Official Character Stills of Rookie Cop Lee Seung Gi in You’re All Surrounded

Lee Seung Gi + white dress shirt + gun holster? Slay me dead with just a picture, why dont’cha You’re All Surrounded? That’s not a great idea since a dead me is unable to spazz and recap this drama so I suggest you send Seung Gi over to give CPR to noona here. He does know CPR right? Since he plays a cop and everything. The promotional machine is revving up for YAS coming at the perfect time to deposit my Bride of the Century feels right into twiddling my thumbs waiting for Seung Gi to pair up with hyung Cha Seung Won for a comedic cop caper drama. After playing a fighter for justice from the other side of the law in his last drama Gu Family Book, Seung Gi straps on a badge and plays a cop for this first time but it’s not exactly a job his character excels at or is excited about. His character Eun Dae Koo is described as having the three golden traits of good looks, smart brains, a fit physique, except it’s paired with an acid tongue borne from a painful incident in his past. He’s aloof and rarely smiles, but every time he talks it’s to say a cutting remark that gets right to a person’s sore spot. The drama has a short childhood sequence showing a past connection between Dae Koo and Go Ara‘s character Eo Soo San (can I just call her Susan?), a connection that has evolved into a love-hate interaction now that they are working on the same Gangnam police squad together. I don’t even mind that every single Seung Gi drama starts off with a love-hate relationship between him and his leading lady, why mess with a good thing when he always delivers on that particular trope so very well.


Official Character Stills of Rookie Cop Lee Seung Gi in You’re All Surrounded — 24 Comments

  1. Lookin’ good, Seung-gi!!!!

    I’m SO ready for this show… apart from the exciting cast the premise is VERY similar to Brooklyn Nine-nine!

  2. I’m dying to see who has the most hairspray-styled hair in this drama Seung Gi or Seung Won. They are both so hair conscious…lol. They are playing cops. Cops get their hair messed up. I can picture their stylists running after them on the set to tidy up their locks…sorry, I’m still laughing.

  3. I liked LSG’s performance in Shining Inheritance and liked his role and performance in TK2H, but I am still hoping that the publicity machine for this Drama will eventually remember that it has a female lead and that there are some viewers more interested in seeing her.

  4. the perfect man on earth… my seung gi puppy…You are sooo hot!!! im dying to see you on wednesday-thursday … my 3 in 1 man … please YAAS come quickly… thank you koala… ive been a silent reader on your page…

  5. Ooh official character stills! The look is similar to Taecyeon in WAY and I’m convinced anyone with that look is gorgeous 😛

  6. I’m torn between wondering why he’s wearing a tux (and marveling that he wears it so well) and wanting to scream “TRIGGER DISCIPLINE!” at him.

  7. He needs to get some sleep… But other than that I’m so excited!! Another drama with Lee Seung Gi. Daebak! So gonna watch this atleast as long as the story is managable to. Because dramas like poseidon with Siwon oppa didnt hook me. Praying for the best hihi ^_^

  8. I am shallow, but I love how he looks all mad and stuff.

    He and CSW have such disparate appeal, but both are hot.

    When did this happen? I used to laugh at Hunky until K2H and then the fridge kiss sealed it. Ahh, such memories.

  9. I don’t know who this actor is but he doesn’t look convincing as a cop what so ever! He doesn’t have the proper cop pose/posture and certainly doesn’t show cop charisma! Well, at least in these pictures…

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