Blood Presents First OTP Meeting Stills and New Action Teaser

Now that the January K-drama premieres are done it’s fully onwards to February and the splashiest (flashiest?) on the plate to be served is indisputably Blood. Will it be all style with no substance? Teasers and promos might look that way but there remains the possibility that the production of Good Doctor knows what it’s doing and picked the ideal leads in Ahn Jae Hyun, Gu Hye Sun, and Ji Jin Hee. I actually found the premise of Korean vampire doctors pretty absurd when it was first announced, while the casting has only magnified the first impression.

The drama released a two-fer this week, new stills showing the meeting of the romantic star-crossed human-vampire lovers at the hospital plus a new teaser that shows all three leads as well as sneak peeks at action scenes from the actual drama rather than just moody auteur character preening. I still can’t take it seriously when the teaser starts off with Ahn Jae Hyun licking blood and saying in his hilarious Kor-glish “I am a Pampire.” The OTP stills also scream unni-dongsaeng. The good stuff is hooking my curiosity to check out the drama for the backstory of where the vampires came from and what their dealio is.

New leads teaser for Blood:

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Blood Presents First OTP Meeting Stills and New Action Teaser — 14 Comments

  1. ahn jae hyun looks like a supporting actor in those shots, he does not have the charisma of a male lead but i might be wrong…. i have a feeling this might fare better in ratings than healer…… maybe.

    • Ahaha… While the acting may be questionable, I’m gonna believe that the writer of God’s Quiz isn’t gonna pull a Dr. Stranger.

  2. At least they didn’t cast an idol…his acting couldn’t be any worse then the lot of them…there are very few idols that I believe in their roles…the only ones I think are decent actors are Mickey Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and and does Eric count..I don’t think Eric is an idol anymore. I personally haven’t found Lee Joon compelling though I’ve heard a lot of buzz….And that’s about it.

  3. …and add EunJi to that list of idols that are decent actors…but that’s about it…and none of the idols that I like are on the list because I am at least realistic about it

  4. What watching 3 years of K-dramas has taught me… Don’t judge a show for it’s premise sometimes the more dumb and looking ones turn out better that the ones that look promising. I will wait for at least the first episode to decide if it’s worth sticking around.

    • @ misaeng
      I agree with you. I think it’s too early to judge. I think she looks pretty sweet from the stills so far and seem to display the right feel for the dark theme. Kim Soo Hyun headlined a major drama and I acknowledge he worked very hard even though he is not my favorite actor. So there is always a chance a new actor may fare pretty well. And there’s nothing wrong with younger man falling for older woman drama. Ji Jin Hee will anchor it pretty well. Why are some of you so critical? U should analyze the drama not to bash it before it started screening.

  5. I just recalled having watched a drama with gu hye sun and ji jin hee as lovers in Hello Captain. Her with an older guy and now her with a younger guy. Might be interesting.

  6. unni-dongsaeng line really crack me up… i guess half of korean dramas have unnie dongsaeng leads… so its not a big deal Ahn is only 2 year and few months younger than Koo so not much difference and both have baby face so looks good together even in international movies and dramas some time female leads are older still make striking chemistry and called hot couple i guess this conservative thought need to be change… All the best team Blood.. Ahn jae hyun <3

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