Ahn Jae Hyun is a Baby Vampire Surgeon in Latest Blood Stills

I feel like I’ve earned the right to snark as much as I want on the promotional materials for upcoming medical vampire drama Blood. I not only recapped Dr. Stranger, I poured 100% into that sucker with how much I tried to intellectually dissect a story with a nebulousĀ blob for a center. Seeing the first stills of Ahn Jae Hyun in surgical scrubs brings back all the trauma of DS with a whoosh and a thud. He’s as ridiculous pretending to be a doctor as I expected, probably a bit worse that how silly Lee Jong Seok looked in early drama stills from DS. And it wasn’t that Lee Jong Seok credibly convinced the audience he was a genius North Korea-trained surgeon, he simply was one of the lesser ridiculous elements of what turned out to be one of the wackiest dramas ever in DS. That might be something Blood can aim for, making everything so hammy and over the top that Ahn Jae Hyun ends up working in the sea of camp.

Ji Jin Hee, on the other than, looks drop-dead smexy in a menacing way. I wonder if he’ll make second lead shipping work even when playing the antagonist in this story?


Ahn Jae Hyun is a Baby Vampire Surgeon in Latest Blood Stills — 24 Comments

  1. I don’t know if I can. Baby vampire surgeons can only be detrimental to their patients’ health. If you saw this guy at your meet and greet before your surgery, wouldn’t you be looking for his father?

    • I don’t know why and it’s not that AHJ particularly resembles NPH but are you getting Korean Doogie Hauser M.D. vibes or what?

      On a side note, Ji Jin Hee looks like Ahn Jae Hyun’s dad, like a very young still hot dad who can actually wield a scalpel convincingly.

  2. Even if he looks like a baby doc, as a vampire, he may be several centuries old; unless Korean vampire lore (is there such a thing?) is different than Western vampire lore.

    • @ Mary Ann
      I agree with you. This is a vampire lore. Nothing is supposed to make sense. And certainly vampire should have more skills dissecting a body than a human could. Why are some of the people here so critical. I enjoy this site but some of comments are so strong and “judgy”

  3. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the stills. I actually thought he looked convincing. Is it because I’m younger than AJH? ^^;
    Thanks for the post!

    • @ jenga
      I agree with you. Let’s have a look at some episodes of the show before crucifying the characters. There are many newcomers who have played leads. They need to start somewhere. I feel the show has Japanese manga feel and I think it might not be too bad. And Healer is the best k-drama show ever….

  4. This is what i mean before you judge AJH you should also think of what you are writing..yes there are so many young surgeons this days and patients trust and love them,there are so many changes in the medical field now so they know what they are doing..therefore there is nothing wrong if AJH look so young..LOL ockoala even the pics are bothering you.im really surprised why you keep writing about it when it is so obvious you don’t like AJH and GHS..hmmmm I guess BLOOD is really interesting..

  5. Ideally we would be having lots of angsty shower scenes with JJH being broody and stuff.

    For dramatic purposes, obviously. Help with the character development and plot. And stuff.

  6. I just realized what a PERFECT storm for controversy this drama is.
    Young lead vs experienced lead
    GHS fans vs GHS antis

    If the second lead female is at all appealing, there will be…blood.

  7. This article is really good to make people laugh. How i wish writer should have done some homework regarding medical surgery before writing, me being final year of medical i can tell among all dramas about surgery operation good doctor shown best and near to reality how surgery can be done and same team so full confidence in Blood also and Ahn is doing a fine job, so better cut some slack before watching a show.

  8. Koala, stay on this one! There’s lots of fangirls rushing to baby doc’s defense, with various levels of anger, outrage, and questionable taste. As other posters commented, I foresee a lot of ink spilled from quivering, insulted fingers. Usually the fangirl defense rises in direct proportion to the various weaknesses of the show, so I am gleefully looking forward to clumsy plotting, wooden acting, and ridiculous dialogue which will all be laboriously defended. Baby doc really does look like he’s playing dress-up, so we are off to a good start!

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