Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon Celebrate the Filming Wrap for C-movie The Third Love

Time just zoomed right by for Song Seung Heon‘s long stay in China to film the romantic melo C-movie The Third Love. Costarring C-actress Crystal Liu, a certifiable screen goddess that has yet to breakthrough on the acting front, Song Seung Heon might’ve lucked into working with his opposite gender C-counterpart in producing double the pretty onscreen. The movie is based on the same name C-novel and describes the love between a high powered female lawyer and the rich CEO who hired her to litigate a case for his company.

They fall in love but he’s stuck with a rich fiancee he can’t get rid off and the female lead’s younger sister is also obsessed with him, hence her romance is described as the third love meaning she’s basically the third wheel. The plot sounds extremely cliched and probably will make me want to headdesk if she doesn’t end up with him because of her crazy little sister’s one-sided crush or if the rich fiancee uses suicide to pressure him into marry her, or some equally lame shit move like that. Here’s hoping this movie turns out watchable because the two leads are really really gorgeous to behold together.

Even though this is a C-movie, in addition to the main lead being a Korean actor, the director is also a famous Korean Lee Jae Han who directed Into the Fire and A Moment to Remember. AMTR is one of my favorite movies and the lovely directing manages to turn maudlin terminal illness into epic romance fodder. On an unrelated note, I can’t get over the Rain-Crystal-Tae Hee-Seung Heon foursome connection – Kim Tae Hee worked on My Princess with Song Seung Heon while she’s dating in real life Rain, while Rain worked on the C-movie For Love or Movie with Crystal, who then moved right into filming The Third Love with Song Seung Heon. Maybe Crystal and Kim Tae Hee can do a lesbian romance movie next while Song Seung Heon and Rain need some bromance road movie to tie their interwoven web all together.


Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon Celebrate the Filming Wrap for C-movie The Third Love — 12 Comments

  1. To each its own, right? I don’t get the fuss over this empty shell for that’s all I see on that pic of SSH. Sure he’s got abs but so do lots of k-celebs. He’d left me indifferent if I were to cross path with him.
    Now the bouquet is a whole different story. I could stare for hours at the beauty of the flowers, their fragrance, how they were nicely arranged, and how they’d fit into my vases.

  2. OMG LOLing at work at your Six degrees… In that one still, SSH shure looks like he is thinking smart lawyer type things, but it’s prolly more like…”I like movies, I can sleep in my own bed at night.”

  3. To me, SSH’s acting skill has never been over-whelming but I grew up with “Autumn Tale”, and that drama alone (regardless of how makjang it was) makes me see him in sparkles and stars all this time. Man, he was gorgeous then (still good-looking now though).

    And the novel sounds like a typical angsty romance C-novel. Does not mean that it is bad. I love angsty romance C-novel. I guess the book is already finished then? Maybe someone who can read Chinese can spoil whether it has HE or SE?

    • I don’t think anybody will argue about his acting prowers. But I think his acting has improved significantly in When A Man Fall In Love.

      And although I don’t see him with sparkles and stars like you do ^_^ I agree that he is definitely gorgeous.

      I just didn’t realize how gorgoeus he is until one day my eyes was caught by a face, a face in the middle of so many other faces, for a second I wondered why that particular face stood out so effortlessly. After another second it registered that that face was rather similar to SSH. Not exactly that perfect but the lines were there, the shadow of that beautiful man was there. And even that was enough to draw the eyes.

      I can’t imagine the stunning effect of the real man if I ever encourter him face to face.

  4. He was charming in My Princess – especially the stairs scene when he kisses Tae Hee. He had a Cary Grant charm (George Clooney too!) in that scene. But yes – he’s not the world’s greatest actor most of the time.

  5. Oh the man doesn’t have a bad photo, even his goofy faced ones look georgeous.

    And I think his acting abilities (whatever there is of them) are best suited to rom coms. He does makjang/melo pretty well to but he has to be surrounded by good and/or likable co actors (East of Eden), otherwise he stinks the screen (When A Man Loves).

    I like him and will watch whatever to gaze at the pretty (head duly hung in shame)

  6. He actually wasn’t too bad in some parts of When a Man Loves, particularly in the scenes with his younger brother. I found their reunion quite touching. Can’t stand him with the chinless female lead though. But mostly because she was pretty damn awful.

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