Joe Cheng and Janine Chang star in Director Winnie’s New TW-drama You Light Up My Star

New TW-drama alert and I have to admit to waiting for this particular drama and its full casting confirmation for months and months now, ever since Joe Cheng was discharged from the army. Famed Taiwanese Director Winnie (Qu You Ning) had been prepping this drama for two years and when Joe revealed after his discharge that his first comeback project was a drama with long-time collaborator Director Winnie I knew it had to be this one. The cast held a press conference to kick off filming for You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) which will be a 30-episode drama airing on FTV following the currently airing Independent Heroes to air four times a week. Joe will be working with leading lady Janine Chang along with a supporting cast including Summer Meng (she played Bolin Chen‘s younger sister in In Time With You), HK actress Yuen Qiu, and singer-actor Lin Yu Chun (nickname 小胖 Pudgy and folks might remember him shooting to fame by covering “I Will Always Love You” on Superstar Avenue). The brief synopsis of the drama reveals its set in the Taiwan entertainment industry and and will follow the journey of the two leads from struggling stars to A-listers. Joe has been on a workout binge since Director Winnie relayed to him that he was going topless in a scene in episode 1. This isn’t the first time Joe and Janine have worked together as they were the leads in 2008’s Honey and Clover (also with Eddie Peng and Lego Lee), but it will be a treat to see them working together after both have matured and tried out different projects since then. I have full faith in Director Winnie’s directorial quality and narrative understanding so I’ll be watching this and hopefully it will skew towards lighthearted and breezy rather than intense and melodramatic. On a side note, is it just me or does Joe and Janine look strikingly similar, now more so than years ago in the Honey and Clover days?


Joe Cheng and Janine Chang star in Director Winnie’s New TW-drama You Light Up My Star — 12 Comments

  1. I say Yipee!!!!! Janine looks so classy as usual. And can they please keep Joe Cheng’s styling as is? I can finally appreciate him as a handsome man and not a pretty boy with the pics posted above.

    Happy New Year eblibady!

  2. Is it just me or Joe looks like Eunhyuk in one of the photos? Anyway, I’m not a fan of either the leads although I do love most of Director Winnie’s work too much to not check it out.

    Have a sort of allergy towards Janine since The Hospital (which is such a thought-provoking drama with powerful acting other than both it’s main leads who sucked). I also thought SH was SO boring for me to get even half was through, so I hope this one would be the show to finally make me see why many like Janine.

    • To me, Joe looks different. I was thinking maybe its the hair, but no, something about his face is different. The eyebrows? I don’t know. I can’t put a finger on it.

      • Joe does look really different, if not for his name mentioned in this post, I would not know who that is. When I cover different parts of his face, like his mouth, eyebrows, eyes with my fingers, I still can’t recognize him.

  3. Koala Unni, I just wanna ask a question. What’s going on with Thundie? It’s been ages or eons since I heard from or about her and the last thing i heard concerning her was kinda scary, so could you enlighten me please? Kansamnida.

  4. Wow, another drama to anticipate! By the way, the girl in the white dress looks like the actress who played Zhi Shu’s brother’s girlfriend in ISWAK 2…, if so, it’s another time they have to act together, haha. Is it me or does almost everyone look like they have a vacant look in their eyes? But kudos for colour-coordinating the couples’ attires 🙂

  5. About time TW drama gets some excitement. They have been in the Drama world for so long but they are falling behind Korea and China. I am looking forward to this drama. Love the two stars.

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