Jung Il Woo in Talks for Blood as Yoo Yeon Seok Passes on Playing a Vampire Doctor

Now this is what I consider a surprising turn of events. KBS is close to locking down the leads of the upcoming vampire medical drama Blood from the same production team behind the network’s last Mon-Tues hit Good Doctor. I was expecting Yoo Yeon Seok to accept the offer for his first leading man role since it’s a prime time drama from an established production team with a good track record. After mulling it over for two weeks, Yoo Yeon Seok has passed on the role and KBS is now in talks with Jung Il Woo to play the vampire doctor who works at the oncology department of a major Seoul hospital.

Ji Jin Hee is also onboard to play the antagonist, a fellow vampire doctor who uses his supernatural bloodsucking and never aging ability for good rather than evil. The combo of Jung Il Woo and Ji Jin Hee is totally out of left field for me when the drama was first announced but I’m game to give it the benefit of the doubt. I’m surprised Jung Il Woo is willing to dive back into drama filming after recently wrapping the insanely stupid fantasy sageuk Records of a Night Watchman.One would also think he might be wary of a supernatural themed drama what with the ghosts and serpents in RoNW.

Ji Jin Hee regularly does dramas from all three major networks but Jung Il Woo is by and large a MBC regular and his last KBS drama was almost 5 years ago with My Fair Lady (Take Care of the Young Lady). Here’s hoping doesn’t end up a bloody hot mess hur. Blood has another month or so to firm up the full cast as it follows Healer on Mon-Tues with a scheduled February 2015 premiere date.


Jung Il Woo in Talks for Blood as Yoo Yeon Seok Passes on Playing a Vampire Doctor — 12 Comments

  1. I hope they also offered a role to Moon Geun Young in this drama/movie for a change in roles or characters she played in the past. Moon Geun Young as a vampiure would be interesting to watch.

  2. Insanely stupid of Record of a NIght Watchman….LOL… Not lying, I’m wondering how the got pretty high ratings. But yeah, we couldn’t expect what people like. Nowadays, fantasy drama whether saeguk or modern seem a trend in Korea.

    • probably the star power of jung il woo and junho combined…but it was a hot mess and I stopped watching at ep 10… i do like jung il woo a lot though and will give this a chance 🙂

      • Especially the star power and massive fanbase of Kpop icon Yunho…by the way you made a typo, his name is spelled with a “Y”

    • I’m sorry to Yunho’s fans, but I never enjoyed his actings in any dramas he appeared. Sometimes, fandom or diehard fans (or whatever we call it)make unfair results to other actors that need more attention because of higher quality on actings or story lines they have.

      • @Joy
        Excuse me? Don’t be rude and jump to wrong conclusions so fast. I’m NOT anywhere near a diehard Yunho fan. From my objective point of view, I can tell and see that Yunho is more popular overall and has bigger fanbase than Jung iL Woo. (I do NOT need to be a fan in order to see that.) YH is not a great actor but he improved and I can safely say he’s now a decent actor. You don’t like his acting but surprisingly some non-fans actually like his acting…..I saw their comments on soompi.
        “…..actors that need more attention because of higher quality of acting and stories they have”….what are you referring to?

  3. I adore JIW, but last decent drama from him was….. ROI for me( I’ve yet watched Unstoppable High Kick)…. SIGH, Come on, JIW, no more turkeys

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