Lee Min Ho’s Asia Domination Continues with Re: Minho Fan Tour and New Mini-album Song For You

I’m not going to fault Lee Min Ho for doing this since there is clearly an audience for whatever he’s selling. Lee Min Ho is spending October and November on a series of Asian fan meetings with all of October devoted to hitting up four of China’s biggest cities. He’s calling it the Re: Minho Tour, but I think it’s more aptly named Do You Have Money You Want to Give Me Tour. His fans will be thrilled because he’s debuting new original tracks for the fan meeting to go along with singing songs from his last mini EP My Everything.

The new songs will be released in mid-October on a new mini EP called Song for You. I burst out laughing upon hearing that album title because the original drama name for the currently airing RainKrystal drama My Lovely Girl was actually Song for You. Talk about a quick recycle. The post topping picture was released by Lee Min Ho’s agency as part of the promo for the Re: Minho Tour, and if the image of Lee Min Ho looking like a romance novel hero riding in on a white steed doesn’t scream the appeal he wants to convey, then I don’t know how much more obvious he needs to get. Have a listen to all the tracks below.

His devoted fans will think nothing of gobbling up the tickets to his fan meetings even as I can’t imagine attending even if I was comped the ticket and someone paid me. Crowds are not my thing nowadays and if I have to brave the throngs it better be for an epic show like an U2 concert or Bey and Jay-Z’s On the Run tour, much less for Lee Min Ho’s brand of vanilla singing and dancing.

Official teaser video for the Re: Minho Tour:

Okay, I get the whole English gentleman concept, what with the tux riding a horse on the beach and even the Hunter boots he’s wearing. But why is he holding a shotgun in one scene? Is he going grouse hunting to feed his damsel? And if he’s an English country gentleman then why is he living in a mobile home on the beach as well?

Have a listen to the just released full mini-album below. I actually like it as much as I liked his first mini-album, all the songs are really easy to listen to in a pleasant but unmemorable way. Sadly Lee Min Ho’s ability to sing hasn’t improved, it’s barely passable and his voice isn’t one of those smexy ones that can overcome a mediocre delivery. Even with his singing I still feel like he’s King of Vanilla.

Track list:

1. Paradise In Love
2. 노래할게 (Song For You)
3. Stalker
4. Travel
5. Burning Up

Lee Min Ho “Song for You”:

Lee Min Ho “Burning Up”:

Lee Min Ho “Paradise in Love:

Lee Min Ho “Stalker”:

Lee Min Ho “Travel”:


Lee Min Ho’s Asia Domination Continues with Re: Minho Fan Tour and New Mini-album Song For You — 67 Comments

  1. I would go if someone comped my ticket and paid me…hehehe. I appreciate his looks and his acting, as I loved him as Gu JunPyo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and in subsequent dramas like ‘City Hunter.’ However, I really hate it when they make actors sing and dance – maybe they want to – but really, it’s not great and Lee Minho is no exception. I do think if the k-entertainment keeps it up in watering down quality (with interchanging actors with singers/dancers), the future will be pretty bleak.

    • I hate it too, especially since LMH once criticized idols for going into acting. I find it hypocritical. His fans say, “It’s different because he’s not trying to be an idol, he just wants to do this for his fans.” Uh, is he singing for free? No, he’s charging people hundreds of dollars to go see him sing and dance. That is no different than what an idol does. And I read that full videos of his fan meets were even taken off Youtube. So much for “doing it for his fans”. Apparently he’s only doing it for his fans that are rich enough to pay.

      • mte. i once voiced out the fact that i wished actors would stop singing and dancing so much. and then the reply i got was that “there’s nothing else actors can do at a fanmeet. you can’t expect them to stand there and act out a monologue” and i guess that makes sense too?

        i mean i heard they made woobin cook (?!!) at his fanmeet and i guess that doesn’t make any more sense than making him sing.

        and LMH’s fanmeet tickets are crazy expensive i definitely won’t pay that amount of money to see him.

  2. As you know, I’m one of the rare one who actually love his Personal Taste, but honey, please just concentrate on one thing….* I know I will get slaughtered by his fangirls

    • He’s been singing that one since the post BOF craze.
      I think all actors-who-just-had-a-hit are required to sing this on the TV.

      It’s like that I Love You song THT does…very nicely, I might add.

  3. LOL at grouse hunting!

    Nothing says undying breathless romantic love like dropping a brace of fowl at your woman’s feet. Kinda like what cats do to please their people.

  4. Ockoala, I just loved you more. The Bey and Jay concert was Everything! Goodness.
    Lol,sorry for going off topic. LMH is so bland to me that I can’t imagine going to this. Especially since the songs are also unmemorable.
    I hope I like his acting in his new movie. I desperately need him to switch things up.and try new things

  5. LMH is taking advantage of all the monetary opportunities that come his way. Don’t blame him since there are deep pockets in China. I wonder what his net worth is….

      • This vanilla boy gives her site hits. She could skip over his posts and concentrate on things she actually likes. But LMH means hits to her site, and I guess, like she says LMH is trying to get our money, it sure seems like she is too, with her vanilla posts. Hehe

    • It’s disappointing LMH fans can’t decipher nuance in how I write about him. I’ve always liked LMH, I don’t love him anymore but I still like him. I wouldn’t write about him if I didn’t like him, but liking him doesn’t require that I fawn over everything he does and give him a thumbs up unconditionally without critical analysis. I’ve probably liked him way earlier than most of his fans. I’ve liked him since Mackarel Run in 2007 so that’s 7 going on 8 years now that I’ve followed his career. If you guys all watched him in MR during 2007 when it aired and liked him back then then let’s talk. I loved him to pieces in Boys Before Flowers.

      He was like a ridged potato chip back them, all grooves to catch the tasty dip and potential for so many uses and possibilities. Since then it’s all gone flat for me. He went from being a dense Ruffles to a thin Lays. Sure I still like Lays, it’s a potato chip at the end of the day, yes? But what happened to the grooves and the thick cut goodness? Why so thin and bland nowadays, Min Ho? That’s the crux of my sadness when seeing him continually churn out safe vanilla products, roles, and projects one after another. It’s inoffensive but I glimpsed greatness once in him that has either vanished or remain untapped, the potential for explosive charisma to mark him as a once-in-his-generational K-actor.

      • Lol. Sometimes the comments on this blog makes me think some all Kpop fans wandered across with their immature comments. Why would you care about hits for this article? Are you like a commercial site? No. It’s a personal blog.

        Chips? Lee Min Ho used to be like a hot just baked potato. Oozing steam and just waiting for the dollop of sour cream to make it perfect. Now he’s like the baked potato in a cafe.Left there for hours and slightly chewy. But still saleable.

        All I can say is – after all that’s happened. Please don’t get caught in a scandal.

      • You surely has high expectation at LMH. As a fellow fangirl I hope he will live up to your expectation. But, Nobody is perfect and in this crazy korean entertainment industry you need to do things out of your own will.

      • You just put all my feelings for LMH perfectly together..only difference is that I haven’t been following him since his Mackerel Run only since BoF and I have watched everything he’s done since then

      • I feel like you are saying he is too huge and popular now. Imagine the huge weight and stress he is taking to live up to his status. If you talk about money, then everything is involved with money. Even we are watching free k-dramas, there is still money issue.

      • LOL, I agree. There’s no harm in being a fan and not a fangirl….there are those that are squealing over the fact that he breathes air.

        “Did you see him inhale, isn’t he awesome?”

        “Don’t we all breathe and stuff?”

        “You don’t want him to do well or respect him”

        This is the kind of response I got from The Heirs forum at Soompi when I dared to critically comment on the series. I post got 20+replies about how much a hater I was and shouldn’t watch blah, blahs.

        The dude is seriously in danger of being typecasted because he’s getting to be very one note, solid but one note. See me yell, see me cry, see me, cry yell and now he’s running. Perhaps he should’ve done something quirky like Iron Man or JGS’s Pretty Man (that would’ve been interesting, not hating on JGS)

        Hopefully GB wil be a step away from the usual LMH characters we’ve seen already. But, from the stills I think not.

      • Ok, I don’t detect any nuance in your post with all the bey and jay comparison along with ruffles and thin lays. That’s nuance? I see. You can be disappointed in me (or is this a projection on the entire fandom?), in the same way I am disappointed in your post. It goes both ways. I’m just pointing out the obvious that you sure have been posting about him a lot for someone who strikes you as vanilla.

        And yes, I’ve been watching him since Mackarel as well. He has his ups and downs.

      • @SH

        But your entire assumption is flawed in that you assume there is an hypocrisy in posting about LMH when I think his latest works and persona have all been vanilla. What’s wrong with writing about him because I still like him but find him underwhelming lately? That’s not contradictory to lead you to feign confusion as to why I write about him a lot. I write about LMH because I still like him, vanilla and all, how hard is that to understand?

      • @ockoala, but I haven’t assumed anything. I made an observation, and you made an assumption based off it. I’ve just noticed that you have posted about him often recently, especially for someone whom you find vanilla. And it’s a curious thing for me. Whether you like him or not, that’s your preference. But now I know since you’ve expressed your reason for posting about him. And that’s that.

        I’m not asking you to fawn over him if you don’t want to. But I’m disagreeing with the “tone” of your critical analysis. You can do critical analysis on someone’s career without excessive metaphors.

    • I wonder if LMH’s fans realise that whatever mean remarks they post attacking the blogger reflects badly on their bias? That people would dislike the actor/idol not because of the actor/idol himself but because of his fandom?
      Anyway, it’s true that LMH’s recent projects have not been terribly exciting. However, he looks awesome in his new movie, he reminds me of Won Bin. Hoping that this will be a breakthrough for him.

      • What mean remarks are you referring to? I can’t disagree with the tone or posting behavior of the blogger. It’s not about me being a fan or not a fan. How about take it as a reader who finds her post, like this, one excessive? It’s not the first time posters have complained about her writing, and there’s obvious reason for that, Koala just divides opinions.

      • I wasn’t referring to you as your remarks are cleverly innocuous, but to the post after yours. Don’t be so sensitive. I do find that LMH’s recent projects after CH have not been as good as I hoped, but GB is looking good.

  6. LOL @ the video~ what odd transitions (e.g. holding a shotgun, then a few seconds later, a bouquet of Baby’s Breath).

    My love for him is a lot less ardent than it used to be (I agree with the Ruffles→Lays potato chip analogy). However I still love to look at him (my inner teen likes the shot of him on the white steed), and I have this residual fondness for him. I hope that Gangnam Blues has helped him to up his game, and that doing his military service will further help him grow as an actor. I want him to blow me away again like he did in BOF.

    • I want my ardent love to come back. My drama friends and I used to have a couple of nicknames for him in the post BoF and pre PT days. He was either LMHMG – Lee Min Ho My God! or Lee Min HoT. The same disappointment that dogs me around Lee Min Ho is the exact same feeling when I see overhyped Kim Soo Hyun these days. He was soooooo groundbreaking as the young Go Soo in Will it Snow for Christmas and then Dream High, followed by a balloon deflating in charisma and acting potential not fulfilled.

      • they’re so successful and wealthy, maybe they’re getting complacent and they’re not as ‘hungry’ as they were before the hype – i really get what you’re saying…

  7. Just listened to the first 2 tracks and Lee Min Ho’s voice is pleasant enough, and at least he stays in tune (and it sounds like without autotune), but I don’t feel anything when I hear his songs.

    Like the lyrics in his second song, “I wanna feel your love” but I don’t feel anything listening to your voice and I don’t feel like he feels anything when listening to his singing.

    And that’s the difference between real singers and people who can keep things in tune. He sounds like he’s just concentrating on sounding “good” and “correct” without actually infusing the song with any emotion (which was my problem with Kang Ha Neul’s singing in Monstar).

    Oh well, his fans will be happy and he’ll make lots of money from it. So, I guess, in the end the people who really care will be happy.

  8. Again, everything is all about money. Money, money and more money. I just hope that LMH knows how to save his “moolah”. I say after listening, he can carry a tune but not considered a good singer. I still like all your reviews Ms. Ockoala.

  9. Ah… my first k-drama crush! I am so glad he is doing well, even though I like him way better as an actor, than a singer. But I hope he gets to do what he likes, and no what his company tells him to do. After all, that what matter, right? that the boy is happy!

  10. I don’t like his singing that much just like you. But I like him a lot as an actor. His only disappointing role for me was in Heirs. That’s why I’m really excited for GB and for him to blew me again.
    I was actually waiting for a post from you on GB trailer hehe.. I like it a lot.
    P.s- Your post on PT and LMHMG at thundie’s. That was first post that I read from you. Good old days 🙂

  11. People stop talking about money and money. You guys are the ones only know about money. Dont you know LMH is donating the whole income of his goods sale during his tour? And everyone knows that goods income is the most lucarative part of the tour.

  12. Love the rrrrrrruffles analogy and it made me hungry.

    We know that LMH isn’t sitting around his appt wondering how much more money he can make. His agents are sitting in their counting house counting all the money they are making off of him, calculating how to make that increase. And it’s not because of their undying loyalty and affection for him, his skills and his future that they stay near and bow low.

    So maybe what the boy’s plan is is to follow the cash trail up to the gates of military camp. Do his service, leave the boy behind and emerge a more focussed man actor. Afterward, if he is still a hot commodity, he can be the one calling the shots and picking projects that please him, that make him grow. Sure his agents will be all over him to produce more and more and more, but by then, there may be a new rising star to take the hot white focus off him.

    Or, he could just really be that bland and really really thought that Heirs was a quality project, and that is the best we are going to see from him.
    Only time will tell.

  13. If LMH only cares about money then he does not need to put this much effort and time into his album and singing. He just need to accept several CF offers which are sill pouring toward him. He has received over 60 CF offers in the game area alone. Imagine that.

  14. To sing for his fans and interact with his fans is his passion. The boy hardly has his own time and hardly rest. Can not deny he is still an actor at first, but he needs to do what he likes to have some happiness out of his crazy life?

  15. Gyus , do not forget that through PROMIZ, LMH donates money and helps small villages in Africa.
    Yes he is the gold goose for his agency but on the other hand he tries to give back helping people.
    Loved him and love him even more now because he looks as a decent guy with a very down to earth personality.

    • Does he actually donate anything himself? News articles said PROMIZ collects donations from fans (which is still good), but said nothing about him donating money himself.

      • Yes. If you join the site there is some money automatically donate to the cherity. You should join^^

  16. you know sometime it might not be his decision to charge money or not..im sure the company want the profit out of everything he do LOL

  17. For all the Heir that’s Lee Min Ho, you got to acknowledge he is a huge success and making good money. Who cares if he has no talent or a dried up potato chip, he has made enough to not need work after military.

  18. Give me one name who is hanllyu star and has not done any fan meeting over asia yet. As far as I know all of those fan meetings are charged and actors often sing songs as a fan service. The fact that LMH took so much time and effort to his fan meeting and prepared for it is making me admire him more. He is such a perfectionist to everything he dose.

    • Most of them should stop singing – i’ve seen some cringe worthy performances, it’s almost sad. It may be better to show off a skill that they have besides acting. Or spend the time taking photos with his fans.

    • Actually, Joo Won is going to do a free fan meeting soon. Also, Joo Won has allowed full videos of his fan meetings to be on Youtube.

      • i will remember this about joo won will do a free fan meeting. Because he is “going to do”. hopefully later there’s no article for joo won ticket price ok,

      • yes, your tone just big no no for LMH koala. I notice every article about him you always put “awkward comment”. It’s good for you to have high expectation about him, but could you pls give him some respect? If you are so disappointed with him, pls just stop writing article about LMH. why for other popular actor article you ask for understanding while for him is exception? He’s also a human that need to be respected, he doesn’t need more harsh criticism from your article. Let him enjoy his popularity with his own way would you?

  19. The tour still with him on a white steed looks like an ad for a R-cover trying to replace Fabio or another he-man. “Vanilla”, you said? ROFLOL.

  20. What is wrong with vanilla? Vanilla is my favorite. My inside fan girl is sceaming as soon as I see the stills. Hot boy. I would pay double the price of U2 ticket to go to this vanilla boy’. Good luck to your tour and have a vacation afterwards. Oh wait, He still needs to do promotion for his movie. Looks like he will never get a rest. Poor boyㅠㅠ

  21. I will no longer give your site hits. I am of the opinion that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. If I were you, I would spend my time talking about something I like instead of bashing something I don’t particularly care for.

  22. @koala how would you know if LMH’s camp didn’t come up with the album title first? and you must already know his brand of singing since this is his 2nd album, but you still coudn’t just pass it up.

    and btw, i love vanilla topped with a sprinkle of LMH so just to hear him sing i’d pay twice as much the prize of B & U2’s concerts combined.

  23. talents are free gift from God some have more than one not in all that they are perfect practice makes perfect what of people that can not figure out their talent or people that have cannot make use of them? We correct with love and some do appreciate, but correction with abuses is a way of trying to bring somebody down also looking for others to join you plus it is very unfair the concept about. RE:MINHO,was not planned by h the interpretation from them may differ from yours nothing is so easy am worried about. Working without rest!LMH needs vacation.He’s a cool guy,humble,funny,generous!even if all the donations not from him he asked people to join him and for the love his fans have for him they gave Are you not a giver? many people can spend their last to pay and watch football etc they are all CELEBRITIES!which.of the area are you gifed?find out and develop it!LMH is popular doing his own smiling to his bank truly the guy is gifted handsome,cool!!!!!!

  24. Do you know that some are born to be loved in whatever they. do,doing wherever they go,say,people,do not see “Much of there shortcomings for they are like “DAVID in the Bible(am sorry for I am a christian,if,you are one and understands d the Bible “David is a man after God’s Heart)LMH is not the best Actor,but”FAVOUR”is his secret you can not question it or remove already favored like David so keep moving do not waste your time on him!

  25. They are coming to defend! LOL Why so uber sensitive people? Koala is just voicing her opinion- be it positive or negative- in her own blog, that’s all.

    • Yes they are… so funny to read actually. As you said this is Koala’s own blog, she can write anything she wants, it’s up to us if we agree or not.

      And, now my opinion: Lee Min Ho’s agency is making their profits mostly on him. Starhaus doesn’t have strong names among their actors, among agencies is still a small one. So, they found their “holy grail” and they are using it. If Korean tax system is similar to the rest of the world donations mean exemptions can be made, that’s normal and it’s not a sin but fangirls must know it. Fan meetings are made to make money, usually they are another income for actors besides their work in dramas or movies.

      What I don’t like of his fan meetings and albums is their lack of quality… yes, they are lacking a lot. He hasn’t improved his singing in anyway, he’s a bad show man and because of that his agency covers with a band, lights and back up singers and dancers, making the show more expensive. He actually doesn’t rehearse a lot, the others do; let’s be real, with countless CFs who would have enough time? The albums are poorly designed and done in haste, but as Koala said, as his fans pay for anything so there is “no need” to care. He’s acting is now in a comfort zone and he seems to live in a bubble made by his managers to keep him under control.

      One thing that calls my attention is that Gangnam 1970 doesn’t fit on this way of management; for what I remember it was negotiated just after finishing Faith – even before of Heirs – but filming got delayed, so I see it as an exception. He has basic acting skills and good look, he can do better but right now his projects are focused on making him more popular, specially after Faith showed he still wasn’t very well accepted among a more adult public.

      To finish: Lee Min Ho is a public figure and as such his career and projects are subject of criticism. His personal life is another thing, that must be respected. I still think he could be a better actor, not the best of his generation but a decent and worthy to watch one. Only time will tell if he will achieve it or not.

  26. Very like but could you please tell me now about that later want to be touch with Lee min hoo and please tell me that what’s email address of lee min hoo or his phone number when you find it please send me a massage in my Gmail .my Gmail is “nazari niki Gmail. com .bye bye

  27. ockoala, Thank you for your very funny post. It totally made my day! I am also a big Lee Min Ho fan, and I do respect your views. It is precisely because we love the person that we see what’s good and bad, without love getting diminished (in my case definitely). It is such a breath of fresh air. To be honest, I didn’t listen to his songs in the Song For You album (I wasn’t interested) after seeing 1 song in YouTube, which was not inspiring. Still, I love him. Because I also read the comments, I found out that there was also “Thundie’s Prattle” posts on LMH, which were totally funny, too! Please do keep on writing about LMH — I will keep on reading.

  28. ockoala, I feel just like you about all this re:minho tour, or whatever it this. I still like LMH a lot(I even suffer from a mental disorder: the LMH syndrome, which means I am allmost crazy about him). I know this is not available to you anymore. I read almmost everything you write about LMH. Even I found him adorable, I admire and I respect him, I am really disappointed sometimes. I don’t know why he wears on stage some silk clothes, a golden (sparkling) coat or a ridiculous hat (which I hate seeing him wearing it)? Hwo is in charge about his look? And what about the T shirt with his dog’s picture?!!! Is this his new look? He promised a “manly” new look. Could it be this??!!!
    By the way, I love the leather jeans and all the black T-shirts. But whitout any dog!

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