Prime Minister and I Episode 9 Recap

By all that is holy in dramaland I freaking love love LOVE this drama! Prime Minister and I ended this week on a rousing high note for episode 9 which was every bit as funny, touching, nerve-wracking, and totally satisfying as every episode before it all wrapped into one delicious treat. Why oh why is this drama only two episodes a week? I should thank my lucky stars PM got an extension because it just means one more episode of Yul and Da Jung goodness plus a side of cute kids for an extra kick. This drama shows us how to construct the most fanciful of plot devices like a contract marriage but make it so believable by tossing aside any misunderstandings and always letting two people talk. Sometimes Yul pulls away and says mean things he probably doesn’t mean, but Da Jung is no idiot and she always can see through it and realize he’s struggling. This episode gave us ramyun slurping cuteness, ice-skating bonding time, and a hotel room confrontation that ends with a completely pent up hug. Joon Ki continues to be the epitome of a loser with a grudge and now he ups his own inferiority complex over being less of a man than Yul with a completely unwarranted anger that Yul has moved on from his sister Na Young. Dude, she’s been dead for the past 7 years!

I get that he makes a believable antagonist but its a little sad that he’s motivated by such petty stirrings. He may be a head taller than Yul but he’s infinitesimally a lesser man. Yul’s struggle over falling for Da Jung is truly commendable because he feels like he doesn’t have a right to like her. Theirs is a contract marriage and he doesn’t feel like he has a right to turn it in to the real deal despite Da Jung pretty much living it like its the real deal to her. I also understood why he tried to keep a distance from her because he explained why to her and she didn’t accept that reason without a fight. When they brood and mope over each other it’s as sweet as when they bicker and get all up in each other’s face. This rom-com continues to perfectly deliver both the romance and comedy as well as unexpected interactions. I appreciate that In Ho’s interest is Da Jung is completely open now to Yul, Hye Joo, and Da Jung because better it out there sooner rather than later so he can get over it faster. What’s the most satisfying of all is that none of the obstacles in Da Jung’s path deters her from being herself around Yul, not Hye Joo’s warning, not Yul pushing her away, and not In Ho throwing himself before her. I love this OTP so much I’m starting to build a throne to worship their winning courtship and utterly sweet old-fashioned romance.

Episode 9 recap:

The staff at the Prime Minister’s mansion is setting up for the upcoming press conference. In Ho is supervising and he looks at the empty seat that Da Jung will sit in and thinks back to his confession to her last night. Hye Joo comes by and hears the preparations are ready and In Ho asks where Da Jung and Yul are?

Da Jung is in bed nursing a hangover and Yul is trying to get her out of bed. She tries but falls back clutching her raging headache. She tries to beg off today’s activities but its not possible and Yul orders her out of bed. Da Jung still can’t so he pulls the covers off her and gives her 5 minutes to get ready. Yul walks out of their bedroom and then peeks inside again looking concerned and wondering if Da Jung is alright?

The reporters arrive at the mansion for the press conference and Reporter Byun is ready with his sneak pictures of In Ho and Da Jung ready to pull a fast one. The Scandal News duo arrives and notices the envelope in his hand and hears he’s got something up his sleeve that will prove who is the real “reporter”. Hee Chul worries about what he’s got planned and then hears his editor is also planning something.

Da Jung is dressed but staggering around the mansion trying to compose herself. In Ho sees her and she’s all awkward and nervous, refusing to meet his eyes. He walks up and asks if she’s alright after drinking too much? Da Jung says she’s fine. In Ho keeps the conversation all business and tells her to just answer today’s questions directly and signal Hye Joo if she needs anything. He wants to bring up yesterday but she cuts him off and hurries away.

Da Jung runs outside and she’s still feeling ill. Yul walks up and asks if she’s still sick? He puts his hand on her forehead to take her temperature and tells her to not attend the press conference and go rest if she’s that sick. Da Jung smiles at his concern and assures him she’s fine and since she’s the main character at this conference she can’t miss it.

The Scandal News duo is preparing for the conference and the editor has prepared a diarrhea medicine to spike Da Jung’s drink if she dares ignore them again. LOL, he’s so petty and like a scorned lover. The press conference starts and Yul walks in arm-in-arm with Da Jung. The editor tries to shake hands with Da Jung but she and Yul just walk right past them. The editor spikes the drink and gets ready to offer it to Da Jung. We see Reporter Byun drinking as well.

Da Jung goes to greet her Scandal News colleagues and her editor pretends to be fine. He wants Hee Chul to hand the spiked drink to her but Da Jung is still sick from all the drinking last night and she can’t drink anymore. Yul walks up and extricates Da Jung, explaining she doesn’t drink at all. He takes the drink and downs it to the horror of the Scandal News duo. After they walk away, the editor turns to Hee Chul and wonders what will happen.

The press conference starts and the Scandal News editor wonders why Da Jung looks more ill than Yul. The first question comes to Da Jung about how Yul is as a husband. She says he’s picky and has a bad sense of humor but he is the best husband to her. Reporter Byun asks a question about their looking lovey dovey as the biggest fraud in the country. Isn’t their marriage a contract marriage? Yul asks what evidence he has? Reporter Byun shows them the pictures of Da Jung and In Ho frolicking in the snow and then says Da Jung’s dad knew nothing about their dating so this has to be a contract marriage!

Yul gets up and kneels to beg Reporter Byun to not reveal this fraud. He yells at Da Jung to come and beg as well and both of them grab Reporter Byun’s legs as he cackles maniacally about his own crack reporting skills. Of course this is just his fantasy and the press conference is still continuing.

Reporter Byun gets up to ask his question and then gets hit with the worst case of the runs EVER. He starts grimacing and can barely get out his question. The editor wonders what is happening to him and Hee Chul reveals that he gave the spiked drink to Reporter Byun instead. Reporter Byun screams out asking where the bathroom is and then rushes out to go poop. The editor remembers Reporter Byun trying to ask something about a “contract” and then gets up and actually asks the question about whether Yul and Da Jung’s marriage is a contract marriage?

Yul answers that their marriage is a contract, it is based on a promise and they promised each other to be a husband and wife when they got married. He’ll never let her off that easily in this marriage. He concludes that their marriage is a contract for life.

Da Jung starts to retch right on stage and everyone assumes she’s pregnant. LOL! Yul and Hye Joo head back to his office and he confirms Hye Joo told all the reporters that Da Jung is just not feeling well. Hye Joo points out Yul never says something he doesn’t mean so why did he say he wouldn’t let Da Jung get off that easily. She doesn’t believe he means it but she thinks what he said was a great answer.

Da Jung goes to rinse her mouth and then smiles when she thinks of what Yul said at the press conference. She giggles like a moony-eyed girl but then has to retch again.

Da Jung runs into In Ho outside and quickly turns around but he walks up to her so she has no choice but to laugh and pretend to be normal. In Ho grabs her hand and asks to talk. He didn’t sleep a wink last night and asks if maybe he should have stayed her guardian angel and friend and not confessed? But he doesn’t regret confessing because he really likes her and would have told her eventually. He knows she’s awkward around him but he would rather she be awkward around him then not to know how he feels. In Ho walks away leaving Da Jung looking uncomfortable.

Poopy Reporter Byun comes back to his briefcase and finds his In Ho-Da Jung pictures gone. He runs back to the toilet and we see that Hee Chul swiped the pictures. He doesn’t share it with his editor but keeps it safe. I knew he was on his noona’s side.

Yul walks by the kitchen table and remembers Da Jung sprawled sleep on it last night. He sits down across from the now empty chair and thinks about what he should do with her going forward because she’s his homework. Da Jung comes by and she cooks a snack while he sits there and grumbles about why he has to keep her company. Da Jung doesn’t want to eat alone and asks to read to him afterwards. She notices he seems stressed and hears he is thinking about his own homework. She doesn’t know what it is but gives him the advice that he has to do his homework eventually so don’t procrastinate.

But before he does his homework he can delay it a bit in the face of such delicious ramyun. She cooked three bags thinking he could eat it all. Yul grumbles about the lack of egg in it and Da Jung chides him for not eating it right since they have to eat the original flavor. Da Jung watches Yul take a bit and asks if he thinks it’s delicious. Yul reluctantly says its edible and the two of them lean in to wolf down the noodles. They end up biting into the same strand and Yul loses the battle and Da Jung slurps it up.

Yul notices Da Jung has something on her face and they lean in so he can wipe her mouth clean. Man Se and Na Ra walk up and start singing that they are kissing.

Man Se tells the bodyguards about Yul and Da Jung kissing last night. The ahjumma says that kissing is nothing, she’s seen way hotter stuff between them, involving rolling around. The bodyguards adorably chase her to get more gossip.

Yul and Da Jung watch all this gossiping and he’s upset to have to deal with this. Da Jung corners Yul and says he wiped her mouth and she never asked him to so why is he blaming her now. Yul looks all scared of her being so close and Da Jung tells him to say it if he blames her for such gossip. Yul says its all her fault and then uses a finger to push her away while reminding her to stay a meter away from him unless absolutely necessary.Yul goes back to the bedroom and decides he needs to stay away from her for the time being. He can’t believe his heart is beating fast even in such a random closeness. Da Jung is in the living room and hears from the ahjumma that Yul took the kids out ice skating and she is fuming they left her behind.

Reporter Byun meets with Joon Ki who is disappointed in his reporting skills. He shows Joon Ki the pictures on his cellphone of In Ho in the snow with Da Jung and Joon Ki realizes now why In Ho told him Da Jung was off limits. He orders Reporter Byun to hold his story for the time being. Hye Joo witnesses this meeting of Reporter Byun and Joon Ki at the golf course. She calls In Ho to tell him that Reporter Byun met with Joon Ki and seems to be planning something. In Ho can sense someone following him and confronts the guy who turns out to be Hee Chul who has something to talk to him about.

Yoon Hee and her cronies run into Hye Joo at the golf course and hears that Yul is out ice-skating which upsets her even more that Hye Joo could be here to see Joon Ki. Hye Joo claims not to know Joon Ki is here and Yoon Hee is incensed she’s still a trying to steal her husband. Hye Joo tells Yoon Hee one more time that she never saw Joon Ki here and has no interest in a married man and it’s such a insult to be accused of such. She pushes past Yoon Hee and storms off.

Joon Ki talks with his aide and says that the pictures are not enough and they need to be caught in the act. He hears from the aide who says recent rumors are the Prime Minister is very close to his wife. Yoon Hee comes by with lunch and Joon Ki brushes her off. Yoon Hee cries that she just wants to spend time with him and other couples even go ice-skating together.

Woo Ri, Na Ra, and Man Se are at the ice-skating rink when Da Jung arrives. Man Se gives her a hug and she wonders where Yul is? She sees him skating effortlessly around the rink and realizes her hubby really can do anything. Yul skates up to the kids and asks why Da Jung is here? Da Jung doesn’t like being excluded since they are a family. Yul says he has a good reason for not bringing her and she asks what it is? He doesn’t tell her and just asks if she’s ready to skate. She is so he lets her stay.

Yul shows everyone how to skate and then sends all of them off. Da Jung is easily the worst of the lot and he ends up having to coach her one-on-one. She almost slips and he catches her. Everyone skates happily as Yul watches with a smile on his face. Finally Man Se can’t take it anymore and says he’s hungry. Yul is about to make them keep practicing when they notice Joon Ki and Yoon Hee arriving with their son.

Yul asks why Joon Ki is here and Joon Ki is sad he can’t even pretend to be happy to see him. Dude, you are a backstabbing ass, why should he even pretend. Joon Ki notes that Yul put on a loving show at the press conference and he’s here to confirm whether Yul has changed. He’s surprised Yul brought the kids here since it was a place Na Young brought the kids before but Yul was always too busy to come. Yul looks shocked and Joon Ki confirms he didn’t know.

Da Jung and Man Se sit with Yoon Hee and she asks if Yoon Hee is working on the frog stuffed animals. Yoon Hee claims she’s too busy to work on it and Man Se pipes up that Yul is busy but he’s making the stuffed animals as well. Yoon Hee thinks Da Jung is so close to Yul and Man Se further pipes up that of course they are close since he saw them kissing in the kitchen last night. Da Jung drags Man Se away and Yoon Hee rages that Da Jung is showing off her romance in front of her.

Yul gathers the family to leave but Man Se wants more time to skate. Da Jung slips and Yul quickly runs over to help her up. Yoon Hee and Joon Ki see Yul helping to fix Da Jung’s helmet and jacket and he even cracks a smile. Joon Ki does not look happy.

Hee Chul hands the snow pictures to In Ho and says they need to be on the look out for Reporter Byun. Hye Joo comes by to talk with In Ho about how to handle Reporter Byun and Joon Ki. Hye Joo asks In Ho if he told Da Jung how he feels and In Ho’s tacit silence confirms he confessed to Da Jung. Hye Joo is impressed and says she admits defeat, asking where he got his courage from? After In Ho leaves Hye Joo, he calls Joon Ki asking to meet.

Yul’s kids say goodbye to their Uncle Joon Ki while Yul stays behind to chat with him. Joon Ki asks if he can invite the kids over to his place sometime and Yul says of course since he is their uncle. Joon Ki brings up Yul forgetting Na Young so easily and isn’t that not right? Dude, it’s been 7 years! It’s not only right its healthy!

Yul broods at home later that night out in the courtyard before realizing its stupid to brood in the cold and goes inside the brood some more. He can’t even brood since wifey Da Jung left him some strawberry ice-cream with an encouraging note. He remembers Joon Ki accusing him of forgetting Na Young and he leaves the ice-cream untouched.

Yul comes out to morning kendo practice and asks why Da Jung is here? He wants her to learn at a kendo studio and says he never agreed to teach her. Poor Da Jung tries to stay and practice but Yul barks at her some more. Later Da Jung calls him to breakfast but he brushes her off. Poor Da Jung leaves disappointed. Don’t be a meanie, Yul!

Da Jung sits with Na Ra in the living room and she wonders what’s gotten into Yul? Na Ra asks if she has any worries and wants her to share. Da Jung won’t share so Na Ra tells her to stop sighing and distracting her since she has so much homework. Man Se comes by on the cellphone with question about hwatu and Da Jung takes the phone from Man Se and answers his question about the card points. Dad says he had a dream about Da Jung, she was wearing all white and being chased by wolves with red eyes. He thinks its a bad omen but Da Jung assures him that she’s fine and asks him to take care of himself. Turns out Dad dementia is getting worse and he’s playing all by himself but talking as if he’s playing with other guys. Sigh.

Yul is back outside brooding some more and this time Da Jung comes out to talk with him. She asks if he’s got something on his mind and asks to share in his worries. If he tells her, maybe she can help. He tries to brush her off again and she asks if he’s mad at her because she did something wrong. He assures her its no such thing but then she asks why he is avoiding her and so cold to her? Yul says the truth is that he’s not comfortable around her. Initially he was grateful about how good she was to him and his kids. But now he feels pressure since theirs is just a contract marriage. He wants her to watch her boundaries but she flatly says no.

Da Jung wants to do her best since she is the wife of the Prime Minister. She grabs his arm and tells him not to say things like she makes him uncomfortable. He shakes her hand off and asks if he thinks this is a fun playing house as fake husband and fake wife? He doesn’t want to play along.

Yul goes back to his study and takes out the kiddie hair clip he bought for Da Jung but clearly he is thinking very non-kiddie thoughts about staying away from his wonderful and gorgeous wife. Da Jung sits in the kitchen table all sad. Poor baby’s nose is all red. Yul sits in his study and just stares at the hair clip. Can you two just go make out and make babies and stop hurting my heart.

In Ho arrives at the mansion in the morning and sees Da Jung standing outside. She notices him and makes a slight acknowledgment before heading inside. In Ho notices something on his phone. Yul is working at his desk and sees his hand bandage with the note scribbled by Da Jung on it. He takes out his phone and wants to call but doesn’t.

In Ho arrives with a report on the people in the port construction re-assessment team. In Ho asks for two hours off today to handle some personal matters. Yul tells him to take the time and also grab dinner before coming back. Da Jung is sewing frogs when she gets a text.

In Ho walks into a hotel and Reporter Byun is there and calling someone to assure that everything is going as planned. Hee Chul notices Reporter Byun’s shady behavior and worries something bad is about to happen. In Ho gets into an elevator and rings the doorbell of a hotel room. Da Jung opens the hotel room door and In Ho is shocked to see her.

In Ho asks why she is here and hears he called her here. In Ho pushes her into the room and shuts the door. Da Jung shows him a text saying that there is an emergency involving Yul and she needs to to go to the hotel room. In Ho confirms he didn’t send the text and they likely fell into a trap. Joon Ki hears the reporters have gathered and his aide asks why Joon Ki is throwing the In Ho trump card away. Joon Ki says he just felt like it and then he angrily thinks that Yul dared to forget Na Young and he will never forgive him for this.

Reporter Byun gathers all the reporters in the lobby and they head upstairs. In Ho and Da Jung try to sneak out but find the staircase door locked, though Yoon Hee and her cronies walk past them but In Ho shields Da Jung so they don’t recognize her. Da Jung wants to split up but In Ho won’t leave her to do this alone. The reporters arrive and corner them with cameras flashing and accusations.

The reporters wonder what they are doing at a hotel so late at night. In Ho reveals he is bringing the Prime Minister’s wife to meet someone here. Reporter Byun asks who Da Jung is meeting and she tries to answer but In Ho tells her not to say anything. In Ho tries to stare down Reporter Byun who asks again the person Da Jung is meeting so late at night at a hotel? In Ho looks up and sees someone and then answers that she is meeting Kwon Yul, the Prime Minister.

The reporters open up and we see Yul is right there. He walks up to Da Jung and asks if the reporters even need to be told about two newlyweds celebrating a wedding milestone day? He thanks In Ho for bringing Da Jung and then walks into the hotel room with Da Jung, leaving In Ho looking totally sad. The reporters chew Reporter Byun out for turning them into scandal hounds and leave him stewing. Yul and Da Jung enter the hotel room and he asks her what happened?

In Ho leaves the hotel and runs into Hye Joo who reveals they came because Hee Chul tipped them off. She asks In Ho how he came to be here but In Ho just storms into his car and drives off clearly with a destination in mind. In Ho keeps thinking about Yul and Da Jung walking into the hotel room together. Dude, they are married!

Da Jung explains that she came because she got a text from In Ho that there is an emergency with Yul. He doesn’t want to hear anymore since he can figure out what happened. Da Jung worries that she is causing more trouble for him. Yul admits he’s just tired by this current situation. Da Jung looks really hurt and says when she was surrounded by reporters all she could worry about was the trouble she was going to bring to Yul.

Yert all Yul can think about is how tired and fed up he is with their situation. He asks her to stop talking but she doesn’t want to and says she’s tired of him calling all the shots. If he doesn’t like her and is annoyed by her…….which is when Yul pulls her in for a tight hug and OMG I’m seriously squeeing sooooo hard.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m so relieved at how amazing the writing continues to be for this drama, allowing every obstacle before the OTP to be used to bring them closer together. Their contract marriage threatens to be revealed? Yul answers candidly that every marriage is based on a promise and he’ll hold Da Jung to it, making her realize he does take her seriously in his life. In Ho’s confession causes nary a blip in their normal everyday interactions and instead its Yul’s own fear of falling for Da Jung that makes him pull back. But the beauty of being married and living together is that he can’t avoid her and Da Jung does her darndest to keep herself involved in his life. She really tries so hard and cares not for the trappings of power but instead gives her all to be a good wife and mother. Yul can see that and he’s totally melting for her. Perhaps I should thank Joon Ki and Reporter Byun for their repeated tricks and traps to foil Yul and Da Jung because it only leads them to confront their issues and open more up. I’m probably jumping to gun in thinking that Yul and Da Jung have a hotel room for the night and should take advantage of it, but since everyone in the Prime Minister’s mansion think they can’t keep their hands off each other, they might as well give them even more gossip to talk about. I love how Da Jung even has the ahjumma on her side now, and Man Se is one great loudspeaker to trumpet his dad and stepmom’s affection for the world to hear.

I’m a bit relieved Hye Joo has stopped interfering but that’s probably because she’s too busy watching Yul’s back. I was rather impressed with her conversation with In Ho when she admired his courage in confessing which rather admitted that she’s been too afraid of a direct rejection that she would rather nurse a 20 year old crush on Yul. I think In Ho’s attempt to join Joon Ki’s evil plans early on was to have Joon Ki turn on him and perhaps bring him back to Team Yul. Hopefully he’ll learn the truth about what happened with his brother and Na Young 7 years ago and the car accident so he can let go of his grudge against Yul. He’s clearly a tormented guy and I’m starting to feel bad for his puppy dog looks of longing at Da Jung. I can’t help it, In Ho is still my darling Yoon Si Yoon and goodness I’m putty when he opens his mouth to talk and looks all forlorn. The OTP continue to stew in one romantic interaction after another even if it’s family activity time or just snack time. Da Jung is so candid with Yul he doesn’t stand a chance against her, not when she admits all her own weaknesses and reveals her feelings so openly. How can he not want to hug her when she looks so raw with hurt before his eyes and he knows that it’s hopeless to keep his distance and he doesn’t even want to. The preview for episode 10 shows that Yul is going to ask her to be his girl and I hope its for real because Joon Ki isn’t giving up and I need their marriage to become a reality so he doesn’t have any ammunition to use against Yul in that respect.

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Prime Minister and I Episode 9 Recap — 67 Comments

  1. So Delicious!

    I love that every episodes end quietly, with nothing dramatic. That we can wait till next week & enjoy their fight and make ups.

    Da Jung corners Yul quite a bit, I’d like to see her initiate their first kiss. Make it happen writers.

  2. Once again an awesome recap! You hit on the key points with DJ’s relationship with Yool and his family. She’s figured out early on how she feels about them and she’s doing all she can to make it work. She liked him going into the marriage. That’s why she helped him to begin with. Thanks again for your hard work. I really look forward to your recaps since I watch the raw episode first, read your recap and watch it subbed later on. So keep up the good job.

    • LOL this drama is so far removed from reality and cliched if it actually happened in real life people will be sneering at the PM for marrying a bimbo paparazzi reporter. So cliched… It’s a simple formula:

      What every guy dreams of, a sweet nurturing 20-something trophy hottie who will look after their kids without a hair out of place.


      What every girl fantasies of: A rich, powerful(can’t get more alpha than the PM) often older man who can teach her the ropes. Emphasise on powerful, very few Kdrama leading men deviate from the “Men-wielding-power/wealth/importance” trope. Even better if he comes with a brood of kids so she doesn’t have to go through the pain of childbirth.

      • No more removed from ‘reality’ (this is not at all uncommon in the upper echelons of any society) than Kdrama romcoms in general.

      • You’re right. Time-traveling aliens from Joseon who are romancing the doppelganger of their dead 15-year-old love, ghosts, mind-reading and all the rest we get from Dramaland are so realistic, that the story of a damaged family and a young woman who has given up her dreams to care for a sick parent is an absolutely outrageous concept.

        It’s understandable not to like the series, but to say this type of romance (political career and contract marriage aside) is unrealistic, in Korean drama, is like complaining that a frame is crooked while a unicorn is dancing in the room.

      • umm i am sure life in korean is far from what they show in melo dramas , rom coms
        been to korea me real korean

        this is a story

        we all know that
        its cute and very romantic drama crack which is well written and well acted is rare
        this is one of the best rom com i have seen
        enjoy the gem and let us squee

  3. God I already watched it half subbed this morning and I am in such a good mood. It’s been forever and a day since a drama has not frustrated me.

    I just absolutely love the OTP. I know there is an age difference but 2e don’t see it and I can’t even see the real life age diference.

    I cannot believe Yoona’s acting. How come she wasn’t this memorable in the previous dramas?

    Now let me go back to the ramen scene and the ending scene. And swoon some more.

    • Just needs the right role, I guess. Both she and Lee Yeon Hee have stepped it up several notches… maybe that was SM’s intention all along.

      • And she improved her acting, her facial expressions and body language is so much better.

      • I think it’s because she is working with Lee Bum Soo and he sure has taught her a lot. Just like when Yoochun in MY. He acted a lot better when he was acting with the more experienced actors.

      • Don`t forget Go Ara. She was great in Replay 1994. I think SM did the right thing by giving them these roles, cause now they have four strong young leading ladies with a potential to grow-Go Ara, Yoona Lee Yeon Hee and Sooyoung. I think Krystal could join them one day if she keeps improving.

  4. OH lord of the heavens! That pulling hug to shut her up is “tension on the air”!

    I can’t wait for this to be subbed! I wanna feel the moment!

  5. I hate this drama makes me hurt so much for the long wait of new episode but satisfied me to the fullest when its arrived?this episode is da bom!the packed everything.yes my heart worries when they make otp hurting each other or in this case yul hurting da jung and dragged it longer but then the ending.ah so good.want to mention all good stuff happening but its too much good stuff to mention.and the preview?how can I go through one week?last week I have other drama to marathon but this week is none.god help me.thanks for recap.great job.

  6. Thank you for the recap! You’re so fast! XD We’re halfway through and the show is as wonderful as ever! It really does feel like the writers know what they’re doing with a pretty clear goal in mind and I couldn’t be happier! Please stay awesome all the way to the end with lots of swoon scenes! <3

  7. I’m so so so happy over last night’s episode. LBS was just phenomenal with his acting, the changes in his facial expressions were just priceless. Yoona Yoona Yoona, if this as you say is closest to the real you, I am so in love with you. In a way, it reminds me of Hana in love rain! Dajung doesn’t just cries and cries and do nothing. I now realized that people judged Yoona too much for her Yoon Hee role but forgot that Hana was absolutely delightful until the cring started. I think SM has started to realize that they can’t choose the traditional melo dramas for their young actresses.Yoona still has huge room for improvement, but I think she has at least proven that she is worthy of taking a role as a lead.

    Today’s episode stayed at 7.3 despite the othe 2 dramas going up. I guess it’s better than falling. My Korean colleague says that he can’t watch it even though he heard that it isn’t bad because he simply can’t accept Yoona and LBS as a couple and he says many of his friends too. He says she is too beautiful, please don’t shatter his handsome couple fantasy especially now that everyone knows she has LSG. Honestly, he just feels that the age gap thing is uncomfortable to watch. Lol it’s sad but somehow true I guess. Hopefully, this drama does gain some niche following. I saw someone post that it’s doing ok in paid subscriptions than warm words, miss Korea and pretty man. So hopefully, it has it’s own supporters. If not it will be a waste of a good drama.

    I’m so jelly… Yes jelly of LSG and … Kwon Yul.

    • 20 years is a lot but I have a feeling they wouldn’t care if the PM were someone like Jung Woo Sung or Song Il Gook. It all comes down to looks in the end… how disappointing.

      • Yes, it so unfortunate. This would have been a hit anyway else for the acting, scrip and direction.

      • well but I think LBS is a hot hot ahjusshi too… but that just might be me. I love this drama so much and I’m glad that I decided to watch it.

      • Choi Kanghee had it even harder back when the casting was confirmed. The people on every international blogs were crying and wailing about how she isn’t compatible with Joo Won when there is only a 10 years gap. Ugh.

    • Not sure why the Yoon Ah and Lee Beum Soo pairing would shatter his fantasy… Yoon Ah and Lee Beum Soo are professional actors playing fictional characters in a drama. And while the age difference is a legitimate issue, the fact that such occurs in reality kind of negates that – because there are a lot of Korean celebrities who married with an age difference.

      It is pitiful that a really great drama is being passed over without being given a chance. Then again, Prime Minister and I is a really great drama – testament to people watching it actually enjoying it and singing it praises. And of course, there are also stories of people skipping it for one issue or another but then giving in and watching an episode or two and ended up loving it!

    • I think the right actress can make the age difference work, and Yoona is one of them!
      Audrey Hepburn had a:
      13 year (notso much) difference from Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.
      21 year difference from Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady
      30 ! year difference from Bogart in Sabrina

    • I thought big age difference is the pretty common in SK. LBS in real life has a much younger wife (13 years diff). Your colleague seems like the minority. If you look at published ratings, I say the only real reason it is 7.3 is Empress Ki.

      • I think her image as snsd main visual image is really strong. You know snsd means young girls in korean right? No matter how old dajung is, she is really only 23 and he is 44 to them. But I agree that age is one excuse, ki is another and finally the asthetic crazy mindset is a another.

        It’s one of the hurdles that I guess she needs to get over in the long run. An overly exposed and strong image as an idol. She is everywhere in Korea on ads as snsd.

      • @rhinodino
        Except Yoon Ah has been acting in dramas with leading men where there is a considerable age difference such as in You Are My Destiny (2008) and Cinderella Man (2009). Both dramas, she was barely 20 years old real-life age which is considered the legal age in Korea.

  8. Literally squealed with joy when I saw you recap! Thank you so much! Love that you are doing recap immediately after the episode. It makes the waiting bearable for us who have to watch online with an English sub! By the way, I love it when you interject your recaps with your own thoughts and what you feel! It’s hilarious!

    I can’t believe how much I’m into PMI. Every episode of PMI leaves a silly smile on my face. Can’t remember how many times I’ve rewatched the episodes while waiting for the new ones. PMI is definitely a drama crack worth taking! It only leaves you high and craving for more…more…more…and more!!!

  9. I smiled and smiled and smiled at their interactions…
    Until I cried when she spots him riding up to rescue her on his white horse coming towards her at the hotel.
    I cried because they are so wonderful together and **sigh** I just want them to be able to be together for EVER!!

    Next week will be awesome, won’t it?

  10. Thank you for the recap and you putting the effort to write the personal thought. There r a lot of comments on the age gap of the OTP, YoonA’s acting skill. But tbh and fair, I think she is way better than Park Shin Hye in “The heirs”, I like the character of Da Jung, she acknowledges that she has feelings for him, and she works for it, whether she realizes it or not, whether it is a contract marriage, to fulfill the role of the wife of the prime minister, she has put herself forward, even before they r in the contract marriage (rmb her saying that they were in love at the press conference). I just hope viewers can see it for themselves. Ofc the plot is not new, but again, isnt drama all about the fancy ? All about what we sometimes dont have in real life, that we look forward everyday for something over the top ? we know the difference between real life and novel, we know what every girl and every guy wants. But so what ? is it wrong to like a drama, i guess not. so let’s watch & see how this story unfolds. cant wait :X

    • I think Yoona is way better here than Park Shin Hye in Heirs. But Park Shin Hye in Flower Boy Next Door? Still another level above Yoona is so far. But Yoona is just impressive with her improvement.

      • I agree with this – PSH was awesome in the otherwise awful FBND – I wanted to punch the screen every time YSY appeared, but she was great in it, unlike Heirs.

      • @stuart – maybe for you but for me yoon shi yoon made that drama, he was very funny and totally lovable as enrique geum, i liked his character in that drama and how he helped PSH overcome her phobia, about the comparison i think yoona has certainly improved and the fact that her character is so lovable unlike some noble idiot heroine like eunsang in heirs has also helped, only drama i liked PSH in is You’re Beautiful, other than that I have never been impressed with her acting that much, i will say she is a decent actress but if you start comparing her with other good actresses there is nothing special about her, little bit overrated for me because of all the award she got for portraying eun sang in heirs, i am also curious as to why YSY took this supporting role, he is really capable of getting lead roles if he can in other dramas especially after the success of Baker kim tak goo and FBND, he may have really liked the character of in ho and maybe in the second half of the drama we get to see special change in his character, i just hope that this role doesn’t peg him back in the future…

    • Yoonas big advantage over Park Shin Hye is that she can have an awesome chemistry even with a lot older actor while Shin Hye lacks in that area even with the guys her age. And Park Shin Hye can`t kiss to save her life, while Yoona is not holding back.

      On the other hand Park Shin Hye is superior to Yoona in emotional and melo scenes where you have to cry,look hurt or devastated.

      They both do cute,fluffy and awkward pretty well.And they are both beautiful and charming although Yoona strikes me more as ` elegant`type, while Shin Hye as `girl next door` type.

  11. Hahahahaha!!!! Yay yay yay!!! So happy with this episodes! I love how I can watch the process of the two OTP fall in love! I’m so scared of the preview well not scared probably I don’t want to be disappointed that the last scene of the preview is just and imagination of our female lead. Lol!!! I can’t wait for Monday!!!!

  12. Oh my the feels. Age gap? It’s their loss.

    The writing is great, the acting…even better. I’m so invested in Da Jung and Yul’s story I hardly noticed the age difference. Lol.

    • i think it is the age gap thing and i saw lot of the viewers comments saying now that they know yoona is dating LSG in real life their focus in the drama was broken, but i say that reason is very childish because we have to realize yoona is playing a character named da jung in this drama and lee bum soo is playing the prime minister’s character, i don’t know about the others but when i watch a drama i only care and focus on the characters not the actors who are playing it, i don’t care if the actor or actress are married like Lee Bum Soo or dating like Yoona, as long as they can portray the character they are given well enough i am fine with it…

  13. The way Dajung smiled in the preview when Yul ‘proposed’ to her, i wonder if it’s her imagination going wild again. I hope not though….i want shenanigans and night prowling!! Lol. And gosh, is the Ahjumma and Manse cute.

    I heave a big sigh whenever i look at Joon Ki. Man…can this guy hold a grudge. “A bloody good grudge, Lancre reckoned, was like a fine old wine. You looked after it carefully and left it to your children”. – from Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett.

    Ca we have a little love for Lee Min Ho who’s playing Hee Chul in this drama? I had my eye on him since Gumiho-Tale of the Fox Child. I’m kinda sad that he’s not getting as much hype as Yeo Jin Goo since i think he’s just as good, if not better. It was a plus that he played Jung Il Woo’s younger self in Moon Sun. He managed to make the transition from his part to Il Woo’s older Prince Yang Myung seamless. I hope he gets his break soon and graduates to leading man.

  14. Thanks so much for the recap! I’m on tenterhooks waiting for subs for ep9 so this helps me a bit. It’s not a hugely original story or there aren’t any complex plots, but I love this drama. It’s completely hitting all the kinks I didn’t even know I had haha <3

  15. Gosh sooo many episodes to watch!! I am behind on the last two. Can’t wait! I just had to watch the tw episodes first. Too many dramas and not enough time. A hug – yay!!!

  16. Watched it without subs and was desperate to know (could just latch on to a few words) what Da Jung exactly said that made Yul pull her close. So, thanks for the recap Koala. Who would have thought that Yul will end up giving Da Jung a hug? What surprises in store! This series has very consistent, good quality writing. There hasn’t been an episode till date that let the viewer down, the characters even the side ones – like the playful bodyguard pair, the nanny – are given less screen time but their interactions are such that a back-story sets in, defining their personalities and none of them feel cardboard like. Its amazing. Will watch now with subs and read this in complete.

  17. i really really like this episode…
    i cant write how i feel but i’m shaking saw yul hug dajung its too much desire… aaaaa… i really love this show…
    thank for recap that so fast and thank for your analysis too hehe

  18. I’m enjoying this drama and I hate to be the one ruining the fun, but one pet peeve is really getting to me. Must all the hugs feel so staged? In Ho’s back hug to Da Jung (which I really could care less about, tbh) was so cliche and forced and now our Yul-DJ hug feels so unnatural, too.

    I’m really digging our OTP, but why do these important moments feel so un-authentic and not genuine? Is it because of the way they’re directed? Or have I watched one too many kdramas?

    • oh, did you feel the hug was staged? hmmm, i for one, did not feel that way.. just looking at Da jung’s face at the last scene made me also want to leap into the computer screen and hug her, simply because i saw in her face a need to be consoled.. and loved.. but to each his own i guess.. but i loved that hug.. i felt it was so right in the moment..

  19. Thanks for the recap.. i love this drama.. it has been too long since i have become this invested in a series but i really, really love Prime minister and I.. i think it is such a pity that korean viewers are not watching this simple because of the age gap between the leads.. i think it is not too far fetched that someone with about 15 years difference can fall for each other especially if those two seem as compatible as Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung.. oh, but its them missing out not us.. i hope they can sell the rights to other countries so at least it can be a hit internationally..

    • I’m scratching my head trying to see why Koreans would pass up this drama. I hope the writers, and the whole staff and crew know how much we appreciate their talent. Screw ratings, they should all be proud of their contribution in this drama.

      • i don’t think it’s their fault because PM and I are competing with Empress Ki so it’s understandable that majority of the people there will choose that drama over PM, plus empress ki is a historical drama and those kind of dramas really do well in korea…

  20. What is the song [its in English] that plays in the background in the coffee shop when Hye Soo and In Ho chat? Its eating me because its very well known, have heard it, but still am not able to place it. Aaah!

    • it’s The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice 😀

      speaking of which, I think the music director is doing a really great job with this drama (as well as the cast, the scriptwriters, and the directors, of course.)

  21. @Megumi – my comment about my reaction to YSY in FBND was actually a compliment – I hated his character so much, it’s a tribute to him that he evoked that response. As for why he chose a supporting role in PMAI, I’d say it’s because he’s interested in pursuing his craft. He was (allegedly) the hero and definitely the romantic lead in FBND, here he gets to play a villain of sorts. I applaud actors who choose variety over prominence, and manifest a desire to expand their range of roles and characters, as he has done here.

  22. Omg…………I Hateee this drama….
    coz it’s makes me craving for mooooaaaarrr….I need it on daily doses…
    love love love love love PM Yul….I cant believes it that she is this good…I mean so much moore fun and convincing…
    Well, All I say that I really love this drama. Maybe acts beside a seasoned actors really have merits…I do believes that LBS been coaching Yoona.
    It’s like watch those harlequein romances story …..

  23. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. I thought Yoona would ruin this drama and instead she’s been a revelation. I couldn’t want for another actress in this role. Sure it’s probably 50% owing to the amazeballs writing of her character. But I’ve seen good characters destroyed by terrible acting before (I’m looking at you Suzy and Shin Se Kyung, et al.). So that’s two actresses that were previously yuck that have totally turned it around in recent dramas, with the other being Lee Yeon Hee who is kicking butt in Miss Korea. Now if only they could give Song Seung Hoon their magical acting pill all would be good with the world…sigh.

  24. Frankly speaking I never like Yoona’s acting in any of her previous drama which i nvr watched till the end but surprisingly I really like her in this drama..I think having an experience and good partner LBS is one the reason her acting has improved alot…and also maybe Seunggi give her some advice becoz she’s showing similiar characteristic acting as Seunggi(eg giving facial reactions to everything said )..hehe…anyway she’s getting better now…congrats Yoona

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