Kim Joon Pensive in New BNT Spread and Stepping Back More in K-dramas

There’s an unspoken but accepted truth in the Hana Yori Dango fandom that one actor among the F4 in any drama adaptation won’t nearly be as popular as the other three. Maybe it’s the laws of celebrity that says no way the drama gods give that much blessing to one cast. Kim Joon of Boys Before Flowers has turned out to be that lone actor, just like Ken Zhu and Abe Tsuyoshi and Wei Chen. With that said, I distinctly remember that Kim Joon was quite promising after BoF and appeared to have quite a nice contingent of fans watching his future career development.

Did it get stunted by him having to take two years off for the army? I don’t think so since he did two more dramas after BoF and didn’t leave for the army until 2011. I do think whatever is going on with him, he looks way better nowadays with a more mature allure. He was recently in the weekend melo mess Endless Love which I didn’t watch but I’m curious to check out his upcoming cable drama City of the Sun. The latest BNT International pictorial in contrasting black-and-white moods is also visually arresting enough for even a casual viewer like me to sit up and take notice of him again.


Kim Joon Pensive in New BNT Spread and Stepping Back More in K-dramas — 8 Comments

  1. anyone else think he and Kang Sora need to do something where they play twins? It’s scary how much he looks like her in certain photos

  2. He has gotten more manly and attractive in comparison to the BoF days. Didn’t notice him in that drama because the whole casts suck at acting and I hated that drama.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you! to me he (Kim Joon) always had that “special”and mysterious gangster-charm that was really attractive as a “bad boy”… Also liked Kim Bum , but in a different way…. I wish they had used him more, and I wish they had done a drama with his past and background in BBF….is it too late drama gods???

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