Janine Chang and Joe Cheng Walk the Golden Horse Red Carpet for You Light Up My Star

The upcoming TW-drama You Light Up My Star is starting to look to more and more interesting, and I’m not just talking about the all-star team of Director Winnie (In Time With You, It Started With a Kiss) directing the reunion of Joe Cheng and Janine Chang from their Honey and Clover days. You Light Up My Star has been knee deep in filming for the last two months and will premiere in early April so I’m rubbing my hands together gleefully at the treat to come. There has already been some cute filming events such as Ivy Chen making a fun cameo to support her good friends Joe and Janine, as well as the two leads filming a action movie within a drama scene that involved wires and boob on back pressing. I love Joe and Janine’s comfortable camaraderie with each other, not to mention they look fantastic together, both so tall and fine-featured. This week Director Winnie arranged a splashy two thousand extra filming sequence in Taipei where he basically recreated last year’s 50th annual Golden Horse Awards, which is Taiwan’s equivalent of the Oscars. You Light Up My Star is set in the Taiwan entertainment industry and both Joe and Janine play actors in the drama. So this recreation of the Golden Horse Awards involve drama Janine and Joe attending the ceremony together, including walking splashy red carpet. Joe’s tux is a custom Saint Laurent creation while Janine is rocking a hand stitched Alice & Olivia couture gown along with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The Golden Horse Association worked with Director Winnie to stage the filming exactly like the ceremony was held last year, making it a first for the movie association to lend a hand to a drama production. Director Winnie isn’t done with trying to make a huge splash with this drama, and in addition to this big filming sequence, the cast also revealed that Japanese super star singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharu would be making a cameo appearance in You Light Up My Star. He was in Taiwan last week for promotional activity and to film his cameo, and the cast attended his media press conference to welcome him. Check out all the pretty pictures below.


Janine Chang and Joe Cheng Walk the Golden Horse Red Carpet for You Light Up My Star — 6 Comments

  1. Both are looking mighty fine here! Though I can’t get over how the tie is reduced to two string-like shoelaces in Joe’s suit -.- What happened to the tie? Oh my, Fukuyama Masaharu randomly cameoing here? Now I can’t to watch the drama 🙂

  2. Joe looks like he’s wearing some sort of athletic wear underneath the suit lol. I’m just not a fan of Janine but I can appreciate how pretty she looks. Not into this, but almost all T A-listers are moving to China so I’ll take what I get.

  3. Fukuyama Masaharu looks great for his age! As a long time fan, I will definitely watch this drama to catch his cameo role. I also really like both Janine Chang and Joe Cheng.

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