Park Min Young Looking Fresh and Lovely as Healer’s Intrepid Reporter

I’m a little bit rooting for Park Min Young‘s career now that she climbed back out of a major nearly two year long slump. She’s not a fave of mine and frankly the only performance of hers I’ve ever liked was in the horrible written KBS drama Man of Honor (Glory Jane). That drama tried my brain cells and patience as my recaps got more and more ragey, but in the first half of the drama when the narrative still made sense Park Min Young was really wonderful playing a Candy that managed to not feel stale.

Her comeback this year has been very smartly crafted with back-to-back promising drama choices. First came a serious drama with aΒ great lead like Kim Myung Min in A New Leaf and now her upcoming drama is with hit screenwriter in Song Ji Na behind Healer, which is also stacked with two solid leading men in Yoo Ji Tae and Ji Chang Wook. I also think she looks ridiculously adorable in her character stills for Healer, I’ve a penchant for long hair but Park Min Young is rocking the short messy bob in ways that elicit hair envy from me. The cute beanie and scarf complete the look perfectly.

One reason I’m inclined for her to really comeback as a drama leading lady is because she was basically K-drama’s “It Girl” during the dramas of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, and Man of Honor only to stumble with Dr. Jin and then basically disappear off the radar for nearly two years. It also wasn’t easy dating Lee Min Ho for a few months and being persona non grata to his legion of fangirls.Β Being the “It Girl” sucks because it’s all hype and too much expectation, whereas I think Park Min Young is actually a decent actress that was never meant to be the next big thing but could have had a solid career but for the over-exposure. I thought she was decent in ANL but that drama was all about Kim Myung Min’s character so she didn’t have much chance to stretch herself. I hope she can shine in Healer the way she really impressed me in MoH, and this time the drama will likely be a smarter story.


Park Min Young Looking Fresh and Lovely as Healer’s Intrepid Reporter — 24 Comments

  1. She looks really good with the new do! Also, I applauded her decision to take on the role in ANL, choosing to work with an experienced actor and hopefully improve her own craft, even if the Drama was let down in the end by the story cut. I’m beginning to hav second thoughts about Healer now too. I wasn’t going to watch it, but now that she’s in, I’m tempted to check it out partly because she looks great and partly because my inner contrarian wants to sock it to all the vilification she gets on my Twitter timeline! πŸ˜€

  2. Nice written article and interesting read but still dry? something is missing dear Ockoala?

    Your going the old days robin hood road by bashing household names with huge popularity into newbies and overprasing unknown, casual actors and has beens.

    And by this I don’t mean Park min Young(Cuz I consider her one of the good actress)

  3. this style is getting Ockoala? we know that you love the unknown and like to give way praises like charity but its getting boring.

    rather give credit where credit is due.. Your numbers will rise! But lord have mercy on our souls this is sadly a blog where a has been like Yoo ji-tae is described as a top actor or unknown Ji Chang-wook as a top actor. while the top actors and actress with huge fanbase and internationally famous gets bashed for even a little shirt or outfit. I can’t believe how ppl read this biased robin hood blog.

    • Her “biased robin hood blog” is plenty attractive already, it seems, since even you, hating it as you do, can’t seem to stay away from it.
      At any rate, I’m pretty sure Ms. Koala is happy enough with her blog stats as they are and doesn’t need your advice on how to raise her numbers. Or are you perchance running a more popular site than hers? Not that it would qualify you to offer such unsolicited advice, and in such a rude manner.
      I don’t always agree with her either, but it’s her site, and of course that it’s biased. She’s expressing her personal opinions on entertainment topics, not writing the White House bulletin.
      Last but not least… proper grammar and punctuation really go a long way. You might want to work on yours.

    • @Joey, Are you insinuating by the “I can’t believe how ppl read this biased robin hood blog” comment that Koala’s readers are stupid, gullible, unintelligent, dumb, etc. people? You DO realize, don’t you, that YOU are a member of this group of “ppl” since you obviously had to read it before posting your rude comment!

      Also, all opinions are “biased”, just like your dissing of Yoo ji-tae and Ji Chang-wook. However, I’d have been more polite in disagreeing with you.

  4. this looks like a candy,am not digging the haircut.i used to like PMY but after Dr.Jin,i havent really been paying close attention to her.just like KSH….im only watching this becos of Ji chang Wook..

  5. She does look good and pixie- ish.

    Here… giving you a BIG glass of Aussie red wine- I didn’t like the above comment. You must be getting more famous when you attract such * deletes my real description * readers who don’t even know what being a blogger means.

    I don’t understand people who don’t like something yet keep coming back. Then complaining. There are skads of Asian entertainment blogs around to suit all tastes. Isn’t it? No one is holding a gun to all your virtual readers fingers moving their mouse.

  6. Bashing? This is you blog and you can say what you want.

    We, as readers, may not always agree with you but picking our brains and getting our biases on check is healthy. Reminding and reminiscing about “have-been” actors that are damn good is not bad. You spot things for us by praising those to-watch-for actors/actresses.

    Everybody has his own favorites… Let’s respect that.

  7. She’s cute and has pleasant personality. Just amazing how her plastic surgeon can change an ugly park min young to a cuter one.
    For me, she’s really good in city hunter but boring in other drama like glory jane and a new leaf.

    • So clever… 😐
      Looks like you ‘like’ her personality and her cute face,BUT actually you’re not.Obviously….

      πŸ˜› i love PMY no matter what..Peace πŸ˜‰

  8. For me,.sungkyunkwan scandal was her best drama ever..minimal make-up on her face actually suit her better.and i can feel her character in Healer (Chae Young Shin)gonna be as wonderful as Kim Yoon Hee in skks. :-D.
    Man Of honor to me was fun at first.,i like to see her in nurses outfit πŸ˜‰ .,she was bubly and cute too.but suddenly everything change,.it was sad..
    Anyway,best of luck to Healer πŸ™‚

  9. Yours is my go-to blog Okoala. I really appreciate your updates and news on Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas and actors. Keep up the good work. There are plenty of us who love your blog.

  10. PMY has lost a lot of babyface, or is it over-dieting result? I like her in SKKS the best, and I think she is a good actress.
    It is funny that every now and then, someone will criticize this blog as if Ms. Koala will change or other readers will care. This is a Blog! Ms. Koala can write whatever she wants…

  11. She was great in Healer…she is a good actress….I truly hope her career soars, she seems very nice and is quite beautiful.

  12. PS. Saw an interview with PMY….she sounds like she has found her niche and is maturing in this profession she has chosen. Also, I am glad to see there isn’t a love interest trying to be perpetuated by her fans and media, with her leading man in the Healer. I dislike all the romantic hype after dramas are over with….hype which is created solely for an increase in the ratings.

    Thank you for this interesting playground.

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