New Video Preview for Episode 16 of In A Good Way

The power of In A Good Way is in the details, the little moments, the stuff that probably wouldn’t even make it onscreen in other dramas but becomes the focal point here. Episode 16’s new video preview doesn’t have a lot of new stuff but does expand on the whole “what base” girl and guy talk lobbed at new couple Jia En and Liu Chuan. This drama has continued to give all the supporting characters their own story lines and strengthened all the various friendship threads that add to what makes it so lovely to watch. Tracy takes the lead in schooling clueless innocent Jia En on the various types of skinship between hotblooded young couples (using poor sweet Bai Xue as her test subject), while over in the men’s dorm Ah Qing is the one using furry Momo as an unwitting practice dummy to show Liu Chuan how to get ahead in bases. I love how Ah Qing thinks kissing is second base while Tracy considers it third base. Jia En’s hairstyle has gone from short school girl bob to long ponytail, and now she’s rocking an even sleeker straight do paired with a jean skirt that makes me think this little girl is really really in love and wanting to be as pretty as possible for her man. Sometimes I think Liu Chuan ought to be reserved in his dating style as well, and sometimes he is, and other times I worry that if he gets a chance he’ll hit get to third base with Jia En before she even realizes her clothes are off. Or am I giving wuri Liu Chuan too much credit? His smirk while Ah Qing was telling him about the bases totally indicates he is amusing Ah Qing and doesn’t need the lesson at all. It looks like Jia En’s parents are fine with her dating Liu Chuan, while over on Ren Wei’s side his parents clearly like Jia En for their future daughter-in-law but that stuff is out of their hands so hopefully they can hang around to knock some gumption back into Ren Wei.

Preview for episode 16:

[youtube id=”aWrijA022Fs” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Tracy: What base have you gotten with Liu Chuan?

Ah Qing: What base have you gotten with Jia En?

Tracy: This is first base.

Ah Qing: This is first base.

Tracy: This is second base.

Ah Qing: Second base, muah!

Tracy: Third base….

Ah Qing: As for third base…..

Tracy: After you pass third base, the new lingerie will come in handy and you’ll thank me then.

Liu Chuan: Are you interested in bases?


New Video Preview for Episode 16 of In A Good Way — 19 Comments

  1. Liu Chuan’s smirk during Ah Qing’s lesson just killed me..
    *hugs knees and rocks back and forth slowly* 2 more days…2 more days..

    • 8patting you on the shoulder while rocking back and forth myself* I am going to need therapy to get through these days waiting from them. But part of me is in denial about it ever being over. Can’t we watch them grow up and have babies and pick schools and go grocery shopping?

      • Therapy bills will just keep skyrocketing with each episode lol. I swear the wait just gets worse with each week.
        Also, I would totally be onboard with just watching them do mundane everyday things like grocery shopping! and having adorable children!

  2. I can’t help but grin at LC’s smirk at the scene and that all knowing look at the end. That boy has definite ? plans/ intentions on what he wants his relationship to be.

  3. part of me wants to go for a homerun hahaha but then some viewers might feel uncomfortable or feel like it will lose the essence of how light-hearted this drama is…but i think if the writer is able to do it with meaning and appropriate for the plot–let’s go for the homerun base! hahaha

  4. That’s not the bases we used, but that discussion is for another time.

    I hope JE doesn’t do the drama/virgin freak that we are supposed to believe real girls do. I guess LC could be a little more smooth in his seduction, but I guess that wouldn’t be the LC we know and want to get to third base with.

    Every episode the wait gets longer. I guess I’ll have to go watch 15 again again (again).

  5. My guess is that LC was referring to “lightning” instead of “bases”. The Chinese words for these two words sound alike.. and besides they look like they are at a science museum.. I think Jia En must have thought LC was referring to bases… Haha


  7. Go to the 我的自由年代 Facebook page. There’s a lot of new stills from tomorrow episode. Some of them will make you swoon! I’ve been stalking the page everyday! That and Ms Koala’s blog too! Hee hee…

    • So have I. I cannot wait till tomorrow!! Actually if we are talking about bases and home run is… clothes off etc; then Liu Chuan pretty much did that in the first episode!! He He

      • Wahahaha….. You are right!!! I do wish that the both of them would reminisce about their first meeting at some point in their relationship. Will be so fun to see all the red faces as they realized that they’ve already been thru the ‘clothes off’ stage. *wink*

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