Cute Today’s Love Posters Shows Off the Aegyo of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won

I’m can’t get over how cute the official posters are for the upcoming rom-com movie Today’s Love. Starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, the movie chronicles a part of childhood friends who grow up with the girl always using the hapless guy as back up while never seeing him as a potential love interest. Talk about being majorly friendzoned if it’s gone on for over a decade! Lee Seung Gi’s character either loves the girl so much he can’t stop or else he’s just too much of a push-over to tell her to take a hike.

The movie posters are a nice change from the typical two leads posed together. The two leads each have their own poster but the background then features the other lead making tons of animated expressions. I wonder if Seung Gi sent the above poster in as the screen test for the lead in Kill Me Heal Me to show that playing 7 different personalities is a breeze for him LOL. The movie is sure to be a lighthearted romp and all I want is for the two leads to actually evidence falling in love during the movie rather than go through two hours of travails only to magically admit to love in the last 5 minutes as befalls too many rom-com movies.


Cute Today’s Love Posters Shows Off the Aegyo of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won — 15 Comments

    • The way he pats her shoulders and back head so naturally.
      We always see SG hanging around the director or the sunbaes in his BTS like in YAAS he stuck to Cha Seung Won, I always wanted some cute behind the scene but I think since the two are friends since Brilliant Legacy days (with Han Hyo Joo) it came naturally to them.

  1. I’m so intrigued on how they will end up together. I bet it’ll not be in the last 5 min, but more half an hour the conflit will be Jun Su giving up on Hyun Woo, she’ll realize the emptiness is due to feelings she holds for him and go claim her bestie who also happen to be the man she loves.
    I get the “Because we’re friends” feel from this movie (it’s Lee Seung Gi’s song amd in the MV he’s the sweet cute friend)
    The posters are good but my eyes are attached to SG’s aegyo <3 oh gosh wanna pinch those cheels more.
    And LooL at the poster being sent as a prove to KMHM, looks like I'm the only excited person for the drama.

  2. I’m guessing she’s been using him for years, not quite dating but not just friends and instead of taking it to the next step she always ends up with some bad boy over and over again ignoring the good guy right beside her. Nothing new, but they are seriously cute so I’m excited.

  3. they so cute!!!!!!
    im so done with their offscreen chemistry. have never seen seung gi pat any female co-stars head ever before. and the pd guy is adorable too. hope he also did a cameo in the movie , the bromance looks cute .

  4. Nah. I don’t think the poster would work as a screen test. It would just be showing ONE character attempting various facial expressions. Most human beings can do that. Love him though:)

  5. My only disappointment is that these two can’t bring all their cuteness for 16+ episodes!
    They always had a different kind of chemistry, one that seung gi didn’t have with his other costars.

    • You’re right,they have amazing chemistry maybe that’s why some people in allkpop are worried and saying lee seung gi is for yoona only..

    • They do have great chemistry, I think he and Sm had it too in MGIAG they were adorable together.

      They make me want to buy that umbrella haha

  6. So, SG has rejected KMHM? I feel relieve that he has decided to avoid the very potentially hot mess drama and also, it means he can fully concentrate in this movie promotion with CW πŸ™‚

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