Cute Drama Couple Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Sik Showcase Affection at CF Event

I’m still happily watching the KBS hit weekend drama What’s with the Family but I’ve lost that feverish fervor for it. That invariably happens when following along with something so long running, not to mention a story with so many stages would be hard pressed to connect with me every step of the way. No knock on WWTF as it remains consistently solid, delivering a great message about family conflict and resolution as well as giving my favorite youngsters played by Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun their continued cute storyline. I can’t ask for more than a satisfying uneventful watch for my family drama fix and this particular cute young couple is the extra fun on top of it. They were at a Bike Repair Shop fan meet and greet event last week looking cute as a button together and demonstrating the newly minted couple jacket handwarming technique.


Cute Drama Couple Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Sik Showcase Affection at CF Event — 13 Comments

  1. Hyungsik’s face looks different again. And I thought Kwanghee had lots of plastic surgery. atleast, he’s honest about it. I did also think hyungsik looked like jisung too.

    • I personally think something looks kinda out of place too, but I will blame the too much make up look.

      Or he might did something to his face (afterall, I don’t know it all), but it is not outrageous enough for me to be able to point out what it is.

    • Really? I am pretty damn good at recognising those who went under a knife (I work in a plastic surgery industry), but I haven’t noticed any changes to Hyungsik’s face. Could you please point out what exactly looks different?

    • I don’t see any difference. Hyungsik has been putting on braces for a couple of years. And he lost a lot of weight for this role. Despite having a small face, his face looks round on screen which is why he has to lose weight to look good on screen.

  2. hehe…I almost mistake Park Hyung Sik for Kim Soo Hyun. Nam Ji Hyun is gowning to be a pretty actress. Wish she would take on leading role or shine in a drama, some of her co-star are getting fames but she still stuck playing childhood role. I wish she would pair up with Kim Soo Hyun again. They were a cutie couple back when they were teen.

  3. I have just 10…more…episodes…of this drama to go! I am enjoying it immensely for the most part. Especially Kang Shim/Tae Joo and Dalbong/Seoul parts. I’m even starting to warm up to the Kang Jae and Hyo Jin couple.

    • I still can’t stand Hyo Jin. the way she skulks about and eavesdrops and then doesn’t jump but leaps to conclusions. And her jealousy over SW who really wasn’t in a competition with her. Glad Kang Jae is starting to act like a proper but son and caring. But the latest misunderstanding with Dal Bong is driving me crazy.

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