Introducing Gangster Jaejoong as Triangle Releases First Drama Stills

I kinda get this feeling that there are two disparate audience camps for the upcoming MBC drama Triangle. Or maybe three camps, the last of which is the “Thank god crazy and interminable Empress Ki is finally over!” faction which deserves a medal for surviving the EK fiasco – pssst, there was even a marital rape in the last episode and I don’t even dare go near discussing it lest I blow a gasket if any viewer tries to rationalize that away as some sort of love gone awry. If I make it out of EK alive to tackle Triangle, I’m probably in the audience viewing faction there for the aging wonderfully and always a delight to watch Lee Bum Soo. And maybe hoping for a great script out of this. The other main faction is the “our oppar is leading a drama!” group of Jaejoong fans and they ought to be really excited because this is as big a stage for Jaejoong to really show the world he can act. The first official stills from Triangle have dropped showing Jaejoong as an 80’s gangster in Seoul. I know it sounds weird but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and seeing how he can improve from his bottom of the barrel performance in Dr. Jin and perhaps tap into his hard to explain but totally decent turn in Protect the Boss. He plays the middle brother with hyung Lee Bum Soo and dongsaeng Im Shi Wan, all three separated at a young age and growing up in disparate circumstances only to reunite in adulthood and find themselves at odds with each other.


Introducing Gangster Jaejoong as Triangle Releases First Drama Stills — 10 Comments

  1. I was delightfully surprise by Jaejoong’s performance in PTB. Hopefully he can improve on it in this one, especially with a superb teacher in Lee Bum Soo, a la his turn to put in a shift like Yoona!

    I am looking forward to it!

  2. Jaejoong makes a very flowery pretty gangster…
    I don’t know, maybe in the 80s gangsters weren’t scary looking guys.

    I am curious with what the casting team was thinking; LBS is handsome, but he’s hardly a pretty type, but he got 2 younger brothers who are prettily handsome. Interesting.

  3. Jaejoongie pretty boy gangster! This made my day Koala Unnie!
    He is such a gorgeous guy – ok I’m bias but I can’t help it. Though I don’t think he is a terrible actor, he definitely needs improvement. I really like the fact that he knows his acting is not good enough to play a lead role and he chooses to be second lead instead.

    I’m definitely going to check this ‘Triangle’ out!
    It has LBS whom I fell in love with in ‘Prime Minister and I’ and Im Shi Wan!
    I know that the drama production crew and casts are going to be very well fed in the duration of the drama. Jaejoong fans support is absolutely JJANG!

  4. Am i the only one that find Baek Jin Hee appear in consecutive dramas boring? Not that I have anything against her but uh,MBC give me a “Baek Jin Hee” break,man! I wished she ha taken another project instead.

  5. As far as acting idols go, Jaejoong may not be the best actor but he knows his place and keeps to second lead (and again, idol-wise, Im Shi-wan is quite a good actor, Ze:A seems to have quite a few good acting-dols among the group – never even listed to their music but seen the members in dramas and they’ve done well there)

    I wish Triangle would drop a teaser already. It feels like Doctor Stranger is hogging the spotlight of the upcoming dramas, and I want to know more about the premise of triangle beyond lost bros and Lee Beom-soo.

  6. Oh Empress Ki. Thank you for giving me another reason to stay on my Seung Nyang-Wang Yoo ship. It will never happen, but damn would you two have been an awesome OTP. That or Seung Nyang-Tal Tal. His voice…

  7. Now I am confused. Did I dream that THT was in this?
    Or am I just associating pretty boy gangster with him?

    I guess there’s no way they would redo Jin, I hope.

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