo is just a convenient excuse so that Mi Rae doesn’t run away from him. And Mi Rae? If she’s that weak she needs to lead a guy on that likes her by deluding herself that he’s just a friend, then she’s too pathetic for me to care about whether she can overcome all odds and find the career and man she loves. I suppose there is some karmic justice that pathetic Se Joo with his pathetic “I love you because you understand the lonely me” self wins the hand of the pathetic “I’m okay” Mi Rae because future Mi Rae came back and screwed everyone over. At this point, the only thing that could possibly entertain me in this drama would be if the ending was another future Mi Rae came back because this Mi Rae did marry Se Joo and it turned out to be a nightmare of a marriage and future, so she’s back to do it all over again. Ha!


Engaged Dreary Mi Rae and Se Joo Attend Party in Episode 15 of Marry Him If You Dare — 97 Comments

  1. Noooo!! I swear I’m not mad anymore, I’m fast forwarding SJ/MR scenes anyway but what’s with lack of Shin’s stills! I want more of him! I washed my hand from any point coming out from this drama. Most pointless drama ever in 2013!

    • Even with fastforwarding makes me feel i’m wasting my time. I force myself to watch episodes 7-8 then i didn’t have the time nor care about the rest. I think once watching becomes a chore then its just not for me. I guess its because I don’t like the convetional kdrama but I like those well thoughtout ones that try to say something more than its cover (like king of dramas, SUFBB, FBND, reply 1997, even detective/gothic like team ten..). But this one has the usual pathetic female lead who lets her destiny be led by the guy in her life cuz seriously who you marry doesn’t matter if you don’t start by evaluating and changing yourself!! I don’t like what they did with the seconf male lead but its mostly because of the way they handled mirea as the lead.

      • I felt the same. But I can’t stop waiting for LDG scenes. I feel sorry for him accepting this role more than anyone else tbh.

  2. I can just laugh at this point. Please I want them to get married and suffer together. They are both equally terrible characters at this point they really deserve each other.

  3. Mi Rae accepting the ring is the worst thing that has happened. She is seriously off her mind and very weak to accept a proposal from someone to who she has categorically stated that she doesnt like beyond being a friend. What exactly does this convey? Disastrous!

    • Oh, but don’t you know, we just have to assume that they’ll fall madly in love once MR sees how ‘sincere’ SJ is. To which I say: bollocks. That’s not how Kdramas roll.

      • Or when he finds out how “sincere” Mirae has also been, by trying to seduce him in the first episodes because he was rich and FMR told her to.
        They both suck -.-

        Kim Shin and Yoo Kyung, RUN. FMR did you both a favor, run far far away from these two.

      • @Les, once I understood that both MR and SJ suck so hard that they might as well suck together, everything became clearer to me. If we appreciate Shin in any way as a character, we would not want him to be with a dishrag like Mi Rae who doesn’t even know what she wants and lets a covetous little boy stomp all over her.

  4. We’ll, I’ve had enough turkey this week, so I don’t need anymore. Was going to watch this during a snowstorm this winter, but I’ll pass. Enjoyed the recaps and comments tho’…thanks.

  5. This is one of those rare dramas where I (at some point) loved both the second leads much more than the main ones. I was rooting for them, because as per FMR, they had fate on their side. Alas, this writer is…

    I’m not sure what they want to show us in the last stretch. Isn’t it time to maybe have Shin and MR solve their issues together? Maybe find a way out since we all know it’s them in the end anyway? I mean I’d rather see they work it through rather than have a BAM – happy ending, off you go now. But more importantly (at least for me lol), isn’t it time for them to maybe have Yun Kyung and Se Joo start off as potential lovers? I not expecting happily ever after but is this going to be another second lead doesn’t get the girl and just… Whatever? Because that’s so lame.

    We had 2 great couples who had weaknesses but made each other strong. A love triangle was shoved in – which is expected and all, but it’s ending in 2 episodes! How come nothing’s even starting to resolve and now more plots are added? This show will drive me nuts! Even reading the recaps make me pissed, but I can’t stop cz I wanna know how bad it can get. Love the idea of future mirae coming back again. At least it will give us a LOL in the end after all the misery.

    • It’s not that bad tbh. Her dress looks like it was made for an old aunt but her hair makes the overall look nice.. Well, YEH made the biggest mistake in her life accepting this role! Very Very flat

      • Well I was disappointed I feel bad when an actor I like takes bad roles ! I loove her and now they are broadcasting her coffee prince agin in (middle east it feels baddd ) now ill go comment on the heirs ep 17 spoiler check out my next comment

  6. For me this drama is like Titanic: has all to be a a good drama (big expectations, good actor/actress) but it’s a BIG failure. The iceberg? don’t know, maybe the script? maybe Youngwha fans pressing for more Se Joo, to be him the one to get the girl at the end. In some forums seems like he is the lead actor. I’m not blaming him, in fact, I’ve liked his other works (I know Hearstrings it’s not perfect), but I’m sincerely disappointed, with how the script and the fans are treating Lee Dong Gun. Maybe he needed another kind of drama to make a come back, because, after five years, this is no gonna help him. And it’s very sad. I’ve watched all the drama, but I don’t care about the ending because the fans are going to choose who is going to end with Mi Rae, and I think we all know the answer. Sorry for my rant, but I can’t do it in Soompi, because they will eat me alive 😛

    • Lmfaoooo!! I just had to comment – so so true! Shipper wars are hilarious like that. Can’t even express yourself without getting beaten to pulp LOL

    • Yeah, it’s kind of pathetic how fans and the writer are treating LDG. Though on the plus side since he’s barely in the drama now and nobody is watching it, he can do another better comeback drama since nobody will remember this one..

      lol please rant on soompi. The MC thread has been a mess of people ranting about the show and some people trying to stop it.

    • good point! This is the reality of watching a live-filmed drama. Fans are so powerful that if the writer is weak, the script will be changed by Soompi. Personally, I like LDG more as an actor and he has the range, hope he will be in another drama very soon to prove his worth. Youngwha has matured in his acting skill but something is still missing (as a lead) and this drama is sure not helping him. YEH… what can I say… this is probably her worst drama, totally wasting her great kissing talent. This drama should go in the Horror drama category, not the “romantic” category 🙂

  7. will the lips couple park seju,na mirae be the hero…….at last,after so long deliberation of their coupling, even until early this year,finally~ ~ ~

  8. Maybe the ending is at Wedding mirae stood up sejoo and shes running back to shin. LOL. I can already see the disastrous year end review on this drama on different sites

  9. this writer is yoon eun hye antifan that’s for sure .this is the ugliest dress I’ve seen in my life.this drama is getting worse .I don’t know how yoon eun hye continues working in this , to me be a true profesional doesn’t mean accepting anything from this writer. If I love my job I have every right to demand that my career must be respected .the same to lee dong gun. I could not just stand by and seeing the corpse of this drama pass in front of me .carry out a drama at the expense of my prestige , my career is not proffessional , is maddness .This drama is a shame for any actor who claims to be.This drama is JYH fan services, is my opinion .A bad fan services . He improved a lot , but the writer made him pitiful and selfish with the aproval of his fans , they just want him to end with mirae no matter what , because fans doesn’t accept that he plays second male.

      • lol true, but a lot of fans support him and think he’s the best thing for Mirae and her picking him would be “refreshing” so….

      • @melissa: picking the 2nd lead is “refreshing” when you like the 2nd lead more than the 1st (and I’m not just referring to SJ’s fans). I just go with the whatever the organically fits the story for the main character; what would help her the most. But in this case, the main character has no idea what she wants, and she’s epically annoying.

    • I feel bad for YEH. My mom loves her after watching Lie to Me and Goong and I was excitedly telling her about this show when it started but had to just tell her it’s not really great. I know she would just be screaming at the screen LOL! Right now, she’s into Can You Hear my Heart anyways.

    • APPROVAL OF HIS FANS???? WE ARE READY TO KILL THIS WRITER! No JYH is happy with this DAMN WRITER! people who watch dramas for reasons i can’t even explain myself like SejuMirae couple but YH fans are way past this drama “story” bcs it’s just crazy all over, at this point we just watching to see him weekly but we want this TO END! Seriously this writer needs to NOT WRITE EVER AGAIN!!! I feel so sad for all 4 leads bcs i like all 4 and this writer just messed everything./FRUSTRATED/

      • @remy you can visit other blogs , facebook pages etc and you will find a lot of crazy jyh fans that are happy and pray to sejoo ends with mirae , they don’t care he looks patetic!!

      • @carlotoo yup agree! they are everywhere that they sabotage the YH fandom image! I don’t wanna generalize but the voice of the rational fans is nothing beside the crazy ones! sorry but to me the writer then YH stans are the failure of this drama! I don’t wanna see anything to do with them again! I can’t feel that LDG is the male lead! I’m really disappointed with this! I wanted to see YEH and LDG! the first 6 episodes had so much potential! I thought this is going to be a hella good of drama for both of them but it went downhill after ep 6! crying for what could have been! Shin/Mirae scenes could have been brilliant even if they were just staring to each other! sigh!

    • For every JHY fan there are 10 that are batshit mean and give his fandom the bad name it has. And yes, his fandom by and large has a bad reputation. Not every fan in it deserves it, and some are genuinely sane and cool folks. But the rabid fans ruin it for him vis-a-vis anyone he’s worked this.

      Check out his C-fandom (BNF in his bar and Weibo world) ripping YEH and Kang Min Hyuk to shreds. For no legit reason. None. If you read Chinese this is just sickening stuff. His English fandom and K-fandom sometimes veers this way as well, I’ve even similar types of angry vent jobs.


      If what is happening in MHIYD is a JYH fanservice, then I’m done with him. Improved acting or no, because if he’s involved in a project I can expect it to be tailored for him regardless of narrative sense.

      • miss @koala,can you be gentle with park seju,this is for you “LOVE ME TENDER” ~ by seju ~ {sorry i think the link is not available here}.

      • So we are blaming and taking it on the actor, who by the way has done nothing but work hard on this project, for the writer’s inadequacy and/or the actions of teenage fangirls? This has reached a whole new level of absurdity. How dare you Yong Hwa, how dare you stay professional in playing a role you were paid to play while the writer has completely lost any sense in writing the script. Shame on you -rolls eyes.

      • I agree with you. It’s too obvious. I feel sorry for yoon eun hye and lee dong gun ,great actors , bad proyect. Have an idol in your drama is the same that making you a headache .To be honest the fist time I’d read that JYH would be in a drama with yoon eun hye I had a bad feeling . he’s not an actor like park yoo chun . But everything we can talk at this point is nothing the drama is ending and is going to be the worst drama of this year.

      • You are seriously going too far taking it out on one actor’s fandom. I understand the frustration, but seriously why do you always have to pick on/single out his fans for everything that went wrong in this drama. JYH’s fandom has a bad reputation? First time I ever heard of this. Of course not everyone’s nice, and sure a lot of them can be vicious but it’s not like there’s any fandom out there who don’t have rotten tomatoes in it.

      • For a drama blogger, you sure do talk more about hating YH and his fans. Girl, I think it’s a personal vendetta you’re getting into. If that’s the case, then I recommend that you just run an anti site…. Just saying… Peace!

      • agree with you :/ the dragging in the episodes with MR and SJ I felt it totally fan service I don’t feel that LDG is the male lead in these latest episodes! and all YH stans do is bashing everyone in the drama to get YH with SJ! that’s why I hate it when I find an idol acting along with my fav actors! they just ruin everything with their irrational desires for their oppa..sigh!
        how I wanted this one to be YEH and LDG actual rom-com away from YH! even if it’s not that good of a story but have alot of scenes with the main couple like in lie to me! sigh .. so much waste! if I see YH again in another drama I think I will run :\

    • Could you please stop generalizing things about JYH fans. Seriously, pretty much everyone is frustrated with the drama, Jung Yong Hwa fans included. Check weibo, DC or whatsoever forums are there before you keep on spewing accusations like this. It’s getting too old and tiring. Everyone has settled he is second lead here, you’re the one stuck with the issue. More than anything else, his fans are pissed with the production milking him in the promotions when that’s not even supposed to be his burden, but the main lead. It;s silly for people to think that Yonghwa’s fans have that much power and infuence over the writer and even a broadcasting company. Ridiculous. At least spew hate which makes some sense.

  10. I’m guessing seeing Mirae so obviously unhappy with Se Joo will make FMR truly realize what a mess she has made of everything. I will cackle if the show ends with FMR time traveling to moments before she went to the past at the beginning and either stopping herself from going or convincing herself of some other merciful plan for the past. All this mess was so unnecessary.

    • koala I really do think the ending you suggested will probably happen because the writer made FMR mess up everything and has written herself into a corner. I might watch just to see how it all ends!

  11. 2 episodes left for this rom-com.
    In typical dramaland doesn’t that usually mean the OTP has already confessed their feelings for one another and are in the couple honeymoon stage?
    I’ll admit to having dropped this show a few episodes back and only glossing over recaps, but this show was really one of my favorites when it first started airing..
    How so much can change.
    One week left. You can do it koala! 🙂

  12. I so wish it ends with this Mi Rae coming back to fix things.. that would be sweet. I am still hoping that the writer pulls a miracle and gives us a fantastic ending. It’s a slim chance though which is too bad because the cast is fantastic.

  13. I’m a big Cnblue fan but I absolutely detest what the fan are doing and even more that the writer seems bend on pleasing them at the expense of the character and the drama . Yes he got better, yes he’s getting better reviews for his acting but was it totally necessary for her to destroy a good thing for bit of rating. So annoyed.

    • Proof that what the writer is doing is to please fans? Are fans even pleased right now? If they wanted to please fans or majority of the viewers, Sejoo and Mirae would be in love in the drama by now. Are they? Use some logic instead of spewing accusations you know nothing about.

  14. I don’t understand how this would be fan service, if anything I feel like the writer is setting up Sejoo so we can now hate him and root for Kim Shin instead, she just made him into the obstacle between the main OTP.

    I believe this is how things went down:

    At first she made SeJoo into the super sweet, gentle chabeol that every girl would fall for, while at the same time we were shown Kim Shin as the arrogant, short tempered guy that we were supposed to be against of because FMR told us to, since he apparently had done something really bad in the future blah blah blah so even though it wasn’t technically his fault and in reality we were supposed to actually like him, see we didn’t know that, because the dumbass writer forgot to give us the memo until almost the end of the drama. So, meanwhile all the fans fell for Sejoo (not necessarily JYH fans btw) to the point where they are all cheering him more than the lead. I’m assuming at this point the writer thought.. “Oh, shit wrong move” so now she has turned Sejoo into a borderline stalker rich boy we are all getting frustrated at (except for the delulus) because he is the one pulling Mirae away and Kim Shin is now the noble character that is sacrificing his shot of happiness with Mirae for Mirae’s sake. She did the same with YooKyung’s character, she introduced her as this greedy “loose woman” that is after connections to advance her career and of course everybody was like no she is not good for SeJoo and all of the sudden we see that she is actually the only sincere character with common sense, and that hey maybe she was supposed to be with SeJoo after all..

    I won’t even get into Mirae’s character, because that is a whole load of mess I don’t even want to unwrap. All I can say is that the writer is relaying too much on the fact that we are suppose to support her no matter what because she is the protagonist.

    This is not fan service, this is just a failure of a story that originally had a good concept. The writer had 4 good characters and didn’t know how to use them to move the story. What I see now is a desperate attempt to try to salvage it but she is so fucking clueless now, like Ms. Koala said on the last post, she is confusing a pile of yellow crap for a pile of gold.

    • This comment makes a lot of sense. I guess we can see SJ’s character as a case of fan service gone wrong (her initial approach to the character which set the drama off course) rather than fan service gone amok.

    • That makes a lot of sense.

      I wonder why she thought it was a good idea to tell the audience the male lead was a terrible person who would cause harm to the poor main female lead and kill someone she loved and not let you know the truth until the drama was almost over.

    • Finally! Something that makes sense. I hate it that some people use this “JYH fan service” excuse all the time when his fans are as frustrated as the viewers. Who is actually celebrating that his character is being butchered so bad by this writer. Some people just want to hate, I guess.


    Seriously, I got so busy nowadays that I couldn’t have time to watch the drama and all and so, I read recaps and I’m just so freakin’ upset right now. HOW COULD THE WRITER DO THIS TO ME ? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  16. Hi guys well I have nothing more to say about this but since its on ill share thr heirs spioler
    Eun sang never went out of korea and managed to escape to gankwon (,!??!, ) province her mothers home town with the help of secretary yoon and tans mother asks won for help to know where eun sang is since tan is so frustrated ! Anyways he finds out and goes to find her there !……. done .
    I thought it was all wrong but then I saw the bts near the beach it was sealed ! It looked so much like that province’s beach !
    I hope I satisfied some hearts and that its all true cuz It surly satisfies me since thats exactly what I had in mind

  17. Dear Ms Koala- I thank you for your fortitude. I’ve been dowoading the raw, eagerly waiting to watch it. Thank you for your recaps. I can now safely say, irregardless of the ending; this drama sucks. I am just going to delete the 14 episodes. Then read your recaps. Thank you for saving me the aggravation from watching it.

    • Good choice Ck. This writer… oh well I had my rant last post. I think I’d leave well enough alone to avoid my blood pressure going up. *Sigh* Koala fighting! My hats off to you (in advance) for completing your recaps on this one.

  18. So, this was in an article from yesterday:

    A rep commented, “Thanks to the teamwork and passion of the cast, who has become close like family, the staff are gaining strength… We ask that you watch ‘The Future Choice’ until the end as a new secret is revealed and the unforeseeable twist in the story unfolds.”

    -.- A new secret? Unforeseeable twist?

  19. I’m on Episode 2 of this drama and I’m trying to find the strength to continue. I love Yonghwa as a person and Se Joo seems nice so far but it’s hard to get through this. Can we just send future Mi Rae back to the future so everything can just run its natural course?

  20. At Episode 15, these stills are hopeless. The writer is a Yong Hwa fan and only pleasing herself. Look at Mirae’s pained look. HAHAHA. Fans, rejoice at Seo Joo, Look how miserable he is now insisting he should be with Mirae when she can NEVER love him back. I completely detest what the writer did to the 4 characters. The pair don’t have a chemistry at all. Dropping this show. I’m done. LOL. I’m going to wait for someone write a fanfic and fix everything altogether.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Yong Hwa hater. But I just, am so weirded out rooting for his character to Mirae. Isn’t it obvious that his life was manipulated by FMR? That FMR lady is so selfish. Why can’t she just live alone and quit messing up YK, SJ and Shin’s lives. In fact YK and SJ should have been left alone to fall in love. Writer, you are disgusting.

      • They should put the love story of the 2nd leads in a separate drama, so i can enjoy LDG-YEH more and YH fans will enjoy him more and everyone will be happy.

  21. In this drama, the writer wasted too much esp on-screen chemistry and talents of the two main leads, YEH and Lee Dong Gun. I hope that what happened to this drama won’t discourage both actors. What a waste, really.

  22. the only hope is.. present mi rae wakes up in the morning and realize it’s just a dream. the future mi rae never exist and then she will has an accident with shin, fall in love with him, happily married. so does se joo and yoo kyung. end.


  23. Like the time cop said, the changes taking place in young MR’s timeline might not affect old MR’s timeline. So does that means KS will still be dead in her timeline, and she messed with everyone for no reason?

  24. I am happy to see a lot of comments for MHIYD. That means everybody at least take a little look for this drama. Heheh

    I just realised after i watched ep15 preview iver and over again. There was no sejoo there!!! Hoho i am happy. Although the still picts full of sejoo and mirae. I have faith that sejoo will be kicked out from the last two eps. Pleaseeee give us the last 2 eps full of mirae and shin. Chebal. If they give us just the last TWO eps

  25. I am happy to see a lot of comments for MHIYD. That means everybody at least take a little look for this drama. Heheh

    I just realised after i watched ep15 preview iver and over again. There was no sejoo there!!! Hoho i am happy. Although the still picts full of sejoo and mirae. I have faith that sejoo will be kicked out from the last two eps. Pleaseeee give us the last 2 eps full of mirae and shin. Chebal. Please give us just the last TWO eps with that. I want to sleep happily at tuesday night after watch the last ep. Mirae has strugled enough in her future life. Don’t give her any heart broken again. Please make her happy with shin by her side.

  26. It would be great if people can judge Sejoo as a character without having to make personal attacks on Yonghwa and his fans. Like seriously. If that writer wanted to please fans and majority of the viewers, he wouldn’t have butchered the great character that is Sejoo from the beginning and he and Mirae should be in love by now. Are they? No. So everyone’s just as frustrated as you all are.

  27. lol this site is ridiculous. apparently a kpop group’s CHINESE fans can sway the direction of a kdrama. I’ve heard it all. Glad this is coming to an end, because I’m tired of you spewing unnecessary venom against a random kpop fandom. the fuck is wrong with you all.

    enjoy the page hits you got from this.

  28. ohscone looks to be right….. the unnecessary and over the top venom is too much.
    This looks to be a site paid to take down the writer and some of the actors.
    Who wants to continue to read vitriolic spewing?

    I hope you know that your credibility has been seriously damaged.

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