Eric Reunites with Jung Yumi in Upcoming KBS Drama Discovery of Romance After 3-year Hiatus

2014 is clearly the year that K-drama ripped a page from the fanservice-y TW-drama handbook and started reuniting famous OTPs to the delight of drama fans around the world. First came My Girl costars Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae doing their darndest to elevate the makjang cray cray of weekend drama Hotel King, next comes Time Between Dog and Wolf cuties Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi donning a hanbok and time-traveling back to the late Joseon era for Joseon Gunman, plus we also have the double Jangs to look forward to with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara parlaying their Successful Story of a Bright Girl camaraderie and chemistry to see if they are Fated to Love You. I thought a three-peat was already a pinch-me-am-I-dreaming moment but the reunion rush isn’t ending yet as Shinhwa‘s Eric Moon has just been confirmed to reunite with his Que Sera Sera leading lady Jung Yumi in the upcoming KBS drama Discovery of Romance.

I know plenty of drama fans (myself included) is still dying for Eric to do a drama with Yoon Eun Hye after their X-Men chemistry and because she was supposed to be the leading lady in Que Sera Sera. Eric and YEH might still happen but I’m quite pleased Eric is dipping a toe back to dramaland with Jung Yumi and a great production team behind Discovery of Love, what with his major burn from his last drama Spy Myung Wol still lingering over him like the miasma of a really bad meal. Discovery of Love comes from the talented pen of the scriptwriter who wrote all three I Need Romance installments and centers around a furniture designer leading lady who searches for true love after the appearance of an ex-boyfriend back in her life. Eric plays the ex-boyfriend who is a successful and confident director of an interior design house. He wants to win above all else but when he meets his ex-girlfriend played by Jung Yumi is when he embarks on a journey in learning what is true love. It sounds all sorts of cliched but I love the pairing and have faith the scriptwriter can make it interesting and modern.

Que Sera Sera was so hot and steamy and complicated I’m still surprised it aired on a prime time major network. Love it and am hoping lightning strikes twice with these two. I am a little surprised Eric chose another KBS drama as his comeback after 3-years, what with Spy Myung Wol also airing on the network, but I guess one plagued production doesn’t equal an entire network being condemned to failure. I just need Discovery of Love not to suck so badly because if Eric takes another long break after yet another failed drama it’s going to be a blow for K-dramas since a fantastic, charismatic, and versatile actor like him isn’t a dime a dozen. Discovery of Affection doesn’t air until late August but I’m glad it’s gotten its ducks in a row and inked the leads. It might also be a sign that the script is promising if Eric and Jung Yumi are willing to sign on this early.


Eric Reunites with Jung Yumi in Upcoming KBS Drama Discovery of Romance After 3-year Hiatus — 29 Comments

  1. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae rocking their chemistry to the highest level, like 2 real lover confess their love in front of their fans.

  2. I will forever be waiting for the day Yoon Eun Hye costars with Eric. In ANYTHING. I still re-watch old X-Man clips of them 😉 Regardless, Eric’s role in Que Sera Sera is probably his best to date, so having Jung Yumi as his co-star again (with the added bonus of a hopefully good script) sounds reassuring. Now for YEH to make a comeback in great drama…

  3. Que Sera Sera was my first kdrama and I loved it. The elevator scene is one of my favourite scene! I’m really happy to see these 2 actors.

  4. “Que Sera Sera” was great but I had one big pet peeve: I hated it when she called him ‘ahjusshi’. It really annoyed me!

    But I’m so glad for this reunion. I love these two actors. Poor Eric didn’t have much luck with “Myung Wol the Spy”.

  5. Omg yes! Loved them in QSS. I really wish this drama wouldnt suck. I had high hopes for Myung Wol and watched it crash and burn :((

    2014 is definitely the year of drama OTP reunions. I want moar.

  6. I love Kdrama reunions. Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Da-Hae and Lee Dong-wook reunions rock my world. Now why did dramaland have to wait till 2014 before reuniting more actors with fabulous chemistry?

    I waited 9 years for the LDH-LDW reunion. I suppose I’ll be old and wrinkled by the time Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin reunite in any production. *sobs*

  7. just seeing those screencaps of QSS makes me want to watch it again. i really love the drama and love the last episode in particular. i just love how realistic it was that all these characters ended up leaving bad choices behind and even with regrets in life, continued on living and had personal growth from painful moments in their lives.

    and yes, so steamy. i was really surprised that both CP and QSS were made in 2007 when you see now that for some of the dramas, we are still stuck with dead fish kisses. only grouse i had with QSS was the awful awful fashion. in particular, jackets that had shorter sleeves than the shirts under them!!!!! who came up with this laaaaa???

    anyway, i love jung yu mi and eric and really look forward to them in a drama again!!

    • The earlier dramas had more freedom and waaaay better skinship. Today’s censors are actually stricter. Something something political party in power SK something.

      It must be so much fun to reunite. They wouldn’t even bother if they didn’t get along, right?

      • hah that sounds like us in malaysia! people were more liberal and open minded in the 70’s!

        yup. I guess they must liked working together. there were some bts where all three characters were laughing away while filming that angst ridden scene when eun Soo lost her baby just outside tae joo’s officetel.

  8. This Changjo heart of mine squealed at the news. Wasn’t fond of QSS and its ending, although the elevator kiss was priceless – mostly for its funny side. Now if *someone* on cable and/or main channels could please cast Cha Seung Won and Kim Suna as an OTP again…

  9. Looking forward to this, too.

    Although he was some sort of designer in QSS, too. Why do I think he should be a roofer, or handyman or some job that requires him to sweat a lot, maybe shirtless, maybe in shorts. You know?

  10. My heart just sank from disappointment!

    I was hoping for Jung Yumi to pass on this and pray that they offer the part to YEH and she says yes.

    I’m soooo dying to see YEH with Eric…their chemistry is going to be so strong it is going to be palpable.

    Oh well…..

    • Oh… idk…but JY is much better acting wise…her acting is stable , YEH overacts at times and the way she talkes is a bit off…so no..

  11. Looking all the comeback pairing u’ve mentioned i can’t help but hope for my fav pair to come to live. It’s about time for Gong Yoo and YEH pairing to rock the world. Who can’t deny their chemistry.

  12. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *screams in excitement* I LOVE QSS! Their chemistry was off the charts!

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