Unintentional Hilarity as Ahn Jae Hyun Preens Through New Teaser for Blood

All the naysayers (myself included) around the casting of Ahn Jae Hyun as the male lead of Blood really can’t ask for more substantiating evidence then the just released new teaser for the drama. It’s so funny I was spitting up something that was luckily not blood. I actually thought Ahn Jae Hyun was promising in You From Another Star, playing a high school character suited for his age and acting experience level. He was charming in small doses but stepping up to a bigger supporting role in You’re All Surrounded was when his limitations were laid bare. He is easy to watch but not very impactful. The boy just isn’t ready to be second leading a drama, much less headlining as he’s doing in Blood playing a vampire doctor.

The just released new teaser is all Ahn Jae Hyun, centering on his vampire doctor duality but it ends up looking more like a fashion model shoot for a vampire-themed CF gone wrong. It was supposed to be tense and dramatic but with Ahn Jae Hyun’s model-background preening the whole thing came off like a parody. Even worse are the stylistic similarities to Vampire Prosecutor, which might not be helped since doing a vampire story naturally involves licking blood and glowy eyes and whatnot. The drama also released the first official stills of leading lady Gu Hye Sun playing a doctor in a case of looking like the lesser of two ridiculous things compared to her leading man.

Blood teaser:


Unintentional Hilarity as Ahn Jae Hyun Preens Through New Teaser for Blood — 69 Comments

  1. Lmao is he modelling or doing some advertisement?
    GHS lack of energy acting is always the same.
    I’m sorry but i’ll be sticking with MBC and SBS dramas

  2. omigoshhhh!! O_O I hope it turns out better than what the teaser shows us for the cast and crew involved!

    AJH is an 87’er so he’s the same age as JCW, LSG, LMH, etc. He has a baby face so he was believable as a high-schooler in YFAS… an sure none of the others can play high-schoolers convincingly.

  3. I still can’t believe Ji Jin-Hee is in this.

    I don’t want to be rude (but I will anyway), but AJH whole rise to fame and the roles he’s gotten in such a short time is just seriously suspicious. I can imagine the comments he’d get if he were a woman.

  4. i agree with u @mel.it really is suspicious.i mean,he was like the 3 or 4 lead in Stars.then landed second lead in YAAS,and now,the main lead in this.how come?seems like our boy has a huge sposor backing him up….

  5. i agree with u @mel.it really is suspicious.i mean,the guy was like 3 or 4 lead in Stars.then he became the second lead in YAAS,and now,he’s the lead in this.seems like he has a huge sposor backing him

    Poor AJH because this people biases are not the lead in this big production he is getting now all the bashing..
    No matter what GHS do ockoala and all her antis would never appreciate her..when GHS did BOF as GJD a very energetic high schooler she got all this bashing as overacting now with just a pic this antis are saying she is always non energetic tsk tsk tsk JEALOUSY IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR MORAL VALUES.THANK YOU GOD, GHS has a lot of supporters BEING JUST A SIMPLE HUMAN.


    • LOL !!
      You sure is a GHS speaker person.
      Every article wrote Ghs’s negatives, you always there .. Hahaha.
      Sorry, can’t help but wrote this..

    • I’ll take the time to respond just to stave off the repetitive complaints.

      1. Not everyone who dislikes GHS is an anti, and definitely not motivated by jealousy. If you can’t accept that there are viewers (and quite a lot to be frank) out there who don’t find GHS a good actress then you’re going to be wasting your time trying to plug a leak in the dam. There is nothing wrong with liking GHS and acknowledging people think she is NOT a good actress. Period. Just like you can like her and think she is the best actress in the entire universe and the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth, that is your opinion and who am I or anyone else to force you to think otherwise. This is not an opinion rooted in scientific fact, like I believe the earth is flat and you think it is round. Whether one thinks GHS is a good actress is purely subjective, capiche?

      2. I totally agree that too many people still think GHS is as bad of an actress as she was on BOF, when that has been 6 years ago now. She was quite decent in Angel Eyes, too bad not many people watched it to change the common perception she sucks. With that said, it can’t be helped because she basically delivered one of the worst over-acting performances ever in BOF, – the popularity of BOF is like the Olympics and GHS a professional skier who gets on her biggest competition stage ever and then promptly crashes down the hill right out of the gate. It’s a big stage to wipe out, and even if she wins smaller competitions from there on, most people will still remember that big stage screw up. That’s the sad fact of life. It’s like a QB going to the Super Bowl and throwing 6 picks, no one will remember that he beat a dozen teams to even get to the SB.

      3. Just because you accuse people of jealousy and anti behavior doesn’t make that true. It is merely your own unsubstantiated belief in why some people don’t like GHS. Yes, it’s unsubstantiated because it comes from your own opinion that she’s an awesome actress, ergo anyone else who doesn’t think so must be suffering from unmitigated jealousy. Does that make sense to you? Really, think hard and don’t just retreat into mudslinging. I understand it’s hard when your bias gets lots of negative feedback, but the positive reaction is to support her rather than going around attacking anyone who doesn’t hold the same opinion as you. You actually make her fandom seem really insecure.

      4. Blood is a huge KBS production, billed as their big drama for the first half of 2015. Why can’t I or anyone else be interested and write about it even if the inclination and first impression is that it looks like a hot mess? Any viewer is allowed to be interested in entertainment productions whether finding it promising or laughable. There is no prohibition in only writing about dramas that I think looks great, because there is always the possibility that dramas I think initially look awful turn out unexpectedly awesome. Heck Blood could be the surprise gem of the year! Who knows? So why can’t I or anyone else write along with the production. If the teasers suck I can say it as I see it. Doesn’t mean when the drama arrives and it’s great I can’t then say that the drama is a surprise and much better than the teasers indicate.

      • Dear Ockoala, is there any way you can ban certain individuals from posting comments here? After all, it’s your personal blog and you really don’t have to tolerate insults from idiots who only come here to spread groundless accusations (while hypocrytically preaching about antis).

      • Lol Lol FYI the fandom of GHS is not insecure they are one of the most secured fans that I know .. in fact if we are talking about other actress we do it secretly not in social media and if you read in their postings at soompi or tweeter or FB they don’t want to stoop down your level but what can I do I’m a lowly fan of GHS so I come and visit your blog..your #1 2 3 explanation is just a longer explanation of what I said “Antis Will
        Always be Antis No Matter What”
        Oh by the way I support GHS in everything I contribute for the wreaths I buy her artwork her books her records,I watched her movies and dramas and make my family and friends watch them too
        If you have your opinion so do I..if you can criticize her I can defend her too .

      • @ angelica borja

        You have not actually responded to the points I raised. Simply repeating ad nauseam about antis hating on GHS without any empirical evidence backing it up doesn’t make your assertion true, regardless of how much you want to believe it. You can support GHS but the constructive way is to praise how wonderful you think her acting is, rather than attack those who opine otherwise especially if such differing opinions are just as valid as yours however hard to stomach for you.

        I like to keep the discourse in the comment sections intelligent and your commentary is sadly devoid of any thoughtful analysis other than groundless accusations. Your point is made in the various comments left already so leave it at that. Any further repetitive comments shall be deleted and that’s me exercising my editorial responsibility to foster a constructive thread.

      • @ockoala I think you wasted too many eloquent and reasonable words on someone who just wants to call you names because you committed the sin of thinking her bias sucked at acting.

  7. Lmao, ahn jae hyun is just not ready for this,, sure he is handsome, but acting wise?
    I always remember geum jandi in goo hye sun, and it totally scares me, lol
    KBS, what are you doing nowadays? sigh

    • GOO HYE SUN drama in KBS were all popular and high rating..
      oh gosh im happy GHS is back in KBS..i don’t know what scares you but just hide and if GHS as GJD is scary BOF wouldn’t have been an all time favorite drama,it’s been 6 yrs. already and until now it is still one of the most watch drama..don’t tell me it is because of LMH because he has other dramas after BOF..

      • I empathise with you in that I think the antagonism against GHS is unjustified. Clearly, everyone in BOF sucked (I apologise since you’re a fan of GHS) but people say that she ruined the show when the show isn’t even good in the first place. People don’t mind watching LMH, KHJ, KB after that drama, but bash her for bad acting, when they don’t even watch her other dramas because they think she acts horribly. So the only example they give is Geum Jandi from BOF, yup, the drama that aired a thousand years ago.

        Personally, I don’t find her acting a bother at all, but I haven’t watched many of her dramas and I usually drop them after even if I do. My idea is that it’s probably just fun to jump on the hate bandwagon. However, I disagree that people watch BOF because of GHS. Let’s just be rational here. Most Kdrama fans are fan girls and they watched it for the 4 guys.

  8. It doesn’t look that bad of it fits in the context of the drama. Have to give the drama a chance to make its case later.

    GHS had always been pretty flat in her roles so my expectations are pretty low for her. Will reserve judgements on AJH until later.

    • Her dailies pure 19, but that’s all.
      She doesn’t improve as an actress but i’m willing to give her a chance until she does.
      Don’t know how many more dramas she needs to be a good one.
      Her geum jandi role is a nightmare

      • For her antis she needs ZERO drama to be recognized because no matter what people like you here would never appreciate her hard work and she does not need to prove anything to you..come on so many great pretenders here.. i can tell now that when the drama starts no matter what antis will be here again bashing them.

      • Now, now Koala. You should not complain about AJH or this drama because this drama is a gift – I am pretty sure we have another Doctor Jin on our hands (though sadly, I much prefer to look at SSH).

        This is going to be such a train wreck! And I can’t wait.

  9. Speaking of VP, will we ever get a season 3!
    Haha, this does look hilariously bad, maybe I should watch this with a lot of alcohol.
    Ahn is not ready for a leading role at all and GHS is not the best actress at all so this is a recipe for disaster.

  10. If ure not interested why are u posting every damn news about Blood?just to make fun of a newcomer,gosh this very mean of u.
    I know u hate hyesun why even bother to post news about her drama since now u hate both the leads.
    looking at the rate at which blood news are coming up here seems like u will be the first one to watch blood.haha 😛

  11. I really dont know why you are so much interested to note each and everything about this drama ‘Blood’ and all that you write is nothing in favour of it. If you dont like you can just give it a pass! I know you totally dont like GHS. Whenever she comes up with some drama, you come up with some posts like this! Now not only her but her leads too!! She has always helped in giving some articles to fill your pages. Be grateful for that atleast!!

  12. The only saving grace might be they try to turn their direction and write JJH character more like a leading man. Hope the drama turn out well. *finger cross* please dont ruin our vampire fantasy.

  13. Loved Goo Hye Sun in Angel Eyes. I watched it for Lee Sang Yoon, but I thoroughly enjoyed their pairing. She definitely matured a lot since BOF days.

    • She was really toned down and watchable in Angel Eyes and I would say she matured since in Pure 19 she was fine. BOF was just a showcase of the worst of her acting outings but on a major stage. I just wish she would stop wearing those damn circle lenses to make her eyes shoujo manga large. She’s already preternaturally young and pretty, why go overboard? It’s the same gripe I have with Nam Gyu Ri who also is addicted to circle lenses.

  14. Maybe this will be another Dr. Jin for me. Enjoying recaps and watching it to see how bad it can really get. Right now, I could use a few laughs.

  15. Sigh. AJK definitely does not look ready for leading man status. Compared to Yung Jung Hoon, AJK looks….very anemic and less virile …almost like a weakling. Not sure if that’s the intended effect.

  16. There are quite a few negative comments abt ockoala… Just one thing to say: people can write both positive and negative reviews of teasers/dramas.. There is no rule that everyone needs to write only good impressions of something.

    • Totally agree with you. I’m really looking forward to this drama but I respect ockoala’s opinion. I can see how out is from her point of view. Actually I’m just happy seeing people discuss it! And the fact that ockoala takes time to talk about it is just awesome!

  17. I’m probably blinded by teenager hormones cause I loved his character in YAS… Okay who am I kidding I loved his character’s face lol.

    • I would have loved if Blood was the story of a vampire male model, he struts the catwalk by day, does vampire supernatural hero stuff by night. XD Ahn Jae Hyun would rock that!

      • omg yes. love your idea. the vampire thing is not really bad for a kdrama, it’s just that they added the same medical shizz in the plot which is the common trend nowadays in dramaland. I think there are tons of twists we could add in the vampire premise to make it more appealing to the audience.

  18. I Don’t Know What To Say I Just Feel Bad About D Way Some People Criticise Others Ahn Jae Hyun Is Just Starting The Journey Of Life Starts With A Step When Will People Leaen That Rome Wasn’t Built A Day Everybody Has Their Own Weaknesses But We Live Everyday With The Believe That Things Will Get Better Pls Let’s Live Positively If U Don’t Watch D Film Odas Will Cus U Don’t Like The Film U Criticize Peoples Effort Am Not A Fan Of Ahn Jae Hyun But I Wish Him D Very Best Learn 2 Encourage People Cus U Might Find Urself In His Shoes One Day

  19. okay admittedly AJH is such an eye candy but i’ve seen him only in mlfas so I can’t judge his acting ability. not an anti of ghs but not a fan too, I’m watching her dramas for the story and not her as an actress. well I hope the execution will be good because I am not liking the premise of this. they could still prove me wrong tho.

  20. GHS is okay in Angel’s eyes, and I Like that drama, my allergic to her is being cured (heh), but she’s so blah in BOF and Take Care of Us Captain (No, you can’t make me say otherwise). AJH fighting! 😀

  21. Lmao i’m so done with this drama.
    Ahn jae hyun is handsome, but he lacks emotions. And totally agree, the teaser somehow looks more like CF than drama teaser.
    Goo hye sun in the other way.. idk but i can’t like her, no matter what kind of character she’s played. Can’t even finished angel eyes eventho i’m trying so hard to finish it.

    After pinocchio, for now i’ll only focus on Kill Me Heal Me since that drama is so good. ♡

    • Me too. I tried to finish angel eyes but I really can’t. Its like a torture…
      GHS has flawless and beautiful white skin. That’s the only positive comment i have about her. Other than that, I never find her a good actress at all. This is all about personal preferences. I do not hate her because there’s no basis for me to do so.

  22. i totally loved the teaser i am great fan of vampire dramas and movie and being international fan its my first time watching korea drama with vampire theme and honestly totally hooked by it teaser,it is talk of the town now days in my school my moving circle all are desperately waiting for 16 feb….wow got really surprise by people comments here and your analysis after reading all this one who got influence by other people views easily can surely drop it but i guess i am not like those person who follow the crowd, i will definitely watch it as rational viewer and definitely it is in my watch list….

  23. The writer is a gold though.
    He wrote god quiz and good doctor
    But with the leads i just want to sigh
    AJH is not ready yet for a leading role and GHS is just one of the worts actresses ever.
    She was quite watchable in Angel Eyes but still so boring.

  24. My groundless accusation is true and the truth hurts..I don’t know why you all get upset when I say people here are antis .. I admit I’m an anti of other actress or actor only that I don’t bashed them in public
    I wouldn’t be here being lowly if your blog has constructive criticism..
    @Sour Grape you have no right to call anyone idiot so I’m giving it back to you.

  25. This is first korean drama about which my boyfriend is so excited and its going to be first time me and my boyfriend watch it together OMGadd i am loving the feeling 🙂

  26. GHS fans keep doing the most as usual, just like when they flooded the comment section on DB articles with those similar immature, butthurt comments.

    You are right Miss Koala. This teaser looks horrid and pretentious already. Who the hell in their right minds to come up with those modelesque poses and gazes when you are supposed to act as a doctor? This is not American Next Top Model ffs.

    • @Lily that is how it goes where antis are fans will follow you because they are tired of your similar immature butthurt comments.
      LOL i guessed you don’t even know the storyline of BLOOD..just to give you an idea GHS is an arrogant doctor there..for real her poses in their promotional pics is like a model wow you really can see her modelesque beauty even in her very simple get up..

  27. one of the traits of vampire is to be cold feature not show much from his face impression so i guess Ahn jae will do fine job and all the best to koo.. looking forward to it.

  28. I will watch this drama, this is the first time I ‘ll see one of fantasy and I dont criticize anything that still I dont see even a chapter. About the negative comments about AJH , as can be easy to criticize just for being their first lead , if not is given the chance now , then when ?? that just the beginning this does not mean that it’s bad , it’s bad part of you criticize someone starting . regarding the complex they have on GHS , for those who are in final stage ( anti) then do not observe and respect to those who are fans. those fans please respect those who respect you and ignore those exceeded.
    and sorry for my English because my language is Spanish

  29. I saw the teaser the one with the woods and deer or something. It’s not bad but a total ripoff from twilight. Why are they so proud of plagiarising?
    The vampire idea is good but that teaser is just pure copycats. I wonder why so many actors declined this project when the writer is a well known one..

    The two leads are so underwhelming that idk what to say. I don’t hate GHS, she has that crystal beauty aura but i hope she can domsomething about her acting.

  30. I did not get it why people are here saying, those who are supporting it are GHS or AJH fans and those who are disliking it are anti GHS or AHN. WHY i mean why people here just distinguish it in black and white and not considering gray area where people like me exist. who neither fan or anti fan of both lead but like the concept of drama are among those who believe in team that is making this drama so please do consider gray area.

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