Video Preview for In A Good Way Episode 16 Slayed Me Dead

I’ve barely returned to the land of the living after last week’s epic confession episode 14 of In A Good Way, and then episode 15 promptly turned me back into a zombie. I’m not just any zombie, I’m a pancake zombie that needs to be scraped of the floor with a spatula. How the hell does this drama expect people to watch it and still remain sane and functional? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. The level of cuteness, laughter and heart squishiness, nothing has come close in terms of sweet romance in god knows how long. K-dramas paint all their romance with a layer of intensity regardless of whether it’s a rom-com or melodrama setting. OTPs there are usually life and death, and even the ones that are not deal with pretty high stakes for getting together. IAGW has crafted from episode 1 a genuine college romance that now blossomed and is so potent and powerful it is like a slayer activating. Episode 15 was….unbelievable, and right now I’m not even sure how to go about writing a recap.

The preview for episode 16 promises even more epic so it has to be shared right away lest this tsunami of feels bowls me over. Liu Chuan and Jia En as a couple is so perfect no one can look away, not us drama viewers, and not their friends in the drama. Things get even better when the ‘rents find out, and it’s not just one set of parents but two. I’ve been so busy worrying about my babies letting the chance to love pass them by during college that I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about how Liu Chuan and Jia En would actually approach dating if they were to date. Episode 15 answers that question with a resounding “Ho momma, is it hot in herre”, and the good stuff hasn’t even gotten started yet! All I can say is – Liu Shan Feng is one tightly wound repressed boy judging by how he’s pretty much fursploded his pent up manly ardor the moment he’s gotten his girl. It’s still in the Liu Chuan way, but his way encompasses so much more simmering passion that only he can manage to convey in the most straightforward and shivery of ways. “Hold me”? Wouldn’t we all, Liu Chuan, wouldn’t we all?

Preview for episode 16:

[youtube id=”TQrCGD98Ieo” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Tracy: So what base have you gotten to with Liu Chuan?

Jia En: What base? What do you mean?

Liu Chuan: Dating isn’t a baseball game, what’s with the talk about bases.

Tracy: You guys are almost at the homerun, right? I suggest you prepare a set of lingerie undergarments.

Jia En: Dad, don’t take it!

Jia En’s dad: Sorry, sorry. Dating….buying lingerie…..are you? A man and a woman need to have boundaries, I don’t need to remind you and you know this already, right?

Jia En: Your daughter is very proper and well-behaved.

Jia En’s dad: I’m afraid someone’s son is not well-behaved.


Video Preview for In A Good Way Episode 16 Slayed Me Dead — 34 Comments

  1. Oh Ms Koala, we need you back to the land of the living for your wonderful recaps! 😀 after that, we can all turn back to zombies…lol. This show is just so fantabulous! It just keeps getting better.

    • That kiss is clearly going to get “dadded” – but it gives us infinite room to imagine what all future kisses would be like simply by the way Liu Chuan stares, pulls her close, slowly leans in, lips slightly open……*fans self*

      • My god. To watch or not to watch. I haven’t even seen ep 15 yet.


        * off to watch * the translations are too intriguing.

        Man… you expect us to wait for that for another 8 days?

  2. I got killed at “抛我” – Hug Me. The intense sideways glance at Jia En when he leaned back …………. is it getting a wee bit hot here?

  3. /typing this from the floor/

    I was alternating from throwing my hands and feet in the air (squealing 🙂 ) to my hands shrivelling in a good way due to the cheesiness. How can they evoke all these good and giggly emotions? I was expecting pink flash for today’s episode, but they exceeded my pink flash expectation. So, now I need to prepare much more for next week. I guess being a gooey mess on the floor has never been this good in all my drama watching.

  4. My poor heart – almost suffered from heart attack especially when he lean back and gave her a smoldering glance and said ” hug me”. I almost jump up and shouted in glee. Me poor heart thought it can handle no more but the short preview was even more explosive, especially when he pulls her in looks at her mouth while slowly leaning in …..

    It’s been such a longtime since i have enjoyed watching OTP get togethe. Normally the getting to gether part is the climax and thereafter it is anti-climatic but here the going is only going to get much much better. I absolutely love jia en’s cluelessness when li chuan is all hot smoldering hug me… Ahhhhh help

  5. I’ve literally combusted simply from watching that preview! Thanks, Ms. Koala! Now the big question is where can we get our very own Liu Chuan?

  6. HOMG.

    yup. that was basically my reaction at the end. mostly i was giggling throughout it all with talk about bases.
    These two are a slow burn

    • Me too, they should date already, it looks real on set with the endless flirting. I almost find they look alike, they have a wife husband look.

  7. *flails arms limply from the floor* I just can’t with these two. I can’t .. I’m still not over ep 14..and then I watched ep 15 raw and just died. DIED from the adorable antics..and the smolder..oh the smolder from Liu Chuan!! I threw my pillow at the door when the ep ended only to fall off my bed from the greatness that is the preview!!

    Ms. Koala thank you so so much for translating the preview right away!! I can only understand a handful of mandarin so thank goodness for your translations/recaps! Although the epic greatness that is this OTP needs no words

  8. I enjoyed all your comments and thank you Ms. Koala for giving this updates. I feel like I am back being a teenager. Feel giggly all the way.

  9. Can I borrow your spatula to scrape me off the floor after you’re done? I’m 38 years old, married with 3 kids and this show has turned me into a squealing teenager all over again. If hand holding and hugs alone can transform me into such a hot mess, I guess I’ll spontaneously combust when they finally kiss. But it’ll be all worth it…..

  10. It reminds me of what we’ve lost culturally (in the USA) in my lifetime…all that wonderful anticipation and buildup from taking things slowly in a relationship!

    • I don’t think you’re 100% right, it does happen but in more early ages, let’s say around 15-16 and at high school. First love is first love, it does not matter if it happens in the twenties of the last century or Jane Austen’s novel.

  11. im on my way to the ER picking up a few oxygen tanks..haven’t seen the epi..but saw a few pics and read some comments..then preview left me dead again in heavens..gawdddd finally we got a male lead character who is super nice and HOT blooded in a good way..hahaha gotta fan myself! this show just amazes me..i think they really know how to please the a usual dramalaland, when a couple declare their likeness it will be followed up with problems after problems to separate them..oh writers please keep us feeding drama goodness..please maintain till the current year..

  12. Shirt off no underwear required! But seriously if they did go there, I’d be super disappointed! The joy of watching this drama is that it is all sugar coated innocent young love. A kiss would do for me- thank you very much!

  13. OMFG OMFG. I CANT OMFG I CANT. OMG. LOL, i doubt they’ll have sex… cuz its in the 90’s and jia en is soooo innocent.
    I CANT

    • Remember JE’s parents talking about their night at the beach all those years ago?
      That was prolly the 70’s and they seemed to be having the s#x then. While I read that casual s#x wasn’t as rampant as the US, it did happen between committed partners.

      That being said, do I think they will this early? I dunno… As innocent as JE is, she is also passionate. LC may be the one that has to fight her advances later. LOL

  14. Omg squeals…it will be a chaste one. JE is getting prettier in love, she’s wearing dresses and listening to friend advice, but what does it mean when her friend says she needs to wear intimate wear, oh no, not so fast right? Faints. Cuteness overload, such prettiness.

  15. Lego Li has all perfected the art of the perfect swoon-inducing kiss.
    He has demonstrated his prowess while improvising. I know he will blow our socks (and other under garments) off when he smooches Kirsten.

    I need to find that YT video where he demonstrates this skill…

    • Yea but judging by the flow of the drama, I think it’s going to be a peck, and it may not happen in the next episode aka daddy interrupting, they just love to tease the audience by putting the good scenes in btw commercials. Just go to “because of you” to see the swimming pool scene.

  16. Smiling and giggling while watching episode 15, cuteness overload! That “ey, hug me”, kyaaaa I’m squealing!, although where are your helmets, kids? 7 more days, =_=^

  17. I am looking forward! I am looking forward!

    I think the cuteness would be more than episode 15. Jia En has her hair down, a very good sign! I love how Liu Chuan looks at her and pulls her closer towards him. He is gentle yet confident and his eyes convey his desire for her.

    I love everyone in this drama!

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