Hyun Bin Hangs Out by the Beach with Horses for the Pages of W Korea Magazine

There are some magazine pictorials and go just over my head. Perhaps it’s too high brow or simply unattractive to make a point. The just released W Korea pictorial of the gorgeous Hyun Bin riding a horse on the beach is just a concept that is beyond me. Or maybe it’s not meant to have a concept and someone just thought Hyun Bin looked better with the beach wind combing through his hair, and then another person brought over two horse to break up the loneliness. I really don’t know, all I can see is Binnie looking fabulous while hanging with a regal steed by the beach. It’s no surprise he’s starting to be back in the news and magazines this month since he has a major movie to promote. Hyun Bin’s first post military project is also his first sageuk and all eyes are on whether he has improved since leaving for the military on a career high with the success of Secret Garden. His sageuk The Fatal Encounter (literal Korean title is The King’s Wrath) opens on April 30th in Korea with Hyun Bin playing King Jeongjo as he faces an attempted assassination on his life. He’s guarded by his trusted eunuch Jung Jae Young while Jo Jeon Seok is the young assassin sent to remove the king from power. Han Ji Min plays Dowager Queen Jeongsun who harbors no good will for King Jeongjo. The movie trailer looks fantastic and gives off the same dark stylish vibes as the box office hit sageuk Masquerade (Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King) with Lee Byung Hun. Until I check out the movie in theaters, it’s a nice treat to see Binnie lighting up the pages of W Korea even in weird outfits and oddly hanging out with a couple of horses.


Hyun Bin Hangs Out by the Beach with Horses for the Pages of W Korea Magazine — 23 Comments

  1. He seems to have lost a lof weight post military. His eyes seem to exude much more manliness than before. So looking forward to his come back.

  2. I feel that the concept is not bad actually. They can play up the bad boy/knight in shining armour angle or go for the sensitive soul angle shot with a fairy tale/ imagination glaze. But this (ie the pics above), just seems so random. Like they couldn’t get a female model for him to pose with so they conveniently just used a horse

  3. While I like the pictures,I totally don’t get the concept either. Probably, cause I was never into horses & the riding stuff. And cause I got a lot of gifts with a horse theme as a child, just because it was/ is trendy to give little girls this kind of stuff – ugh.

    BTW, I miss him badly in a drama. Please, do a drama soon.
    (And while I’m wishing, could you please make my shipping dream come true, and announce your relationship with HJW. I know, now I’m asking to much… 😉 I have to rewatch SG)

      • No, of course not. It’s just me and my wishful thinking… a shipper’s dreams. Sry, for the confusion

      • Even if they were in a relashionship (which they are not!), she would never admit a relationship until she gets married. She never did.
        On the other hand, he dated publicly before. So if I were to make a wish (hypothetically!),the chances are better to ask him than her 😉

  4. I wonder if he’s going to pull a Won Bin and never act in a drama again.

    I’m pretty sure his upcoming movie is going to be great.

  5. Is it just me or he seems younger(whereas we,others grow old, with wrinkly bits), but he really does look younger in these photos.

  6. If ONLY they put him in a ten gallon hat and cowboy boots………….. ………… …………. ………. and nothing in between. 😉

  7. Maybe its symbolic and has something to do with the fact that this year according to the Chinese Zodiac is the “Year of the Horse” for Hyun Bin this is HIS year for a successful comeback “THE YEAR of HYUN BIN” the horse is leading the way into the year for him..

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