The Supporting Leads Also Shine in New Stills for Pinocchio Episode 5

All the characters in Pinocchio have been overshadowed thus far (just a little though) by the great construct and performance of the two leads. But the little bit of backseat is done in ways that never belittle the supporting roles and instead allows them to shine in small ways that leave a strong impression. That’s another contributing reason for why I love Pinocchio so much and so fast, the entire drama world feels so alive and vibrant with personality. For example I’m not the biggest fan of second male lead Bum Joo or Kim Young Kwang, but he’s certainly memorable and perfectly cast.

I would like to see his backstory for why In Ha’s texts over the years captivated him and what exactly he wants from her. The just released new drama stills with Bum Joo and In Ha at a convenience store hint that he’ll become her daddy long legs, which feels rather redundant since Dal Po is basically that already since he does everything for In Ha and even earns money for her reporter dreams. I don’t mind Bum Joo continuing to approach In Ha, whatever his intentions, as long as he retains his currently respectful attitude towards her.

Another fantastic supporting role is high school brainiac and rival Ahn Chan Soo played by Lee Joo Seung. He’s been a film actor for years and only started doing K-dramas this year. I first saw him in Blade Man (Iron Man) as the male lead’s younger brother and he was absolutely incredible playing a put upon high school student. He’s actually 25 years old already despite the baby face, which will make it believable to see him reappear in the Pinocchio as grown up Chan Soo who ended up becoming a cop. LOL, that I gotta see. It looks like he’s still got a bickering relationship with Dal Po, though I’m hoping they ended up as friends after the quiz show showdown and stayed in touch over the years.


The Supporting Leads Also Shine in New Stills for Pinocchio Episode 5 — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for all the Pinocchio goodies.
    Can’t wait for this weeks episode, I’m thinking that Anh soo will help Dal Po with reinvestigating his dad’s death. Love this drama, so pleased with the story and the OTP chemistry. Love the choi family too bits. I believe dad would ship In Ha with Dal Po.

  2. This drama is so heartwarming and sweet, actually I cried in every episode of Pinocchio because I’m so invested with the characters. Tomorrow is Wednesday, Yay!!

    • me too.. the first episode make me cry.. and in each episode I found myself tearing but then they heal me with some laughing also.. that was I like about this drama..

  3. Supporting leads……..surely that should include the female supporting lead too? Ahn Chan Soo, fun as he is, is not one of the leads.

  4. Yoo Rae also shone as a character in her little bits as a very logical and meticulous person. At least, she was the one who asked the right question about situation with Dad in the present, and immediately defined the wrong-doer. She will probably have to overcome some of her sasaeng fan ways, but so far her addiction to details and emotionality have my votes to her character.

  5. Yea, a Pinocchio post, I love this drama. One of my favorite supporting characters is… Grandpa!
    So darling when he took Dal Po for his make-over.

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