Kim Sun Ah Posts Adorable Selca of Her with Good Friend Jang Hyuk

It’s been awhile since Kim Sun Ah has been out in the public eye and that’s mostly due to her working less these past two years. This year she did have a headlining K-movie called The Five and drama-wise her last television appearance was two years ago in I Do, I Do with Lee Jang Woo. I miss her both for her brand of powerful woman acting and for the fact that it would be sad to see her career declining because of her age or other such lame reasons. Kim Sun Ah updated her SNS account this past week after months of silence as she posted a picture of her and Jang Hyuk. I’ve known Sun Ah and Hyukkie are really good friends since I love them both and follow their careers, but this might be news to some newer drama fans especially since they have never done a project together. Kim Sun Ah actually discussed her over a decade long good friendship with Jang Hyuk last year when she was interviewed during the filming of her movie The Five. They started out in acting at the same time in the same company and are almost the same age so they quickly became fast platonic friends and over the years their friendship involved discussing work projects and giving each other acting support.

When Sun Ah was filming The Five, she revealed that Jang Hyuk visited her on the set while he was in the vicinity while filming his drama IRIS 2, and even more heartwarming was that he was the only one of her close friends to visit her twice on the set for that movie making. I love that they can sustain a genuine different gender friendship that has lasted even after Jang Hyuk got married and is now the daddy to two boys. They also look sooooo cute together in that selca above that I now want them to do a drama together! I know folks loved the K-version of Fated to Love You but it was just okay for me in terms of keeping my interest and it’s 99% due to me watching the original and knowing the whole story already. Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah are two of the actors in the industry that I find almost always have raging hot chemistry with their costars so why not with each other for once? C’mon drama gods, make it happen! Two years ago they even attended mutual good friend Go Soo‘s wedding together so have some throwback pictures below, as well as some recent solo media pics of Kim Sun Ah as she made the rounds for her movie promos.

This is what Kim Sun Ah wrote as a caption to the secla posted above of her and Jang Hyuk:

“Hyukie who worked so hard as Gun oppa! It was a random coincidence to bump into you, but it was so nice seeing you! Long time no see! Still so handsome, kyah~ Always someone I want to thank, to learn a lot from, who always puts in tireless effort! Hope to be there for each other for a long long time~ just as we’ve been doing until now! Whenever, wherever!! I will always support you^^”

Below are some media pictures from this past July when Kim Sun Ah was out promoting her movie The Five.


Kim Sun Ah Posts Adorable Selca of Her with Good Friend Jang Hyuk — 26 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Kim Sun Ah in Sidus? I watched “I Do, I Do” mainly for her — filing it under my list of “dramas I won’t watch again” 🙁 Really wish she could find another good tv project.

    It’d be nice to see them two work together. I kinda want Jang Hyuk to do another rom-com. I love him in sageuk (Chuno!) but I really enjoyed watching him all clean and wearing suits ^^

  2. I want to see Kim Sun Ah with Cha Seong Won again. Surely, there must be a writer out there who can come up with a vehicle for the two of them (wistfully watching City Hall again).

    • *wistfully remembering City Hall* Yeah, that pairing was magical.

      Hyukie and Sun Ah could make for a great OTP, too… They each have amazing range (and are able to portray both gravitas and silliness for a single character), intelligence, and loads of chemistry.

      • Absolutely agree 100%! Both have the chops to handle comedy (as JH showed so magnificently in FTLY) and drama with much ease and heaps of appeal! I love them both to bits!!

    • YES! This needs to happen! City Hall is one of my favorite dramas and I haven’t come across one like it since watching. The chemistry between them and their stellar acting was such a treat.

  3. It seems like they should have worked together.

    They should do a sageuk. A really sexy one. I know! I know! Where she has to pretend to be a man. Yes. But only he knows as he falls more and more in love with her despite the danger of her powerful opposing father finding out and arresting him on trumped up treason charges…
    She has never been in one yet…Hmmm… I wonder why.

  4. Kim Sun Ah!!! Love and miss her in dramas. She’s the type I imagine is good friends or BFF’s with many of her peers because of her funny, down to earth personality while also being respected.

    Jang Hyuk seems the same way and I’m not surprised they’ve been good friends for so long. Love them both. Also, I wish I could see JH in real life, he’s just so handsome!

  5. I’ve always liked watching Kim Sun Ah, she is an amazing actress. Hope to see her on the small screen soon. Loved her best in City Hall, what an amazingly strong willed, emotionally invested for the people mayor, she portrayed that character so well.

  6. I want to see KSA and Hyukkie in a drama opposite each other too!!! I was thinking this the other day. The fighting and sassying kind. No dull moment. Drama gods – you absolutely have to make this happen just as ms koala says!!! I would be all over that. I can’t see them in a sageuk together but fusion one would be awesome!!

    CSw and KSA would be good too.

  7. Love her! She’s so gorgeous and seems like a really awesome lady! Love lots of her dramas wish to see her in another one soon rom com of course! And I Would love for her to find a wonderful husband! Kinda off topic but it’s like how I wish Kim Jong kook would find his perfect match & get married!

  8. oh yes! Kim Sun Ah and Jang Hyuk, tow of my fave and yes hoping that they will have a drama soon. that would be precious!

    a rom-com would be great!

    thanks for this post!

  9. I have wanted a drama with these two to happen for soooooooooooo long T_T

    KSA once said she has an agreement with Hyukkie that they will do a love story together when they grow old (so I assume like a love story of a Halbae and Halmoni? LOL)…I hope this will come true but I surely don’t mind a collaboration between the two come much earlier than that!

  10. I would like to see them in something together but as friends with each married to someone else. I think she is headed behind the camera as there are limited types of roles in K-dramas for late 30’s plus women.

  11. I love Kim Sun-Ah.

    Not enough to watch meh stuff like I Do, I Do, but I’ve enjoyed her in every thing I’ve seen of her.

    She’s also beautiful and seems to have a beautiful personality, too. I wonder why she isn’t married yet.

  12. Before Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Sun Ah was the only actress I ever really liked. I miss her and would love to see her onscreen again (especially opposite CSW again). Your story about her friendship with JH is heartwarming and makes me want to see them onscreen together too now!

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