Next Magazine Reports of an Unexpected Romance Between Show Luo and Ruby Lin

This supposed juicy hook up tabloid fodder out of Taiwan entertainment is too cute not to report. One of Taiwan’s top tabloids Next Magazine has splashed all over its cover of last week’s edition the possible unexpected romance between veteran actress-producer Ruby Lin and top idol singer Show Luo. I have to get this out of the way first, regardless of whether this news report is true or not, the name of this potential coupling has all of Taiwan dying of laughter. Ruby’s name is Lin Xin Ru (Xin = heart) and Show’s nickname is Xiao Zhu (Zhu = pig), so Next Magazine has deemed this coupling the Pig Heart Romance (Zhu Xin Lian 豬心戀). Excuse me while I laugh with the rest of Taiwan for a minute here. Okay, back now to report on how Next Magazine caught this romance in action. Apparently the periodical was tipped off that long casual time friends Ruby and Show might have taken their friendship to the next level during a serendipitous opening in both of their dating lives after a push from mutual friend/matchmaker Shu Qi. LOL, Shu Qi has a lot of time on her hands so it seems. Anyhoo, this four month old romance has been hush hush with a friend of Show’s remarking that Show is very serious about her which means keeping this budding romance under wraps.

Next Magazine staged their own surveillance outside of Ruby’s luxe condo complex in Taipei and twice caught Show driving into the garage. The magazine noted that Show drove a different one of his many expensive sports cars the two times he visited the building, perhaps in an attempt to not be recognized by his drive. I have to point out that Next Magazine is not adding the disclaimer that Ruby lives in the same super duper expensive high rise condo that a lot of other Taiwan A-listers live in, including Vic Zhou and Cyndi Wang among others. Both Show and Ruby immediately issued denials of this noona-dongsaeng romance, and even funnier is their weibo convo about it. Show posted a shrugging picture asking the media to stop pairing him up with ladies. He then pointed out the hideousness of the Pig Heart Romance nickname, and asked if it was paired with a bowl of rice noodle soup (since pig heart is typically a Taiwanese soup ingredient). Ruby responded on weibo asking “shop owner, how much for a bowl?” (of pig heart romance, of course), to which Show then responded “One bowl is NT50! Hahaha!” I feel for Show, he’s pretty much gotten a reputation of a manwhore if all his rumored romances are to be believed, including but not limited to Jolin Tsai, Makiyo, Rainie Yang, Da S, Selina Jen, Tia Li, and Butterfly Chien. I don’t care if Ruby and Show are really dating or not, but I do love Ruby so much I pretty much nod in approval if she’s rumored to be dating someone young and hot because she damn wants to.


Next Magazine Reports of an Unexpected Romance Between Show Luo and Ruby Lin — 14 Comments

  1. O_o i thought Ruby was dating Wallace Huo?! Whatever happened to them? In anyway, i love her and concur wif ms koala she can date anyone she damn wants to! Haha.. still quite a shocking news tho

  2. “I feel for Show, he’s pretty much gotten a reputation of a manwhore if all his rumored romances are to be believe….”

    Get to sleep with many beautiful women and have people feel sorry for him.

    Man, nice work if you can get it….

  3. LOL the weibo post was hilarious! Thanks Ms. Koala I’m finally catching up with the drama/entertainment world outside of Korea.

  4. But wasn’t Show Luo rumored to dating a model girl? Wow. There’s so many rumor romance of Show Luo. Must be difficult being a celebrity w/ so much rumors coming out about this and that.

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