C-drama Billion Dollar Inheritors Releases First Characters Looking Just Like K-Heirs

Get ready to laugh until your belly aches. The first official character stills from the upcoming C-drama Billion Dollar Inheritors (亿万继承人) has just been released. This was the drama that made the news in the beginning of the year for being the C-remake of last year’s hit K-drama Heirs. Turns out it’s not a remake of Heirs as this particular C-drama had been in the works even before Heirs premiered last October. Billion Dollar Heirs submitted its synopsis to SARFT for approval last June so that rather answers the remake question. That doesn’t mean C-Heirs isn’t now riding on the coattails of the success of K-Heirs, plot remake or not. It’s enough of the same pool of rich kids and their love and inheritance woes that I think it’s disingenuous not to acknowledge the inevitable K-Heirs comparison. C-Heirs isn’t doing itself any favors by literally copying the character stills from K-Heirs and doing so in a way that just looks cheap and lazy. And don’t get me started on the cast of C-Heirs consisting of comparatively unknowns young actors and actresses plus Choi Si Won. Producer Li Shao Hong acknowledges that she’s trying to incorporate the Korean directorial flair that makes its idol dramas so addicting and intends for C-Heirs to be beautiful to watch along with a story that is entertaining. It doesn’t have a high barrier to step over since K-Heirs is famous for not having any real story and still selling the heck out of it.


C-drama Billion Dollar Inheritors Releases First Characters Looking Just Like K-Heirs — 25 Comments

  1. I. can’t. even. HAHAHAHA. Can we talk about have cringey this is?? Man, Siwon…how did you get dragged into this? I mean…this has to be for the money right?? or Increasing your Chinese fanbase? I want an SJ comeback though.

  2. Uhmm.. I forgot. Are they in college or high school? It’s a little bit make sense if they are in college. With the business suit and all.. but if they are just highschooler.. err…

  3. I dont really mind if its the exact same thing ! As long as si won is the lead ! I have a feeling that he will tob min ho

  4. Why are u guys so pessimistic ! Abut si won getting into this why wouldn’t it be great ! And if it was the same thing ! Who cares as long as he plays it fine well ive seen other versions of korean framas that top it by miles *thai full house * so hoping for the best and I wanna see it ! When will it air ??

    • It would be IF he was using his own voice. But, I understand they dub in Chinese actors voices for Korean actors. I don’t watch anything with dubs. So, I’ve not seen his other Cdramas or TWdramas. What a waste, he should be promoting SJ- M.

  5. I dont feel a single thing about this drama. Even if Siwon oppa is acting in it. We’ll see what comes of it. Until then I’m going to watch something interesting…

  6. Do I see a white dude on the beach with siwon and the actress? How is this not heirs?? ………. and also wtf is with that axe??

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