Suzy Reunites with Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star Cameo Appearance

Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if its totally out-of-the-blue. Acting-limited Suzy will be making a cameo appearance in the ratings bonanza popular hit SBS drama You From Another Star, reuniting her with her Dream High leading man Kim Soo Hyun and effectively turning me into a pile of mushy nostalgic goo. There are tons of unintentional side effects that will make this brief appearance potentially more entertaining, such as how Suzy’s acting will seem even worse when watched alongside Jeon Ji Hyun‘s bravura performance so far. I’m inexplicably fond of Suzy but I hope she’s aware how much worse her already bad acting talents will seem while placed in the same screen as the best of the best that is Jeon Ji Hyun. Suzy gets by playing characters that are endearing, that make the audience root for her because of her role in the story, so much so that her really really bad acting is accepted as merely the means to an end. This phenomenon was nowhere more evident than in Gu Family Book. Jeon Ji Hyun is doing the opposite here, using acting to immediately hook the audience into cheering for her very self-absorbed and annoying character, and then letting the story probe her depths later on though the viewers are fascinated by her right off the bat.

I loved Suzy with Soo Hyun in Dream High so I’m thrilled to see her play a role in YFAS that will have a brief scene with male lead Do Min Joon and will invoke the jealousy of Hallyu superstar Chun Song Yi. I’ve come to the conclusion that I love Kim Soo Hyun but I don’t love him in everything he does. I like him when he’s playing closer to his age, when he’s digging into characters that are emotionally relaxed and doggedly determined. Suzy is pretty much a lost cause for now but with her popularity I’m sure she’ll headline another drama this year and the only question is whether it’ll be serviceable or painfully bad. I am looking forward to this brief cameo because anytime YFAS has funny scenes is when this drama clicks for me. I also think Soo Hyun and Suzy have amazing chemistry not just when they did Dream High but also their repeated CF shoots for sportswear brand Bean Pole in the last two years. In anticipation of Suzy’s YFAS reunion with Kim Soo Hyun, have the latest batch of Bean Pole CF stills from their Winter 2013/2014 campaign. They must be doing gangbusters business for the brand which signed them up late last year for another year’s worth of couple’s endorsements. Suzy’s cameo will reportedly air this week.


Suzy Reunites with Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star Cameo Appearance — 26 Comments

  1. They’re just too cute for words. I think Suzy has gotten more…serviceable? as she takes on each project. I don’t think she’ll ever be amazing but she’s cute in all of the dramas she’s been in. Can’t wait for this. I want to see Song yi jealous!! Tee hee.

  2. I don’t love Kim Soo Hyun, but I realize I like him best as Song Sam Dong and by expansion I suppose, I like him best with Suzy. Therefore I am thrilled at this cameo and love their continuing CF collaboration(s). For me, it’s like continuing the open-ended Dream High storyline.

    • He was adorable as Sam Dong!

      I don’t think his acting is nuanced enough to really pull off a stoic alien that is also compelling (although he’s more emotional now).

      I’d have casted a slightly older and more experienced actor, especially for a 400 yr. old alien but of course this is a romance kdrama. I just like the idea of the character a lot so I can’t help to expect more from whoever plays it.

    • Kim soo hyun has also mentioned in an interview that sam dong was the character that was most like him and that he could connect with the most, so that could explain his perfect portrayal.

  3. YFAS is getting boring for me, i enjoyed it more at the beginning. I don’t care for their romance because I don’t care for KSH’s character very much. I think people are more mesmerized by his face than anything lol… JJH carries it for me. Ah well, wish I could jump on the massive bandwagon but you can’t force it.

    I’m deeply enjoying Miss Korea so it’s all good.

  4. I’m really not into KSH, but then again I don’t see very many people into him either. I feel it’s the opposite with Suzy. She has quite a bit of fans, and I’m alright with her. I do hope she sticks to singing though – she’s a lot better at it.

    • Not into KSH? Have you been to the Soompi thread for his current drama? There are definitely many many people into him. LOL. Not me though.

    • Lol, I think you might be living under a Kdrama rock. He’s actually quite popular both in Korea and internationally. Dream High, Moon/Sun, The Thieves, Secretly Great were all huge hits. Moon/Sun hit 40% (just in case anyone forgot). And that’s not counting all his CF deals. He’s essentially been working non-stop for the past three years or so.

      There’s a reason why he gets his pick of roles (good roles!! and gets to work with actresses like the Nation’s goddess Jeon Ji-hyun) and not many Korean actors have much of a choice in the matter.

      I don’t think this DMJ role is the best role for KSH but I think he’s getting a lot better (as the character opens up emotionally).

    • Girl, his face is errwhere in South Korea.
      Cfs, billboards, television, ads, the Internet. He even surpassed CF queen kim yuna with number of cfs he did alone in one year that amount to over 6 million dollars in revenue. amount of cfs a celebrity is offered in South Korea measures how popular or in demand someone is. Among the top cf celebrities are yoona,suzy,jeon ji hyun, snsd, shin mina, seung gi, psy,lee min ho, etc so that gives you a good idea of where he stands.
      Hes very new to this industry but he gets paid around the same amount as a-listers doin cfs (~500k a pop)

    • What? DH put him on the map but Moon/Sun turned him into a bona fide star. He’s in every cf imaginable and won a ton of acting awards in 2012 (award ceremonies in Korea are a joke, but it does prove his popularity). He also had two huge hit films over the last few years, proving his bankability on the small and big screen. Yeah, I think we can say Korea loves him and internationally he’s pretty popular too, especially in Japan and China. 4 years ago he was still practically seen as a child actor and now look at him. Trust me, he is very popular.

  5. hmm I wonder why not many people into KSH, I think he’s ok, I like him couple with Han Ga in, Also love his new series, and he is very humble person. But anyway I’m really looking forward for KSH&Suzy reunion. Watching Song Yi get so jelous is so hillarious. She’s indeed a good actress.

  6. They are cute together. Her acting will never be anything but serviceable at best because I don’t think she actually cares to act in the first place. But I think it could possibly work for her if she pokes fun at herself. She needs a bit of image rehab after the disastrous MBC awards. I would not want to be compared to the flawless Jeon Ji Hyun though.

  7. Kim Soo hyun actually asked her to cameo. Suzy has been watching YFAS and she’s a fan too, so KSH gladly invited her to cameo. They still contact each other via texting and see each other regularly because of beanpole CFs. While i enjoy my OTP in YFAS, I am shipping Soo Hyun and Suzy hardcore irl because i think they’d be an adorable pair. Suzy’s most heart-fluttering kiss was with Kim Soo Hyun and it’s so obvious that she’s crushing on him because they tend to get awkward sometimes when they act out the cheesy scenes in those CFs and her eyes says it all.
    Can’t wait for her cameo, it’s sure to be hilarious. Apparently she’s playing his student.

  8. I agree with all thoughts on Suzy. Am excited for a cameo cause I think it can be good… Work it girl!! It won’t be hard to provoke CSY, especially when it involves MJ.

    I liked KSH in Moon Sun, but I just thought he was overrated and I wasn’t a big fan of DH. But for some reason, despite the flaws in playing this 400 yr old alien, he has somehow drawn me in as MJ. Even with JJH kicking some serious butt in YWCFTS, it’s really MJ who keeps me coming back for more. I am curious how his journey will end up on earth… Does he stay, go home, die, what… 🙂

  9. Kim Soo Hyun might not be everyone a cup of tea on YFAS. Many may suggest some experienced actors to play DMJ, but Jeun Ji Jyun is not like other actresses who agree to have intimate scenes with any actors. She’s extremely picky and selective. Kim Soo Hyun is the only actor in Korea she has kissing scenes and I don’t know how the writer convinces her to do so many (more than 5) kissing scenes in this drama. She’s a diva off and on screens 🙂

  10. I don’t even care what other may say…as long as my HyunZy/SooSu couple REUNITE again (and this time in drama) hahaha…Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun forever.

  11. KSH and SUZY really have the kind of chemistry that even in those Beanpole pics, it just zaps like lightning. I absolutely love SamDong and HyeMi. He’s ok in Moon/Sun and YFAS. but I’m just not feeling the vibe he had with Suzy. I like the funny YFAS scenes though and the flasbacks are awesome. I do wish they do a DreamHigh sequel that shows what happened to SD and HM. TBH, I do not mind that Suzy is acting challenged, what she has in terms of likability is ok with me.

  12. I would’ve said Suzy was hopeless (if charming) but then, pre-PMAI, I’d have said the same thing about Yoona and she was unexpectedly good, so. *shrugs*

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