Nam Sang Mi in Talks for Joseon Gunman Reuniting with Lee Jun Ki From Time Between Dog and Wolf

Drama casting is never over until the proverbial fat lady sings and confirmations ring out, so the rumored casting of Park Shin Hye in the Lee Jun Ki upcoming period drama Joseon Gunman is no more. I adore her but she’s still you and I’m sure she’ll get a chance to work with Jun Ki somewhere down the line. The more I read about Joseon Gunman the more excited I am about it so I really want a leading lady that I love to pieces. The drama gods have answered my call in a BIG way, and I mean BIG BIG WAY. KBS is currently in discussions with Nam Sang Mi to be Jun Ki’s leading lady and the moment I heard that I started screaming “Soo Hyun and Ji Woo!!!!” I am proud to admit that Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi make up one of my personal all-time fave OTP onscreen pairings ever and she is actually my favorite leading lady of Jun Ki’s over all his dramas and movies. If she does sign on (and all signs point to yes), she would also be the first repeat leading lady in Lee Jun Ki’s repertoire. I don’t think I can find a gif meme out there that quite captures how ecstatic I am right now. Joseon Gunman is airing on Wed-Thurs starting in June after Golden Cross wraps up and its been seven years since they did TBDAW on MBC and both have had really fantastic acting careers and I can’t wait to see how their amazing chemistry is like after both have matured. Joseon Gunman comes from the production team behind The Princess’s Man and is about a swordsman in the late Joseon period who loses his father and younger sister so takes up a gun to avenge their deaths and becomes Joseon’s first gunman. If Nam Sang Mi joins lee Jun Ki here, that will firm up the main four to also include Han Joo Wan and Jeon Hye Bin.

I may or may not have wasted hours watching TBDAW MVs. It can’t be helped, in addition to the perfect OTP in the drama, it also gave the world an amazing bromance between Jun Ki and Jung Kyung Ho.

Time Between Dog and Wolf OTP MV:

[youtube id=”v24-57tLFH4″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Nam Sang Mi in Talks for Joseon Gunman Reuniting with Lee Jun Ki From Time Between Dog and Wolf — 22 Comments

  1. … OMG …
    Maybe it is the SLA effect, I am hearing the last part of Ode to Joy reading this. I don’t understand German, so here’s the scat:
    DAH da DAH dot dah da dah dah, DAH da dah daht-daaaah-dit-daah

    The LJK JKH scenes, I agree, worth every second of my fifth rewatch.

    This is going to be SO good.

  2. I was praying that I wanted his leading lady to be a good one, but a repeat casting! This is almost too good to be true. I would have been equally happy if Park Shin-hye had taken it, though – I like her acting and she seems like a great fit for sageuks.

    • Same here. I was beginning to think I would have to ignore any and all news about this drama if PSH were its FL.
      That was a close one.

  3. Yay,I really loved their chemistry in TBDAW. Does it mean PSH is out? I surely hope so. I was very exited about this drama prior to PSH news (not a fan), but now that NSM is (hopefully) in my anticipation is back. Great cast, fantastic production team (loved The Princess Man). What else would you want from a drama?

  4. Actually, drama casting isn’t over until one of the lead actors suffers a tragic accident on set and is replaced in a hurry. 😛

    Anyways, this piece of news makes me happy!

  5. I am probably one of the few that is not excited about this news. I want a new pairing for Junki. In addition, NSM never appeal to me. Sigh!! At least this is not confirm yet.

    • I am totally with you, AJ. Really unhappy about this news… LJK is a top actor, and he deserves to have a leading lady who is an A-actress; not a bad repeat performance of same “old..” I pray that she declines.

  6. Is this the year of the reunions?

    First Kim Soo Hyun- Jeon Jihyun, then Lee Dong Wook- Lee Da Hae and now a reunion for Lee Jun ki?

    I’m all for reunions when the chemistry is great, I sometimes wish they weren’t quite so rare in dramaland. I had nearly given up hope of a Lee Dong-Wook Lee Da-Hae reunion until Hotel King came along.

  7. Nam Sang Mi is tolerable in Goddess of Marriage.. Bagle-Gal 🙂 I just checked out Asian Wiki Time Between Dog and Wolf (what a strange drama Title by the way) and it makes me wanna watch this.. cos of Jung Kyoung-Ho!! Woo hoo… off to download and watch this oldie.. hope it’s good..

  8. OMG!!! Best news ever! I WANT THIS REUNION SO BAD it’s not even funny!!! Btw is this a year of reunions? First we get a reunion between the OTP of My Girl in Hotel King and now possibly this! How very exciting 😀

  9. I liked your feedback and i agree that they have a good chemistry. Ive been a fan since TBDAW♡

    I just hope to see more scenes of them together.

    cant wait for this to begin.

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