2014 Year End K-drama Awards Shows Shake Out Final Attendee List

After a few weeks of who’s going and who’s not going, the year end major three Korean network drama awards shows have ironed out the attendee list. There are surprises and expected absences so I’ll started with the upside first. Jeon Ji Hyun is the shocker of the night, coming out of her beauty hibernation to attend the SBS year end drama awards alongside Kim Soo Hyun to represent their breakout hit drama You From Another Star. This means she’s getting the Daesang since SBS has never split it as far as I’m aware. Not attending the SBS show is a laundry list of big names ranging from Rain to the two leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin of It’s Okay, It’s Love as well as Lee Seung Gi and his under the radar You’re All Surrounded.

Yoochun is also going to attend the SBS gig for Three Days. A few other notables not showing up to brighten the SBS red carpet include double hitting Park Hae Jin for Dr. Stranger and YFAS and Lee Ji Ah for weekend drama Thrice Married Woman. Jaejoong will be double dipping, attending the MBC awards for Triangle as well as the KBS awards to promote Spy. Since tvN does not have a year end drama awards, Im Shi Wan will be attending the MBC awards for Triangle as well. Over on KBS, the big name attendee is busy with his tour Lee Jun Ki for Joseon Gunman, as well as Joo Won for Tomorrow’s Cantabile and Shin Se Kyung for Blade Man.

In an effort to really push 2015’s first new K-drama Kill Me Heal Me, the two leads Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will be attending MBC’s 2014 year end drama awards.


2014 Year End K-drama Awards Shows Shake Out Final Attendee List — 40 Comments

  1. Wow Jeon Jihyun!! I’m so happy that she’s attending.
    I hope Kim Soohyun would get his Excellence award from last year winner Lee Minho. That would be epic 😉

  2. glad that jun ji hyun will attend and i hope she takes home the daesang award.. cause seriously, kim soo hyun is not yet on that level that makes him win a daesang you know..

      • kim soo hyun was really popular and i must admit he’s somewhat good too but what i’m saying is that he’s not on that level yet to win such award..
        just because i said it like that doesn’t mean i’m an insecure rival fan..
        you’re just being butt hurt against what i’ve said about your bias..

        btw, my bias is a 1993’er so why would i consider a guy born in mid/late 1980’s to be his rival? lol it doesn’t really make sense..:3

  3. For me Kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun is enough to grab viewers attention even there is no other “big names”. I will not watch it if both jjh and ksh not attending. Mlfts is the biggest show in 2014 not just in korea but all over asia.and even the usa are planning to remake it. For sure all the fans around asia are looking forward to their appearnce.

  4. SBS Drama Awards

    According to this news (http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=469&aid=0000038664) , Jongsuk may be on the shortlist being nominated for the Daesang in the SBS Drama Awards. Of course, the fact that Jun Ji Hyun has just announced she will be attending pretty much solidifies that one of the YFAS stars will be getting it.

    But still, to be nominated for Daesang! Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

    Translation of the relevant paragraph below:

    In addition to the two stars from YFAS, Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, It’s Love), Cho Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young (God’s Gift), Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio) has been included in the nomination list for Daesang. However, when compared to the ratings jugganaut of YFAS (25.4%), the ratings of the aforementioned three dramas are around the 10% mark and cannot be compared. Therefore, the acting daesang of SBS drama awards this year should be between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.


  5. Andddd. Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook also need to attend and get some awards! They are truly fabulous in Healer. Their chemistry is to die for.

  6. SBS makes up awards all the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if KSH gets SBS daesang and JJH gets something else, like the award Jo Insung got last year. Yoochun will get at the least get excellence award I’m sure. Since Sungkyunkwan Scandal he’s never had a drama where he didn’t win an award. Now I wonder what they’ll give Lee Jong Suk though. Neither of his SBS dramas were ratings giants this year, but they have done respect ratings so I suspect he’ll get something big.

    • Don’t you think that would be an insult to jjh if they gave her something else like a pitty award? and not the daesang? i love both of them but i think jjh is much deserve for the daesang.many knets predict that they can both share the daesang but if the award show only to choose one winner that should be jjh.best couple award is a sure win for them which ksh wishes to to win than the daesang.

      • Dont worry, i’m usually good at predicting these award ceremonies.

        I’m also a jun ji hyun fan, so i know her schedule pretty well. Let me tell you that she’s seriously a mysterious person in that she attends award ceremonies only truly when she is not busy (which is very rare). She’s currently filming for an epic film assassin which is why she missed out on the last two award ceremonies she’s been invited to. The only award ceremony she attended this year was baeksang, one of the major ones, and it was before she started filming and because she won daesang. Originally she was not going to attend SBS year end but she shuffled her scheduled according to her reps — she personally adjusted so that she could film in the morning and attend the ceremony at night. This pretty much means either one of two things 1) sbs had to beg for her attendance so that they could give her daesang or 2) she truly is attending to thank her fans for the support. I’m leaning more towards the former but it could be both.

        But the main thing alot of netizens and us fans got from it is.. Jun Ji Hyun is pretty much guaranteed Daesang judging form the way things panned out. And this year there has been talk about joint awards for daesang. THe producers of this drama awards would like to avoid joint awards, but they also say how it is difficult for them to choose between the two. So do not be surprised if they give kim soo hyun a daesang as well. There has been two times these drama awards have done that where they gave the OTP of a rather popular drama both the daesang(one of them being lovers in paris), so it’s not unheard of.

        I’m 100% jjh is getting daesang and 70% sure her partner will get it too.
        Let’s see how it pans out.

      • That’s true, but she’s also good friends with her costar and seems very above these award shows this year. She’s totally more deserving than he is obviously. You think she couldn’t have won more than she did this year if she showed up? Of course she could have. I’m just questioning if Top Excellence is actually a big enough award for KSH because he’s won it before and he’s got a lot of buzz all year. Who knows. He’s a shoo-in for popularity and best couple probably, unless It’s Okay, It’s Love wins best couple and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tack on a few more awards for him to make up for his daesang loss.

  7. Well then JJH is definitely going to get SBS daesang. I don’t think SBS will split the daesang. its JJH for goodness sake! KSH will only win daesang if JJH doesnt attend.

    Ha Ji Won is the MC for MBC drama awards, and also to present the daesang ^^

      • Ah yes sorry wrong info! MBC has a track record of giving out awards crappily :/ i predict the daesang winner to be the antagonist from Jang Bori.

  8. For my part, I am anticipating MBC Drama Awards 2014 for Sooyoung and Shin Dong Yup’s hosting lol. I don’t really expect much for the winners and just hope that My Spring Days wins something XD.

    Anyway, it’s gotta be a busy day tomorrow because I have to livestream SBS and MBC at the same freakin’ time. My computer is going to burst. BURST !

    Out of the three broadcast stations, KBS is gonna be the most awkward because most of their primetime dramas were at the bottom of the timeslot ratings. At least, I am pretty sure that daily and weekend dramas are going to get more love than usual XD.

  9. Not surprised about the other A-listers not attending. Rain, JIS and GHJ are too busy to waste time in meagre network awards if they aren’t getting the big prize anyway. GHJ didn’t go last year as well even if she was a lock-in for Master’s Sun.

    I expect SBS to split Daesang since 2014 was all about YFAS and YFAS was all about JJH and KSH rather than just one of them. If they’re both taking time off their busy schedules to attend, its more likely to share. But if SBS is insistent on picking just one, it obv will be JJH with KSH getting the next big award.

    YFAS is going to sweep it this year; very deservingly so of course. I hope SBS can get KSh to sing like he did in the KBS awards for Dream High. Me? I’m just excited o see Cheon Song Yi and her Do Manager together again!

  10. It makes me wonder who on earth KBS are going to give their awards to because nearly all their primetime shows bombed this year.

    • I think the Daesang for KBS should go to Yoo Dong Geun for What Happens to My Family. They’ve hit 40% and he’s amazing! And he was also in Jeon Do Jeong. If he doesn’t win then it’s gotta be Jo Jae Hyun for that role. Lee Jun Ki was fab and the best part of Joseon Gunman so I expect him to win Top Excellence. I’m glad he’s going to be there. 🙂

      I’m happy that Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin aren’t wasting their time. The Daesang should go to Jeon Ji Hyun and no need for a split. Just give her and Kim Soo Hyun the best couple award and call it a day.

    • Actually, KBS did well in daily dramas and historical dramas. Some of their dramas are having good reviews too such as Jeong Do Jeon, Joseon Gunman, Wonderful Days and Discovery of Romance. Jeong Do Jeon even got praises by many experts in Korea and can’t even compare with other historical dramas. Lack in ratings or not popular internationally doesn’t mean bad quality. IMO, KBS dramas show good balance where main actors are played by veteran and rookie actors. That’s why is pretty difficult to predict who’ll get the awards. Just wanna say, many people seem fans of TV channels dramas especially TvN. But, I’m not one of them. I’m boring with their format such as narrations, similar sense of humors and too much skinship which are sometimes not needed. I found many of dramas in the big three has original story plot and making trend, such as It’s Ok It’s Love or YFTS about psychologyical or non common things.

    • Had the same thought. But it isn’t even his worst tattoo. That’s on his back. All his back tattoo combined are an arrow pointing to his you know what.
      He’ll regret it in a few decades. So. Much.

  11. I think the one that we couldn’t predict is KBS awards. I guess it will be full of surprise. On the other hand, MBC and SBS we could predict easily.

  12. I must be the very minority here which more interested to see KBS drama awards than other two TV channel. KBS drama awards would be full of senior actors to rookie actors and the most interesting, I couldn’t expect who’ll get the awards.

  13. Lee Joon Gi attending the KBS awards made watching them a must for me. I wasn’t too excited to see the rest of the awards but now that Jeon Ji Hyun is attending the SBS awards I’m going to have to check out SBS too. She was fanastic in YFAS. If she doesn’t get the Daesang it would be a crime.

  14. Yes, for ZE:A’s Siwan.

    In Kwang Hee mode on: Siwan ah…chukae

    In Junyoung mode on: Wongjae…chukae * Im Wongjae is Siwan birthname.

    ZE:A’s: Congratulation Siwannie. You deserve it but…but… I want you to take apicture with 8 other members and post it on your twitter.

  15. I guess JJH & KSH will probably share daesang award for sure. If not, how about LJS & PYC ? I think both of them might get excellent and top excellent respectively that’s why I think daesang award will be spilt to JJH & KSH. Finally, JJH&KSH are amazing actor and actress and people around asia love them so much.

  16. Well turns out Jaejoong didn’t attend MBC. Despite tweeting about it the day before and going to get his makeup done this afternoon it appears he is mysteriously unable to attend due to filming. Although his co stars are in attendance. Fans are still waiting to see if this is due to interference from SM as the ceremony is hosted by an SM artist and will feature their performances.

  17. It’s a pity It’s Okay, That’s Love won’t be getting the recognition it deserved. I enjoyed it much much more than the overrated My Love From the Stars.
    As for Daesang, I really think JHJ deserves the Daesang because she seriously had such a great performance in the drama. In my opinion, without her, the show wouldn’t have been as crazily (overly) popular as it was. I love Kim Soo Hyun, but in my opinion, he wasn’t nearly as good as JHJ was, and his character wasn’t even that great. I know my opinion is clearly very rare LOL, but I think he could shine way more in a much better character.
    But anyhow, from the looks of it, I also think the Daesang will be shared since Kim Soo Hyun ALSO wasn’t planning on going (I think), and both of them are attending now, so clearly they’re both getting some huge award. Quite sure they’re only attending because SBS was probably like “PLEASE COME, YOU’RE GETTING THE DAESANG!! IT’LL MEAN SO MUCH TO US AND THE FANS”

  18. It is a HUGE SHAME that LEE JOON GI got PITTANCE or CHICKEN FEED for all his HARD WORK from KBS. The KBS AWARDS SHOW 2014 is a CRYING SHAME!The awards show was shocking!

    LEE JOON GI should not have bothered to attend such award shows any more. He is a HUGE STAR and GUNMAN in JOSEON has high ratings!

    I read somewhere that GUNMAN IN JOSEON saved KBS because it has very high ratings. Broadcasting channels that don’t appreciate STARS who perform brilliantly shouldn’t be watched either. I’m not watching KBS anymore.

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