Next Magazine Alleges Lego Lee in 8-year Relationship with Newbie TW-idol

A very Merry Christmas to everyone and good tidings leading into the new year! I’m happy to send 2013 off even if there are currently two dramas that own my heart. Both dramas could start 2014 off with a bang or end up my first disappointment of the year but at least it’s making me exceeding happy right now. In a one-two punch of happiness and anguish, the leads of the SETTV Friday drama In A Good Way posted an adorable couple’s Christmas card for the fans of the drama. Lego Lee (Lee Guo Yi) and Kirsten Jen (Ren Rong Xuan) hammed it up as usual in their own fresh and fun way and definitely brought extra Christmas cheer to me. A few hours after this picture was posted, the biggest tabloid publication in Taiwan’s Next Magazine (壹週刊) splashed cold water on all the RongYi shippers the world over by publishing an article claiming that Lego is already a taken man! The article claims that Lego has been in a long time relationship for the past eight years with a girl who recently debuted as an idol singer in the group Momo Danz (魔電女孩). Her stage name is Orange (real name Gan Yuan Lin 甘煖琳) and she’s three years older than Lego.

I honestly have no clue what C-list idol group Momo Danz is much less a member of said group but I’m sure this is the most publicity Orange has gotten in her just started idol career. Next Magazine’s gossip usually has a kernel of truth (if not all true) despite how random or far-fetched some of the incidents are, and this one isn’t even all that weird considering it’s just about how two entertainers have been dating. Lego’s manager said in response to this article “As far as I know Lego doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. He broke up with that girl a long time ago! But normally I don’t pay attention to this kind of stuff and I don’t prohibit any entertainers from dating.” This article is of course upsetting for RongYi fans though I’m chill since who knows what will happen down the road. I am upset that Next Magazine is painting Kirsten as a Xiao San (interloper) which is totally not warranted considering if Lego was currently in a relationship and the entire cast knew about it I doubt we’d get so much casual flirting all around where even their colleagues play along. Take this news with a grain of salt either way and just be happy we have Liu Chuan and Jia En to make us happy once a week.


Is it just me or does Orange look like Jung Eun Ji? I love Eun Ji so its no diss and honestly I don’t care who Lego dates/dated/is dating as long as I get more IAGW cuteness both onscreen and offscreen.


Next Magazine Alleges Lego Lee in 8-year Relationship with Newbie TW-idol — 26 Comments

  1. Orange does look a little bit like JEJ in that picture. But honestly, I couldn’t care less for RongYi real life relationship as long as I get my weekly dose of ChuanEn and a happy ending for them. While RongYi is cute, relationship comes naturally as long as they’re happy. Plus, this report sounds very typical taiwanese type of gossip tabloid story, I guess Lego must have really hit it big this time to have his gossip written on it.

    It’s so wrong for Kirsten to be painted as the third wheel since the whole cast knew nothing of the relationship (if it still even exist now) and if what Lego’s manager said is true, then Kirsten have even no mistake in this issue. Merry Christmas Miss Koala^^

  2. I remember the cast of IAGW being on a variety show to promote their drama, and they played a game where a supposedly professional psychologist came and had them choose tarot cards to represent certain aspects of their life – Lego’s foreshadowing ended up being that whatever relationship he was in, it was fostered by lies – upon hearing this, Lego actually seemed pretty upset and jokingly wanted a redo because he said he wasn’t focusing while choosing the tarot cards the first time. I wonder….just an observation!

  3. eep i hope this doesnt make things awkward between them. the press conference comment from lego was already a cold splash. honestly i dont care if they date in real life either, but i dont want the gossip and pressure to affect them and our cute BTS scenes. damn, this is what its like when you’re a victim of your own success.

  4. A one-two punch indeed, though I admit there’s a little twinge, it still doesn’t take away the joy and anguish (coz of the waiting for friday to come) I feel for IAGW and ChuanEn couple.

    And just like you and @carolies541 said, It just doesn’t seem right to label Kirsten as an interloper for the reasons you both stated. Its pretty clear from the BTS that the whole cast are really just having fun shooting and unaware of Lego’s off-screen relationship, hence all the teasing.

  5. Cold water baths are good for your health sometimes… Lol. I was never holding my breath for reel to real relationship. But whatever the truth, no one can be considered cheating because spectators have no idea what is really going on. I have no doubt these people talk and know whether they are in relationships or not. They seem like they’re all in friendly terms so writers can only speculate. They’re all beautiful people so it’s hard to believe any of them are single, regardless of how much fun or twinkles are in their eyes.
    I actually feel just as bad for Orange because it seems like this is news about her ex right before debut. That’s not a good look and she may be in a new relationship herself. Goodness it’s so hard not to begin to hate the paparazzi.

  6. tabloid writers are on Lego Lee since he is now a hot commodity…digging anything they can find since they know people are curious about Lego Lee and wants to know more about him.Anyways hopefully it would not affect Lego Lee as well as his onscreen partnership with RongRong in the drama…As long as they can deliver in IAGW i am all aboard…hopefully no scandals that can burden the show because it’s so good right now that we don’t want to ruin the good vibes…

  7. I know him as well as I know any star from across the planet, but based on his BTS actions and attitudes, he really doesn’t seem like the type to hide anything. He is rather straight forward.

    Did he skirt the question when they asked him about dating now, or did he tell the truth that he isn’t thinking about dating while he is working? I dunno. He seemed genuine…

    Merry Christmas!!

    • I agree. Either way, this seems like a baseless rumor and it’s best to take it with a grain of salt (…especially us RongYi shippers TT_TT it hurtsss)

      Happy holidays ^^

  8. I really wish magazines wouldn’t do this. Hope Orange (oh god, that is a really silly name; actually, come to think of it, Lego is too) (ship name would be orange lego, wouldn’t it?) doesn’t get any hate, even if I do wish that Lego and RongRong have hit it big with this drama. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to have both.

    • LOL, since the stage name Orange refers to the fruit and not the color, now I’m picturing an orange-shaped Lego…

      Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me whether or not RongYi is the reel-to-real deal; if anything I’ll ship them after the drama finishes its run, not while it’s still airing. Right now I’m just beggin’ for more Liu Chuan + Jia’en goodness. ♥

  9. I never cared about real life relationships of actors, and it’s no different in Lego Lee’s issue either. I choose watching dramas only on base of story, and to be honest, most of the time I don’t really care who the stars are as long as I get what I came for. Being an actor is like any other profession to me. Their private lives are private, unless they choose otherwise and even then I still don’t care.

    This is also why I don’t watch BTS, because I don’t want to get distracted from the drama, and I choose to stay focused on that small screen, where the story takes place and in the the end is the only thing that interests me.

    My google traslation is killing me. If any of you can tell me who IAGW writers are and what their previous projects were, I would appreciate it very much.

  10. Your Koala Highness, I am desperately in need of your help. I now reside in Japan and cannot find a site where I can watch IAGW and other Taiwan and Korean dramas! VIKI and Dramafever doesn’t work……Can you recommend me a site where I can watch these drama with english subtitles? T_T

    • I’m not exactly sure but I really think your best bet is to see if some kind soul is doing soft subs and download it. Otherwise there are a few people doing recaps and the raws are on YouTube from what I’ve seen. And perhaps you can check soompi? Someone over there may have some answers for you.

      • thank you for your reply. my fortune lies with Your Highness. I’ll have to watch it raw and follow up with the recaps.

      • Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have an iPad and to view from, I need a flash player…

    • try installimg activex plugin if you’re using firefox (which i HIGHLY RECOMMEND if u have high speed internet) it’ll misdirect your ip address to an US address. Along with that plugin, install adblock plus to avoid annoying ads from the app and viki both. if you’re using chorme though, install freegate! just do a quick google search and tutorials r bound to pop up to teach you how to install it. been using freegate activex on and off and its amaaaaaaazing for a person thats living outside thwir covered regions 😉

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