Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora Play Engaged Surgeons in Dr. Stranger

When I saw the first set of official drama stills featuring the second leads of Dr. Stranger together in a scene, my immediate reaction was “Can I have these two in their own drama?” I actually find Dr. Stranger oddly appealing despite my Lee Jong Seok allergy. I think it comes from him acting older rather than younger like he did in I Hear Your Voice and trying to be all cute and little boy dongsaeng which just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure he has his appeal but I would rather try and glimpse his so-called acting ability that his fans have bandied about but I have yet to see. Conversely Park Hae Jin has always been an underrated treat for me, not an actor I would watch a drama for but he inevitably turns out better than I expected in it. The best example would be East of Eden where he was the third male lead and antagonist but ended up being the most well-developed male character and the one that resonated with me the most.

Same thing happened again in You From Another Star where he out-acted Kim Soo Hyun in my eyes, and had the more interesting male character. He did a lot with so very little in Lee Hwi Kyung, and I hope he’ll do this thang here with his Dr. Han Jae Joon. He’s an overseas trained genius doctor who discovers the North Korean escapee Dr. Park Hoon played by Lee Jong Seok and brings him back to South Korea. He might also be bringing back his rival in work and love but perhaps it’ll all work out in the end and we get a nice bromance out of it. I also quite like Kang Sora and here she plays another doctor in the same hospital and is also Park Hae Jin’s character’s fiancee. Me likey that arrangement. Check out the latest stills from the drama including Lee Jong Seok in scrubs where he barely passes the look test as a believable doctor (I’ve seen my share of young looking ones in real life). Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora are totally nailing it and that helps sell this drama more and more.


Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora Play Engaged Surgeons in Dr. Stranger — 21 Comments

  1. Ugh. Trying so hard not to be Jongsuk biased but he looks so hot in scrubs D; I still remember when you had a Kim Jaewon allergy, so I’m hoping this drama clears your allergies for Jongsuk ^^. Every allergy has a cure. Nevermind. I take that back..

  2. I’d rather have a man than a boy and PHJ looks so good standing next to Kang Sora. I’ll vote for a drama where the two are the leads.

  3. Park Hae Jin really DID stand out in YFAS, he is very talented. Gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. LJS looks so young that I have a hard time seeing him as a romantic interest, at least outside of a high school setting. Can’t wait for this to start. I am trying to find Gap Dong with English subs, any ideas koala fans?

  4. I’m having a hard time too to see LJS as a surgeon. He still looks 24 years old for me and I won’t believe there’s surgeon that young. That aside, I’ll still watch it cause I love LJS. I just has a Jin Se Yeon allergy and I should pray Kang Sora will be the female lead here. I mean, the writer(s) still can change it, right?

  5. Park Hae Jin had a stellar performance in The Infamous Chill Sisters/Famous Princesses as well!! His crying scene in the rain made me sit up and take notice of him ^^ so looking forward to this! All the prettaye~

  6. Apparently in kdrama world, geniuses in all professions are a dime a dozen. Lolx

    Not sure if I’ll be watching this. Medic dramas are not too appealing.

  7. Yes I loved Park Hae Jin since East of Eden! His career is getting better. I’m only keeping an eye out for this drama for him. Really hoping that we’ll see him lead his own drama soon.

  8. So with you Koala on PHJ out-acted KSH in YFAS. And while I don’t have an allergy to LJS, I’m sitting on the fence on this one even though I like PHJ a lot.

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  10. Loved Park Hae-jin in YFAS, and his character doesn’t look ‘cold’ as stated in the description, just from these stills. Either way, he and Kang Sora look good together, I’ve missed her on my screen.

    And are those blood-spattered scrubs on LJS? I can take the medical stuff if it involves a lot of thriller/action-style blood spattering.

  11. I’ve seen about 7-8 eps of You came from the stars and I really like Park hae Jin’s acting and Kim So hyun looks awkward in his role in my opinion

  12. as far as i remember from earlier casting news that i read both PHJ and LJS is a lead character. none of them being a second lead. but, now it’s already being called LJS as lead and PHJ is the second lead. i lurveeee PHJ since his dummy attitude in Family Outing and really hope he grab his own lead character in drama after this.

  13. Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora look good together.Agree that PHJ is a good actor – he did well in YFAS. Kang Sora was good in Ugly Alert with Im Ju Hwan – that OTP was adorable.

    • Hope having Kang Sora in this drama will relieve my fear of Jin Seryon. LOVE her to the bits and that smile kills me more.

  14. I dont like LJS for uncertain reason too LOL
    but I like Kang Sora in Sunny… havent watched any of park hae jin acting but somehow I am interested to this pairing…. would anticipate your upadate miss koala specially about this second-lead couple 😀

  15. Ditto on Park Hae Jin in East of Eden. And MLFAS. I think Hae Jin got a jinx of being the male lead. Or he just has poor eyes on choosing the right project (as a lead) and decided to just be the second lead and steals the show. Lol

  16. Really looking forward to seeing PHJ and KS chemistry. Although I don’t agree PHJ out-acted KSH. They were different characters. Can’t really compare the two.

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