Medical Spy Drama Dr. Stranger Drops Character Stills and Bipolar Toned 3rd Teaser

I find myself increasingly interested in the upcoming SBS drama Dr. Stranger genuinely because of the plot. It sounds so wacky but might be wacky enough to work. Lee Jong Seok plays a South Korean born but North Korean educated genius surgeon who escapes the regime and ends up working in a top notch hospital in Seoul. He’s been recruited there by top heart surgeon played by Park Hae Jin, though his educational path is less gritty and more Harvard-grad. I initially thought it would be a straight up medical drama about a fish-out-of-water doctor stranger from North Korea trying to ply his craft in the fast-paced South Korean medical field. Sorta like Good Doctor but substitute the autistic Joo Won doctor for the North Korean Lee Jong Seok one. Then the first previews dropped and now it seems like a spy thriller complete with torn apart first loves. Dare I call it a spy medical drama? The character descriptions for the two female leads have come out and shed more light on what sounds like a potential messy love quadrangle.

Jin Se Yeon plays two characters – one is the firsy love of Lee Jong Seok’s character who is torn from his side and he does not know where she is and what has happened to her, the second is the first love’s doppleganger in working at the same Seoul hospital as an anesthesiologist. She is a Korean raised in China and described as cool and capable, but no one knows anything about her background which leads Lee Jong Seok’s character to keep trying to determine whether she is his first love. It’s a fifty/fifty K-drama probability she’s the first love and/or the twin sister of the first love. Kang Sora‘s character is also a heart surgeon and works in the same cardiothoracic surgery department as her fiancee who is Park Hae Jin’s character. She is the illegitimate daughter of the hospital managing director but she grew up confident and elegant, a woman at ease in scrubs during surgery or wearing name brands at black tie events. She’s engaged to Park Hae Jin but her heart starts to waver when she meets Lee Jong Seok. Check out the character stills and first poster for the drama featuring the pretty quartet.

Third Teaser for Dr. Stranger (English-subbed)


Medical Spy Drama Dr. Stranger Drops Character Stills and Bipolar Toned 3rd Teaser — 21 Comments

  1. Koala, YOU are interested in this? We are talking about Lee Jong Seok right? Kekeke. Anyway I find it extremely funny in the above embed video in your post. “This will cause your heart to stop temporarily…” and it shows a naked body which I presume belongs to Jong Seok, haha.

  2. ok. I don’t like Lee Jong Seok’s hair here. I am trying very hard to look beyond that but I could not see pass ‘it’. I did watch I hear your voice and was suitably impressed with his acting there. But… I hope this is just for the stills and ‘it’ will not appear in the real show…

    • He has JIW’s Scheduler look from 49 days, don’t he?

      I will hear what everyone else says on this one and jump on the bandwagon later. Feels like they are trying really really hard. Especially with the Conan singing in the trailer.

      • Oh, you r right. He is spotting JIW’s 49 days look! Anyways, looking at the teaser, he looks better in the shower scene (when the hair is wet). But screaming shower scene..That is a first I think. The superficial bits aside, I agree with u. From the looks of the teaser, show is trying too hard. Show has doppelgänger, medical drama, espionage, messy love quadrangle (what?), etc. What is the genre here? melo medical spy drama? My curiosity is piqued. Hopefully, it doesn’t kill me.

  3. Let me get this straight. You a re engaged to someone played by Park Hae Jin and your heart starts to waver? Good thing, she is in a hospital because she needs her head and eyes and heart examined.

  4. Phew..even if the plot is good but since i really cant stand looking at lee jeon suk face for too long so i m gonna pass this drama:(

  5. Wow – it doesn’t take that many years to become a heart surgeon eh? I know kdrama suspension of belief – just go with it, it’s a drama 🙂

    Anyhow, I may be interested in this but not until after it finishes so I can marathon it. Sounds interesting.

  6. fighting se yeon,,u deserve as a female lead,,we as ur fans always support ur career,,just be ur self and ignore rude/hate comment from others,,

  7. The story looks soooo complicated….. But thanks god it have a funny scene (i think)….
    I like kang sora in ugly alert….never watch park hae jin…but he is soo handsome ^^.
    I ‘ll give it a try….hope the story will be good….and have a happy ending

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