Comedic Reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Back Releases First Teaser Preview

Not bad, not bad at all. The first teaser preview is out for the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama now officially called Mr. Back. It used to be known as Mr. Baek for the last name of the age-reversing male lead, which granted wasn’t terribly clever or memorable, but now with Mr. Back I just think baby got back for some reason. All three main leads Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Nara, and Lee Joon make an appearance in this first teaser, a comedic melange of scenes from the drama that highlight a very Korean comedic feel.

Shin Ha Kyun’s ridiculous 80 year old make up aside, everyone looks good in character, especially Lee Joon who I have to admit was never attractive to me until this particular look he’s sporting in MB. Jang Nara looks incredibly fresh-faced for someone who just powered through a 20 episode drama where she had to cry a lot. At least we know the performance quality¬†will be top notch with this one, here’s to hoping the story matches the acting talent.

First teaser for Mr. Back:


Comedic Reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Back Releases First Teaser Preview — 9 Comments

  1. It looks good but to be honest,I kind of bore with Jang Nara.I mean I just watched her in Fated to love you only 3 months ago!

  2. I read somewhere JNR is going to do another drama with Jang Hyuk… Did u hear that Capt. Koala ?
    That would be like making most of her time while in Korea… That is if she’s no longer thinking of moving in China… I for one happy for the news… Lol… Missed her too much while she’s gone…

    • It was one episode drama for MBC Drama Festival. It’s called Old Goodbye from FTLY female PD. She already filming the drama with Jang Hyuk last weekend. It’s look really good and cute.

  3. I thought Lee Joon was one sexy and handsome psycho in Gap Dong …with the long hair over his eyes and even with the latter shorter cut…I just felt guilty for thinking he was hot when he was soooo crazy!

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