Ariel Lin Graces Vogue Taiwan Year End Cover to Wrap Up Fantastic 2014

It’s a treat to see so much synergy going on in Ariel Lin‘s red hot acting career and personal life. She took a sabbatical from acting for the past year to do a graduate program in London from which she recently graduated and put yet another successful venture behind her. Even without acting in any new movie or dramas in 2014, she remains one of Taiwan’s most popular actresses and a top CF get for many brands. She actually flew back and forth between Taiwan and London frequently during her study year to fulfill ongoing CF obligations and capped the year off by getting married to her long time boyfriend. The year end has continued to shower her with positive attention including landing the most coveted ladies cover of Vogue Taiwan magazine. The accompanying pictorial was shot on location in London as she finished her studies and showcases Ariel sporting a variety of Carnaby Street 70’s fashion which actually suits her sweet looks by giving her a contrasting edginess.


Ariel Lin Graces Vogue Taiwan Year End Cover to Wrap Up Fantastic 2014 — 11 Comments

  1. Aww, she’s using the tube like a normal citizen. Although when is she travelling, that carriage looks surprisingly empty. lol

  2. She aged but still looking younger than her real age. She’s way too thin in my opinion, I like her with rounded face better. Will patiently wait for her new drama series.

  3. I agree that the cover used a little too much photoshop, and I think the eye makeup from the cover picture looks a bit weird from certain angles. I love the hot pink outfit with green striped tights and transparent skirt, although it’s not something I could pull off myself. The whole photoshoot was interesting, and it’s nice to see Ariel trying out some edgier looks for Vogue, but I think Vogue could have picked a better cover look for her. It’s not her most flattering photo… or maybe it’s just the photoshopping that’s throwing me off.

    Really loved Ariel’s wedding pictures, especially the one of her in the red dress. I wish there were more good-quality pictures from the wedding, but it’s better that she had an awesome, private wedding (as she and her husband wanted) with close friends and family.

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