Pinocchio Continues the High School Era Sweetness in Third Drama Preview

It’s Wednesday so more Pinocchio goodies! It’s either that or more My Lovely Girl crud, which sadly I’ll be sharing later, but let’s enjoy some promising stuff first. Pinocchio premieres next week right on schedule and remains my most anticipated drama. I not only like leads Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye, the story board also sounds quite up my alley. Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok play television reporters in their adult incarnations, but they actually have known each other much longer than that with a rather unique “family” connection.

Lee Jong Seok is rescued by Park Shin Hye’s grandfather when he’s just a high school student and the grandfather believes Lee Jong Seok is his long-lost at sea youngest son. He goes along with the misconception and joins their family, thereby becoming Park Shin Hye’s “uncle” who happens to be the same age. The latest preview shows cuteness galore as they attend the same high school and live under the same roof, thereby efficiently doubling the interaction opportunity for the OTP. Bring on the fauxcest, drama!

3rd preview for Pinocchio:


Pinocchio Continues the High School Era Sweetness in Third Drama Preview — 14 Comments

  1. Is it possible for PSH to choose any more one dimensional roles than she already did? I`m glad she has that movie coming out where at least she will look different ,if not act different. But i feel like she is playing the same character over and over again in her last few projects.

    As for LJS ,that hair is a mess but at least we won`t confuse him for Doctor Stranger.

    • *Copy & paste for the 134th time*: Drama is 20 eps. The childhood/HS part will only last for a couple of eps & then we will see them as young tenacious reporters in the big city (makeover for both characters).

    • How is it the same? just because she wears uniform it’s the same? Ok then!
      I don’t see her role and Heirs role similar at all…. I don’t even know what do people want by keep complaining either? Within the last 5 years, she went from nun pretending like boy in You’re beautiful, to this cool sassy girl that has a 1 side love in Cyrano Agency, to musical college student in Hearstrings, to the rich bossy girl in TW drama Hayate the Combat Butler, to a ghost in Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost, the the isolated Dokmi who hid herself in her apartment while stalking her neighbor in Flower boy next door,to a young lawyer that loves her dad in Miracle in Cell No. 7 to the poor highschool girl being dragged around in Heirs, to the lonely sad queen in The Tailors, now to a young reporter who can’t lie in Pinocchio…
      She has the face and body for certain images and roles that people would offer her. The girl want to play evil and action too, but no one give it to her yet… Is it her fault then?
      Besides acting she even tried dancing, singing, playing musical instrument to entertain her fans. Like what’s else should she do to please others? I wonder. This poor girl

      • Please don’t justify her acting with her roles. All actors/actresses has always different roles every production but this doesn’t mean they act different or showed different side of them as actors/actresses. Park Shin Hye always gives similar acting and vibes in most of her production whatever her role is.She’s been acting for more than a decade for Gods sake. She’s not a bad actress but she is yet to show what she’s capable of as an actress and broaden her acting range. I really like her but even as a fan of her myself I get tired seeing her acting, then how much more the others?Yeah,I agree that people should this first before judging her again I hope she’ll be different her and in “The Tailor”.

  2. why dont you call her to say why she keeps picking same project every all the sure she will listen to,did you guys thinks she only gets the script she want?imagine,girl have been singing it in all her interview that she wants to act an action film.did u think if she got the script for an action film,she would decline it and chose to pick another project?Think!!shin hye is not from a big management or,its not easy for her to get whatever script she desire or for her to be pickin….

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